Present Yourself in most attractive ways. Sample resume templates are available for various professions. We also provide resume writing services to individuals as per their profile to get better responses. In near future we are going to giving you services related to resume building and design.

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Resume Samples for Professionals
Resume Samples for Professionals


  1. Hello, first of all thank you.. I’m needing a resume template for manufacturing, machine operator or assembly ..I have had many jobs per say job jumper plz help me come up with a good “functional” resume I have lots of experiences in various blue collar jobs..thank you kindly

  2. No Resumes for Skilled Laborers , Gen. Contractors , Landscapers or Owner/Operator Independent Truck Drivers ? Why Not ?

  3. It’s very helpful app. Thank you for this wonderful app.
    Furthermore, please add Mechanical Design Engineer Resume and Experience certificate.

  4. Plz add cv for mechanical maintenance engineer.(electromechanical) like HVAC,PLUMBING,ELECTRICAL and DIESEL GENERATORS in your web

  5. I found this very useful, but can you send me resume sample for year 12 seeking job opportunity with the bank..many thanks

  6. I need a resume for the position of laboratory/production assistant manager in a lubricant company. The person must have spent above 5 years in the lubricant industry. Thanks

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