Welcome Speech for Anniversary Celebration


Greetings Speech for Anniversary.

Welcome Speech for Anniversary Party

Good evening everyone, and a very warm welcome on behalf of me, and my Mrs. to our special evening. It has been a blissful journey of two decades now when we first met each other we were still quite young, and stumbling through life in our own way. But the day we decided to be together was the day when all that hardships meant nothing no more. When together we became a force to be reckoned with.

I have always stated that we were lucky enough to find each other in this crazy world. I have never felt as happy as I have with my life partner. She was there for me when no one else was, and together we paved the way of success, and love in this completely neurotic, and selfish world. Every day I wake up there is a smile on my face knowing she is the first person that I will see, and every night I sleep a peaceful sleep know she is safe, and happy.

I feel extremely honored that all of you from your busy lives have spared us a few hours to celebrate our love with us, and making this evening even more spectacular. Thank you, and cheers to all. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life, Wife, Friend


A sample love letter to the love of life or the person whom you love very much. This is a sample letter to express your love for your wife, love with your girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

Happy Anniversary to Love of My Life

To the love of my life,

First of all, I had to say I love you so much. You make my life worth living. You are the reason I get up in the mornings. This is the anniversary of one-year marriage. I want to congratulate you on surviving one year with me. I know it’s been tough. So thanks for putting up with me. I hope we have many more years together, making new happier memories, and getting the opportunity to become mother and father. You are my heart, my life. You are the love of my life.

Yours always,
Your husband

Email on Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life

My beloved wife,

I cannot explain my feelings to write you, my love. Today is our 1st anniversary, and it is the biggest day for me because you came into my empty and incomplete life. I can proudly say that you are the love of my life, and I am so lucky to have found you. You made me smile, and you made my life. You are my life, my world. I thought about what I should present to you on this anniversary but could not decide because I wanted to make this day really awesome and special with you. I do not have much, but I can give you all my attention, care, love, and love every day till I am alive.

Now, nothing looks good without you. I am totally in love with you. I can hold your hands today, and I can scream to the world proudly that you are the love of my life, and you are my queen. I love you so much, and I wish you a pleased anniversary, my lovely angel.

I will keep my words, and I will complete my promises which I made earlier. Just be with me, and let me love you till the rest of my life. I wish you live thousand years, and our love never dies.

See you shortly, my wife.

Yours only

Letter for Death Anniversary


Sample Invitation for the Death Anniversary. Invitation letter for the Death ceremony.

Invitation for the Death Anniversary

Dear Sir,

As you know that my father died last year, and it will be his first death anniversary on the coming Sunday i.e. 22-2-(Date). I am arranging a ceremony to cherish his loving memories, and to send prayers for the departed soul.

I am inviting you, and all his friends, and family to accompany us on that day to recall the beautiful days we spent with him, and to celebrate his gracious memories.

Your presence will be very valuable, and highly anticipated. I hope you will grant us the pleasure of your gracious company on this occasion.


Your nephew

Death Anniversary Invitation

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Jones,
35 West Street,

New York, USA.

Hope that you all will be fine, and the children will be grown up to their teenage.  I am informing you with sorrows in my heart that the 13th death anniversary of our beloved Uncle James is on September 27, (Date). You are requested to attend the ceremony so that all of us can pay tribute to the soul of Uncle James in this gathering.

Do not forget to bring all the children with you. Send my greetings to little Sara. I shall be looking forward for you, and your family on that occasion.

Yours Sincerely,


Condolence Letter for Death Anniversary

Dear Jennifer,

I am writing to you for my condolences on death anniversary of your father. It is so hard to believe that it been a year. It seems like he is still with us. May God give you all the strength, and courage you need to cover this lose?

Thank you for your consideration.


Blair Jane

Letter for Death Anniversary


Dear friend!

Hope you find this letter in good health. I still cannot believe what happened exactly a year ago from now. It was like any other morning when I received a call from you telling me your father has passed away in a massive cardiac arrest suddenly. I was expecting it to be just another hour long call between you, and me but when you were sobbing I knew something terrible has happened, and my worst fear came true when those words escaped your lips.

I remember uncle as a happy, and spontaneous human being, he was just so lively. There was something about him that said positivity. He was a very happy person, and he absolutely loved making all the people around him happy. He was the true example of those people that makes this world a happier, and better place to live. I reminisce about the time when he came by to school to drop you, and your siblings, he will always meet us as your friends crack a few jokes, and give us some sort of funny but truthful advice about life.

He was definitely the coolest father I have ever seen, and just listening that he is not with us anymore I cannot imagine the pain you, and your family must have went through. Last year this day we lost an amazing human but heaven definitely gained an angel. May God give patience to your family, and May his soul rest in peace!


Your friend,

Thank You Letter Attending Wedding, and Gift


Sample thank you letter for attending marriage, and gift on your wedding to your guest, friend, uncle, brother, sister, or relatives etc.

Thanks Letter for Wedding Gift

Dear Annie

I hope you are doing fine. I had to say thanks to you for the wedding gift you had sent me. We all like it. I am very glad that you know my choice that perfectly. I thank you again for such a lovely gift.



