College Farewell Party Speech in English

College Farewell Party Speech in English available for free download. Sample detailed farewell party speech for internees, volunteers and social work participants.

Party Speech for Farewell Day

Asalam o alaikum.

So here’s the start to my 5 minutes of speech time. Before I begin I promise I’ll try making it as less boring as possible :

To begin with, I’ll present my gratitude to Mr and Mrs Abdul Salam for presenting us with such an opportunity to be so close to these children and put our energies together to help these children.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones who are ever so sure about themselves and their lives and what they’re supposed to be. Then comes the other kind. Ones unsure. Clueless of what to be? Where to be? What to do in life and how to get there? I’m one of that sort. And I’m sure there are too many of that kind in the crowd right now.

Hi and cheers to You. The first day I stepped in this building I could only scratch my head and think what am I gonna do here. But like life goes around, things fell in place and to this day, we have achieved something. Done something, individually, collectively. Something that gives us the feeling of contentment when we lay in our beds comfortably at night. Satisfaction of doing good.

We are from the resource department. Our job is to collect funds. Funds enough to fend and feed a child through out an entire year. To manage his expenses. And for that goal we have put in all our efforts.

Through the span of two weeks, we’ve interacted bonded and made friends with all the groups. And in all that, we managed to pull of a major event collectively with the music society on the 11th of this month.

The Bake sale/Concert was indeed a success and it couldn’t have been done with the tireless effort of the management teams. Before addressing to them with a thank you, I’d rather tell you how much we generated from this fund raiser event. A total of 25 thousand was made by the end of the day, which is said to be better off then the previous years.

Now to the much promised thanking business I had to do. To begin with, Faizan. Thank you so much for being right besides me through the whole thing. You are indeed a tremendous guitarist and a great person!

Moving on, I thank my entire team for their hard work, and tolerance and patience they’ve shown in many cases when I was too demanding or pushy.

Thank you,

Name 1

Name 2

Name 2

And a very special thank you to this one person who has been My support the entire time through this event hosting. And frankly without her management of the event would’ve been too hard. Alina Rasheed, who has been my right hand in all the management. It would have been a mess without you, so much thanks to you.

I would also like to add about, Sachar Bakes, which is a bakery owned by my friend. They made outstanding contributions with giving us free food for the sale. Only their contributions alone generated a mere 5.5 thousand. So a round of applause for them. They are situated in phase 5 right behind Jalal sons if you Wish to pay them a visit.

Lastly I’d like to thank miss saima and sir sami ullah for having our backs.

In all, this internship has brought us all closer to humanity and Bourne within our hearts is the kindness for these kids. This experience has indeed made us a much better person. Everyone deserves love and affection. Everyone needs to be cared for. In this institution, those very grounds are met every day. So I solute the efforts of teachers who teach here. To the interns who’ve worked here. God bless you people. And God bless these kids.

I shall conclude my speech now. I’m sorry if it got too dry. Have a nice day everyone 🙂

College Farewell Party Speech in English
College Farewell Party Speech in English

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