Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place


Sample format of writing a notice to tenants whom you want to vacate your property till a specific timeline.

Notice for Tenant to Vacate Place

To: Mr. Golliday
Tenant, Room #45, Lafayette Apartments
Richmond, Virginia, United States

This is a formal notice that you must vacate your apartment by the 11th of December, as per our agreement. Please make sure all your belongings are taken with you by then, as we will not be held responsible for anything left behind.

Lauren Maulnier
Landlord – Lafayette Apartments

Notice for Rental to Vacate Place

To CEO Real estate office,



Dear Sir,

It is stated that I just retired from a government service last month. I was been allotted a house by the government during my service tenure. As I have been retired, I have to leave the house too. My own house is under construction. It will take at least 6 months to complete. I request you to find me a house on rent for a contract of 6 months as I have no place of residence for me, and my family till then. I hope that you will find me a place soon.

You can call me anytime in the morning between 9am till 11 am to discuss about the place.



Sample Notice to Vacate Apartment


Format of sample notice to send to tenants when the house, apartment, shop you have given them on a lease but now want them to vacate it as you want it back.

Landlord Notice To Vacate Letter

It is hereby notified to you,that the last date for vacating the apartment is 01-01-(Date).

Due to certain circumstances, the company needs to vacate your apartment urgently. Our one-year contract is expiring by the end of this month, and company cannot provide you any relaxation.

Hence, it is requested to you to vacate this apartment by the end of this month. Your advance payment will also be returned to you on the respective day.

Kindly abide by the deadline to avoid any further inconvenience.

Thank you

Sample Notice to Vacate Apartment

To: Tenant residing in Room 342
JYSK Apartments, New Brunswick, Canada

It has come to our attention that you have not paid the rent, electricity bill, and the gas bill for more than 1 month.
We give all our tenants prior notices when these bills are due, and we charge a late fee if necessary. However, you have exceeded the last payment date for all bills you are required to pay, and have even exceeded the late payment date.

It is requested that you vacate the apartment immediately, and pay the outstanding fee, or you will risk being evicted, and the payment shall be assigned to a credit collection agency.

James Robinson
Landlord of JYSK Apartments
New Brunswick, Canada