Thank You Letter for Wedding Anniversary Gift

Dear Ahmad,

I hope you are doing well, and all your family is also doing well therein Karachi. Today it is my wedding anniversary, and I have received your gift via courier today. The gift pack contains two pant shirts, and a perfume. You know it is so wonderful to have a gift like this because I was really in need of these things, and I had a plan to go for shopping to buy these things because I have recently joined a new office, and I was feeling short of new dresses.

The contrast of these pants, and shirts is really according to my choice. The perfume is also very nice with a refreshing fragrance. So after having your gift I have cancelled my shopping plan.

Please give my regards to all of your family members, and thanks a lot again for such a nice gift.

Yours Friend,

Asim Bhatti

Thanks Letter for Wedding Gift

Dear David,

I am glad to know that you are doing well. It was a great honor to have you at my wedding ceremony. I have just received the wedding gift which you have sent. For that I am very grateful to you.

It is a wonderful gift, and it makes me feel very happy about our friendship. I thank you for the gift, and also for being such a good friend.



Leave Application for Marriage Anniversary


Sample leave application for office, school, college, university to attend the ceremony of marriage anniversary with your wife, husband, kids, and other family members. You can use the below leave application for the first, second anniversary of your marriage.

Leave to Celebrate Marriage Anniversary

The Principal,

Subject: Leave to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary

Dear Ma’am,

You’re requested to kindly sanction me one day leave (Date) as tomorrow is my 1st wedding anniversary, and all my in-laws are coming to my home to celebrate this happy day with us. I have to do a lot of preparations for their arrival at home to come to school tomorrow. Kindly facilitate me in this regard.


Mrs. Asma Awan

Leave Application for Wedding Anniversary

The Managing Director,

Subject: Leave for 25th marriage anniversary

Dear Sir,

It is my immense pleasure to inform you that tomorrow is my silver jubilee wedding anniversary. To make it special for my wife, I want to take a day off and spend all the time with my family. We have plans for celebrations tomorrow. So I request you to assign me a day off kindly.

Thanking you for your cooperation.


Mr. Asim Raza

Sales Manager

Leave Letter for Anniversary of Marriage

Dear Manager Sale Audit,

I hope you are fine. I am Muhammad Ali have been working as an assistant sales audit manager. As you know, I had been married one of my cousins last year. So it’s been 1 year of my marriage.

My first marriage anniversary is on the 15th of this month. I want to make this day memorable with my life partner as I will take her to the northern areas. So I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days to feel enjoy, and celebrate my anniversary inefficiently manner.

I am looking forward to your support to make this event unforgettable.


Muhammad Ali

Leave Application for First Wedding Anniversary

Dear Sir,

I humbly stated that I am working in your company as a junior accountant for the last 3 years. I would like to have a leave for my wedding anniversary celebration on (Date) as it is our first wedding anniversary so it must be celebrated with great pride. Therefore, to be held completely as planned, I will not provide my services for 2 days.

It is humbly requested that considering this an essential matter, kindly approve my application for anniversary leave. I will eternally grateful to you for this kindness and love.

With best regards,


Sample Leave Application for Death Anniversary


Sample leave application for school, office to attend the demise of the father, or death anniversary of the father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, uncle, etc., leave application after being absent on Grandmother, grandfather, etc.

Sample Leave Application for Death Anniversary

The Business Manager

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited


Dear Sir,

Today is my mother’s death anniversary, and I have planned a praying in memory of her at my residence. Therefore, I request you kindly allow me to leave for today from the office to let me brand necessary arrangements. I hope you shall approve and favor me in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

Raza Hussain

Leave Application to Attend Demise Ceremony

The Principal

Subject: Short leave for observing father’s death anniversary

Dear Sir,

It has been two years that my father passed away.  Each year the day of his tragic demise brings back many memories to me, leaving me very somber. My father and I had many dreams to accomplish after I had a job. But, sadly, not everything works as planned.

Nevertheless, to commemorate my father, I humbly request you to grant me a short leave from work tomorrow (date) so that I can fully dedicate this day to him, praying for his eternal peace.

Thanking you in advance.


Shahid Aziz

Lecturer Mathematics

Leave Application After Being Absent on Demise

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, I am informing you that yesterday (Date) I couldn’t come to the office due to my grandmother’s demise. She passed away 4 years back, and she was such a nice lady, so we always remember her. So I request you to please approve my yesterday’s leave. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Asma Ch.

Marketing Executive

Leave Letter for Death Anniversary

The Manager HR,

Supreme flour Limited

Dear Sir,

I inform you that I, Ilyas Ali, have been working as assistant marketing manager in the marketing department of this company as you know that my uncle had died due to a heart attack in Hyderabad last year.

It has been one year since he died. The family has decided to have a pray on his death anniversary. I loved my uncle as he was dear to us. So I request you to please grant me leave for Saturday to go & pray for his soul to rest in peace.

I will be thankful for this favor.


Ilyas Ali

Leave Application for Death Anniversary

Dear Boss,

I want to have a leave for tomorrow because tomorrow is my father’s death anniversary, and we have a prayer in our house. But, unfortunately, the timings are between the office timings so I will not be able to come to the office. So kindly grant me a leave for tomorrow.

I will be thanking you for this.