Request Letter for Education Allowance

Please provide me an application letter for education allowance for my child after my job transfer to other city, area, country etc.Format of applying for allowance to complete your education so that you could get a better job as right now your financials do not allow you to pursue education.

Application for Child Education Allowance


The General Manager,

Excellent Glass LLC,

Sports City,


Subject: Request for Education Allowance


This is to notify that I have been working with your esteemed organization as a Production Manager since last 6 years at Al-Rashdia branch.

Due to the business requirement the management transferred me to Abu Dhabi last month, and I have taken the charge here as per the instructions from the top management.

As my two kids were studying in the company operated school since last two years but here the same facility is not available. So I have admitted them to a private school here for which I need to pay the monthly fee of AED 4000/- including the transportation.

Kindly approve the above mentioned amount at the earliest, and add it to my monthly salary from the coming month so that I can manage the above mentioned expenses without fail.

Thanks indeed for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Jaspal Singh,

Production Manager,

Khalifa Street,

Abu Dhabi

Request Letter for Education Allowance
Request Letter for Education Allowance

Request for education allowance to continue my undergraduate studies


September 12, (Date)


The Director Student Affairs,

University of XYZ,


Dear Sir,

I am Marry David student of 7th semester of BS in Journalism bearing roll number xxxx-xxxx.

It is humbly requested that my critical financial situation has become a hurdle in completion of my studies, and request your kind favor for the issuance of education allowance so that I may successfully complete my last two semesters. My grades have always been above 85%, and I am among the top five students of my department right from first semester.

Your kind approval will help me complete my studies, and become a better person for my country, and nation. I am very hopeful that my performance will bring good name to this prestigious institution, and our department.

Yours obediently,

Sarah Glenn


Roll No. xxxx-xxxx

7th Semester BS Journalism

Department of Mass Communication

University of XYZ










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