Farewell Day Speech for Closing Ceremony


Sample farewell day speech in a ceremony of school available for free download in word file.

Speech for Farewell Day

Dear Audience,

Truth to be told AH Foundation was not my first priority this summer, but now i am glad it happened when it did. AH Foundation taught everyone something, for some people it was even getting up early at 8 30, or for some it was loving children. The routine that we’re all set on will be hard to forget.

Get up early, rush to AH Foundation half asleep, meet all your friends, make new friends, and then the most important part meeting the children. Ill forget everything but I will not forget umar who just wouldn’t stay still, sheza the cutest little girl, ali who always thirsty, Aayan, maryam, and of course M.Ali. first few days we hated everyone like literally hated everyone because it was so hot. But then I think everyone realized that they weren’t alone dealing with the heat.

People say that this years internee’s were boring but they don’t realize is that we used to work all day till 2, and then party outside 😀 . which brings me to the friends I made these 2 weeks. From BDC KC, AC, Alma, LAS, and a few more who’s schools I still don’t know. These friends I assure you aren’t those who you forget soon, not at all. And that brings me to thanking the admin. All this couldn’t, or wouldn’t had been possible without the admin. The admin which had the mrs saima, and the very polite mr. hamza.

They were very helpful, and cooperative throughout the whole program. Also the lecture by  Naeem was an eye opener with regard to child abuse, and finally thanks to uncle, and aunt who started this school, and offered us this platform where memories were made which will not be forgotten, and hopefully after this internship there will be more uncles, and aunties in the society to help these children.

Farewell Day Speech for Closing Ceremony

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