Welcome Speech for Anniversary Celebration


Greetings Speech for Anniversary.

Welcome Speech for Anniversary Party

Good evening everyone, and a very warm welcome on behalf of me, and my Mrs. to our special evening. It has been a blissful journey of two decades now when we first met each other we were still quite young, and stumbling through life in our own way. But the day we decided to be together was the day when all that hardships meant nothing no more. When together we became a force to be reckoned with.

I have always stated that we were lucky enough to find each other in this crazy world. I have never felt as happy as I have with my life partner. She was there for me when no one else was, and together we paved the way of success, and love in this completely neurotic, and selfish world. Every day I wake up there is a smile on my face knowing she is the first person that I will see, and every night I sleep a peaceful sleep know she is safe, and happy.

I feel extremely honored that all of you from your busy lives have spared us a few hours to celebrate our love with us, and making this evening even more spectacular. Thank you, and cheers to all. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

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