Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior

Sample letter of recommendation for promotion of your juniors, managers, assistant manager, and officers working under your command, and control, or supervision.

Request Letter for Promotion of Subordinate

Dear Manager Human Resource,

This letter is to recommend a promotion to Mr. Johan Smith. He had been working in the production department as assistant manager of inventory. He had been my junior for two years with an outstanding performance. Inventory during his job era had never been found short. In order to keep his motivation high I recommend his promotion from assistant manager to Head of Inventory Department, or Inventory manager. I assume that my recommendation would be considered accordingly.

Warm Regards,


Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion

Respected sir

It is requested you that I am working as a manger in your company, and the purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that one of our junior name Ali, is a hardworking boy, and his qualification is also good. So kindly promote his grade, and salary as well, because he is very much talented, and confident. So sir kindly look at his work, and give him a chance to serve at good grade so he will serve better to our company.


Iftikhar Dar

The HR manager, Nestle

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring Mr. Joshua’s performance to your knowledge. Mr. Joshua is working in sales department from last 3 years, and he has shown remarkable performance. He has never left any task incomplete, and he is also good in terms of regularity. Keeping in mind his work, and sincerity to the department, we have decided to promote him from assistant sales manager to sales manager. We request you to upgrade his account, and position.


Head of sales department, Nestle

Promotion recommendations letter for Employees


The manager, Coke UAE

Respected sir,

With due respect I am writing this letter to inform you that Mr. Mark Smith, junior Assistant from media department is performing well, and showing good results, he has also completed diploma in the relevant field. I believed that if he gets a chance he will perform much better, and for that I am recommending him for the post of Assistant media person. i request you to consider his application, and give him a chance. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Miss Tania Mark

Head person media

Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior
Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior

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