Farewell Party Speech for Closing Ceremony


Sample farewell party speech for students involved in volunteer activities, volunteer work, social work, or community services for NGO’s, and non profit organizations.

Farewell Party Speech Sample 1

Good morning, and AOA ladies, and Gentlemen

As my internship in AH Foundation comes to an end, it was pleasure to be a part of this organization, and its workforce. During my time as an internee here I managed to have many great experiences, which will always stay with me, and also help me in my career. After my exams I wanted to do something as most universities require these kinds of extracurricular work. At that time everyone forced me to do an internship where you get money.

When I applied in AH Foundation, people discouraged me due to their different perspective related to internship. The experience of interning at AH Foundation is unique, and very interesting. Motivation in every single child cannot be described in words. The talent of every child is worth appreciating, and which this makes them way better than, who we are right now. I learnt a lot working in this organization, and from these extra ordinary kids- I learned to be focused, more determine, and most importantly how to stay happy even when all the reason of staying happy are dead. They smile on every child’s face is so overwhelming, and motivating which encourages me to forget all the hardships in life.

I wish I could share more of my experiences but for now I’d like to sum up my speech by saying that no matter how life treats us there’s always a reason to stay happy.

Thank you,

A Farewell Party Speech for Students

Farewell Speech by Internees 2

My experience at AH Foundation has been an eye opener as I came to this institute with a different perception, and expectation. My interest in working with these children brought me here. I was amazed by seeing these children working so hard on their talents, and skills so they could be independent, and give back to the society they are living in. Also the facilities that this institute provide is remarkable, and app laudable.

This institute’s pure intentions of enhancing these children’s skills, and talents has brought the children to such a place that they are not only recognized in Pakistan, but internationally as well. My experience here at AH Foundation has been amazing. Helping these children in any way I was the intention I came here with. I’m glad I’ve somewhat achieved that through giving some of my time here to these children . I’m taking back with me good memories, and these children’s beautiful smiles. Thank you AH Foundation for giving me this opportunity, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

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