Morning Assembly Speech Examples

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Sample Speech during Morning Assembly

Good morning my students,

Hello once again to our weekly assembly. Last week was very big week for our year 11 students who completed all their exams. However this upcoming week is going to be even bigger as all of the teachers have got together, and come up with reward week so every time you get a good grade, or you have good behavior, and effort in your work you will get a reward. At the end of the week the year 11 students will get a certificate for their patience with their exams, and their hard work.

We have also got a big revel that will change the school for the future at the end of the week. Just because this is a week that you can get rewards that it doesn’t mean that you can lack the effort to work hard, and not study, and learn. So please humble request keep up the hard work, and make your teachers proud.

Good bye.

Mr. Inners

Morning Assembly Speech

Hello, and good morning everyone!

Hope you all are doing well, and are equally excited to learn all the knowledge that these teachers have to pass on as they are to teach us. The spirit that you feel in the morning before going to classes is the one that stays with you all day if you feel excited, and eager to learn so the rest of the day becomes easy, and full of excitement for you but if you feel down, and show no enthusiasm you just drag the day with no productivity.

We all should feel lucky to be here, to be in school where millions of children do not get to  go school we come here with daily with tidy clothes, and enough money to buy ourselves food. We should be honored that our teachers are qualified from top notch schools in this country, and they are the best at what they do. We do not just learn here how to read, and write we learn a way to live our life here, we learn here how to conduct ourselves in the world out there, and how to live an exemplary life.

I hope that when you go to classes after this assembly you may be buzzing with excitement to learn new things, and have tons of fun while doing that. You all may proceed to your classes now.

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