Video Concept of Fundraising for Schools, NGOs, Charity etc

This TVC concept is made for raising awareness regarding special children/disabled persons/neglected persons of the society and asking the audience to give them respect, help them and teach them to care such special people in life. This TVC concept is also asking for cash donations and can be used on social media, websites and all […]

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Inquiry Letter for Advertisement Request and Rates

Request letter to super store, super market or mall for inquiring advertising rates and advertising mediums and suggestions that how we can advertise to attract customers at large. Sample¬†Letter for¬†Advertisement Request Dear Ahmad , Thank you very much for sparing your time and meeting with us. As discussed I am writing to request for planning […]

Business Letters

Request Letter to Advertising Agency to Get Proposal

Sample request letter to advertising agency asking for a proposal for your marketing campaign, production of TVC, radio advertisement and social media campaigns. To Whom It May Concern Subject: TVC and Radio Advertisement Proposal Required: Marketing Department is looking for a Professional Marketing agency for production of TVC for Fundraising and Awareness of our brands. […]