Request Letter to change of Water Pipeline

Sample application letter to request for change of pipeline which is leaking water. Change of water supply pipe, main water supply line etc.

Requesting a Change in Water Pipeline

Managing Director
Water Supply Company
Ahliabad Town
Delhi, India

Sir, as you know that water is the most important thing for a living human being. One cannot survive without water especially in this heat. Therefore, I would like to inform you that the water pipeline at my house has broken due to some unknown reason.

I have complained about this on phone several times. After many vain reports, one employee came to my house, and checked the pipeline, and could not figure out the cause. Therefore, I request you to please change the water pipeline so that I can have fresh clean water to drink, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you

Harjit Singh

Ahliabad Town
Delhi, India

Requesting to change the water pipeline

The Superintendent,
Lahore Municipality Authority
South Block, Lahore

Dear Sir,

This is humbly requested that the water pipeline in Block B sector 5 Gulberg Lahore, was laid back in 1985, and it has been working fine since then.

However, in the last few months we have noticed some cracks at various points which are contaminating the water being supplied to the residential as well as the commercial units in the above said area.

Please look into the matter on emergency basis, and replace the pipeline at the soonest so that the residents of the community can use the water without hesitation.

Your usual cooperation is highly regarded.

Yours’ Sincerely,


Request Letter to change of Water Pipeline

The Manager
New Star Plaza

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I have been informing the management team about leaking water pipeline for last 2 weeks. However, it has not been repaired yet. Leakage has caused damage to my walls, and it often results with flooding in my apartment.

Also the pipelines are rusted, and water stinks as well.  This makes water very difficult to use for personal hygiene.

It is requested that pipeline be fixed immediately. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Woodrow Jackson

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