Request Letter for Vehicle Loan

Sample request letter for vehicle loan from company. Request letter for car loan. Request letter for auto loan.

Request Letter for Vehicle Loan

Dear company director,

I am writing to you because I am one of your new employees, and I have been working with you for two months, and I still don’t have a company van to work from. I have been using my personal one as I was told to do this till to you give me the company vehicle on loan. As I do enjoy the work that I do with your company, and I have made new friends. I would like to request for a company vehicle loan so that my wife can stop telling me off for using the family car for work.

She understands that this isn’t for long but I was told at the start it would take up to two weeks, and still after two months I am waiting. I hope that you can sort this out quickly, and grant me the vehicle loan. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Janus Lloyd

Application Letter for Car Loan

The Western Bank

Respected Loan Manager,

My name is David, and I heard from a source that your bank is giving away loan for a vehicles. I would like to apply for this loan as I am new in this city, and it causes me a lot of trouble to travel in the city. I would like to know the procedure, and the rate of interest. Please answer to my queries as soon as possible .Thank you


Letter for Vehicle Allotment


Branch manager: Mr. D’souza

Hi. I have been calling on this branch telephone number but it is always engaged so I was left with no other option than to write a letter. Last month I took a loan from the bank to purchase a car from your showroom. And it has almost four weeks that I came, and booked a car at your branch but since then I have received no such confirmation of allotment of the vehicle.

I know these procedures take time but it has been a month now, and I will at least expect for paper work to be in process by now. I will wait for the reply of this letter, and if there are any issues you can contact me any time of the day. I hope to hear back from you soon.



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