Sample Letter to Boss for Approval of Purchase

Sample letter for request the new headphones in our company need. This letter I want to send to my manager.

Purchase Approval Request Letter

The Manager Purchase

Call Centre Hub.

Nanjinh, PRC.


Dear Sir,

Most humbly it is requested that I have get my office desk headphones damaged. For the routine functions of correspondence with customers, I need a new pair of headphones as per stated in the subject. I request you the timely setting up of the requested item at my desk so that I can continue working on my tasks.


Jim Chang

Request for Approval of Purchase

The Executive Engineer,

Glasgow Electric Company.

Dear Sir,

Sample Letter to Boss for Approval of Purchase

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above.

It is submitted that company requires following mandatory items for the supply of electricity, and installation of transformers in the vicinity of a newly established housing society.

Item Name              Description              Qty

Electric Wire                         11 KV                   (Date) meters

Joints                                                                   100

Electric Poles                                                       50

It is therefore requested that approval may please be granted for the purchase of above mentioned items to install complete electric system in the said society.

Please advise as necessary.

Sub Divisional Officer

Purchase Approval Request Letter
Purchase Approval Request Letter

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  1. how to write a single mentioned letter as per the following multiple required items in Computer Lab:?
    1. Screens for covering windows, doors.
    2. Covers for monitors, CPU, Keyboard, UPS
    3. Dust cleaning brush for room, keyboard cleaning brush.
    4. cupboard key and lock
    5. almirahs key and lock
    6. telephone set for the incharge
    7. Washroom door to be fixed
    8. collins to clean the glass monitors.

  2. Require for computer lab cleaning brush for keyboard, dusting brush, monitor, CPU, keyboard covers, Collins for clean the desktop, screens for Windows doors, mosquito net required for Windows to avoid flies, bees, bugs to enter, almirah glass to fix, almirah Lock key replacement, cupboard wooden type need lock key, tap leakage to set right, dustbin, vacuum cleaner require to clean the room, washroom cannot close properly.

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