Rejoining Letter After Maternity Leave Sample

Want to request to rejoin the job after maternity leave? We are providing you sample letters to rejoin the job. In addition, you will learn how to write a joining letter format after maternity leave to office, school, factory, job, or company.

Rejoining Application by Teacher after Maternity Leave

Dear Sir,

I took maternity leave for three weeks. And I’m healthy to get back to school. So I request you to please allow me to return to work from (date). I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Leave Application to Rejoing the Office Job After Maternity Leave

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that my maternity leave is over, and my health is also perfect. Therefore, I am available to rejoin the job. Therefore, I request you to please allow me to rejoin my job from (mention the date here). I would be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Rejoining Letter After Maternity Leave Format

Dear Madam,

I am really thankful for your kind act of granting me a maternity leave of three weeks. You will be happy to know that I have been blessed with a baby boy, and I am medically fit to join my office again.

I request you to please compensate my expenditure as per employment policy. Furthermore, I am enclosing my medical reports of the maternity hospital where I was admitted. My total expenditure, including medicines and hospital charges, was $500, and I will be happy to receive the compensation as early as possible.

I assure you now you will find me even more committed to my job meanwhile I also request you to reduce my working hours to look after my baby.

Thanking you again,

Sincerely yours,

Rosey Sam

Application to Rejoin After Maternity

Dear Sir,

I am Aiman resigned from the post of Executive Officer due to the maternity/pregnancy period. Now I am just getting out of the maternity period and medically fit to serve as Executive Officer.

Again I am looking for a job, and request you to please let me rejoin your company once again. You will find me more devoted and hardworking than before. I will be thankful to you.

With regards,


Rejoining Letter After Maternity Leave

The manager

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I work in your company as Marketing Manager. I have been working consistently for two years in your company. However, I had taken maternity leave for three months due to my domestic circumstances. My maternity leave ends on coming Sunday.

Hence, I am writing this application to rejoin your company as I feel healthy again and fit for the job. I assure you that my personal life will not affect my performance at work. Domestic issues have been resolved as well.

I am looking forward to rejoining and starting working again.


Halen Brook

Rejoining Application by Teacher after Maternity Leave

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  1. Hi,
    My sister who is government school teacher was on maternity leave from last 6 months and now she has to join his duty back. So she needs to write a letter to the headmaster for his joining.

    Kindly help me on this.

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