Application for Promotion by School Teacher

Sample request letter for teacher promotion in terms of scale salary and designation in the school. You can send this promotion request on printed paper or in email, an SMS message to the school’s Principal.

Application for Promotion by School Teacher

School/College Name,
Address, City

Subject: Request for Promotion

Respected Principal,

I have been teaching for one year. I would like to request you to promote my class because I was promised a promotion at the time of hiring.

Please also review and increase my salary, keeping in view the inflation along with the class promotion. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Email Requesting Promotion by School Tacher

Dear Sir,

I request you to please consider my job promotion and salary increment because inflation has risen and routine life demands more resources. Therefore, I hope you will grant my request with at least a 10% immediate salary increment. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Application for Promotion to Lecturer

Dear Ms. Safiya,

This letter is to request a promotion. I have been serving as an assistant lecturer for three years. It’s the institute’s policy that after three years as an assistant lecturer, and with a minimum of fifteen hundred lectures, the associate lecturer would be promoted to Senior Lecturer.

I have given up to 1630 lectures so far, and I request your kind attention to my promotion.


Your Name

Application Requesting for Job Promotion in School by Teacher

Dear Principal,

It is to state that I have been working as the post of Assistant Teacher at your school for four years. In these four years, I have learned enough to be worthy of working as a subject teacher for science at the middle level. The report sheet of my senior colleagues is also attached herewith to support my application.

Therefore, I feel confident to be suitable for the promotion, and I assure you that getting promoted will enhance my performance. Therefore, I hope you will grant my request for a promotion and give me a chance to perform better.

Thank you

Your Name

Request for Promotion Consideration by Teacher

How to write a letter to the director of school education to allocate me to higher secondary school

Dear Sir,

With due reverence, it is stated that I have been teaching in primary school for many years now. With the availability of new jobs in Higher Secondary Schools, I am very interested in offering my services to a better position. My experience includes teaching a lot of students on academic and co-curricular levels. My expertise extends to sports, games, and outdoor exercises, along with the traditional patterns of studies.

It is humbly requested that I be allocated to higher secondary school to work in a better environment suitable for my extensive experience.

I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Application for Promotion by School Teacher

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