Request Letter of Sponsorship of Food Items

Want to request sponsorship? We are giving you sample letters to ask for sponsorship of events, food items, or other parts of the program.

Sample Request Letter for Sponsorship of an Event Food

Dear Sir,

We are an organization for (mention the objective of your organization). We are organizing a program that will be attended by about three hundred people. The purpose of this program is to (mention the purpose of the program). All the arrangements for this event have been sponsored by different people and we request you to sponsor all the food items including (name or provide list of required items with quantity). We will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Event Sponsorship Request Letters for Fundraising

Regional Marketing Manager

Subject: Request Letter for Sponsorship of an Event

Dear Mr. Ali Arslan,

We are organizing a bake sale event at [company name] to raise funds for students studying in the institute, a charity-based organization, and the largest one in Pakistan. This event is entirely organized by the internees at AH Foundation and sponsored by different organizations.

We request you to please sponsor 30 Deals on your food items free of cost. Your cooperation will be appreciated and help us to raise funds for AH Foundation. For any further information, please visit our website. Many other esteemed organizations are participating in the Bake Sale Event subway, coke, Pepsi, nestle.

Looking for your favorable response


Sumbal Arif

Request Letter for Sponsorship of Food Items for Non Profit Organization

The Managing Director

Dear Sir,

We are a non-profit organization, and we aim to work to provide hygienic necessities to the underprivileged people in this area. Thus, we are striving hard to take our part for the betterment of society.

We have come up with an initiative to supply free food items to the undernourished poor population in this area. We request your support in bringing this project to reality by sponsoring the food items we aim to deliver. This campaign will surely enlighten the image of your organization as a society-friendly business and will impact your business positively.

We hope you will support us in this noble cause as your generosity can help us feed many poor souls.


Your Name

Request Letter of Sponsorship of Food Items

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