New School Principal speech

This speech can be used by a principal or a manager or anyone new joining a company, university, school or college.

Dear School,

Transitions are never easy let it be school, college or university or any other practical stage of life. Naturally we have a bit of anxiety about who will be stepping in to lead our school. The teachers, staff and of course your previous Principal, who was a man of the greats have nurtured and taught the students and have put their energy into making the school culture what it is and are rightfully protective of the history and traditions that have been established. As i said before, transitions are never easy.

I want to extend to you and your family my token of love and warmth as we embark on a new journey. As a parent, I understand that these years are super exciting time of the year when children embark on new channels of life, explore themselves, their talents and their “thing”. I believe in practicality instead of cramming. I believe in engineers instead of machines. I believe in learning rather than grading.  Each year will provide important transitions and the acquisition of new skills that will enhance each student’s ability to apply learning in many ways.  As this school has always lived upto the expectations of the students and parents, i assure you it will continue to do so.

It is an honor for me to join your school which is known for a welcoming environment as well as amazing student body. I would not take much of your time and i will also not give a very monotonous speech that will put you to sleep. But here are few of my requests. We are a family. We together will be responsible for take this alma matar to amazing levels of success or trodding it down the roads. We need to own this place. We need to work as on team. There is no you or no us or no them or race or cast system and neither will any of us will be defined by color or background or ethnicity. Either it is us or it is no one. It is all for one and one for all. If you have any problem, please come and discuss. You do not have to take appointment. You can come to staff rooms and talk to us. It is here that you will find out who we really are as people, not just as teachers.

Communication is the key towards every successful relationship let it be a professional one or a domestic one. Please feel free to come up with new ideas, new innovative techniques, new societies, new programs and new talents. No talent is small. No talent is insignificant. No talent goes to waste ever.

Above everything, we are a team. We have to do everything as a family. We want a secure future for OUR kids. OUR kids are OUR priority. We will impossible possible. We will see the unseen together. We will chase the sky above our Sky. We will do it altogether because its only US.

Welcome to OUR school!


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