Apology Letter To School For Property Damage


Format of apology letter to send to your headmaster/ principal/ headmistress, and telling them you are ashamed of your actions, and it will not happen again.

Apology Letter to School for Property Damage

To: Principal of Duggan Public School
Duggan County, Improvement District No. 9, Alberta, Canada

I am writing this letter to formally apologize for the damage that I had causes on school property last week. While I was playing baseball with my friends, the ball broke through the top window, and shattered it. I admit my fault in this matter.

I am extremely sorry for this, and I assure you it will not happen again. From now on, we will play baseball at a safe distance from the school to ensure it will not hit anything.

I apologize again, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make up for it.

Justin Kevin
Duggan County, Improvement District No.9, Alberta, Canada

Apology Letter To School For Property Damage

 Respected Principal,

With due respect, I wrote this letter to you as an apology for the property damage which was caused on Monday, 23rd September (Date) due to my act of irresponsibility.

As it was our chemistry period, and the teacher was not present so we were waiting for our substitute teacher. However, after a few minutes when the substitute teacher also did not come so we all started to play cricket in our class room for passing time, and while playing, the ball hit the window with a large force which caused it to break. I can assure you that it was totally unintentional, and I did not know that it would come to this.

I am aware that it is not allowed to play any sport in the classroom, and I am sincerely sorry for breaking the rule. Please accept my apology, and cancel my detention as that would put a bad impact on my profile.  I would be very thankful to you.

Best Regards,
Ali Noor

Grade 8

Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging


Apology letter to principal by students for breaking rules, ragging, or who has nothing to do with those activities of ragging, and still are on red list of principal

Request Letter To Principal To Reconsider Names Of Students Who Caught While Ragging

Respected Principal,

With due respect, I wrote this letter to request you to reconsider names of the students who have been caught recently in the ragging case. As a head girl, I have to interact with all of the student body, and am aware of how most of them are.

The ragging incident which happened last week was definitely a shameful act, and whoever was involved in it should be definitely punished. However, two boys of A level Year 1 came to me, and told that they were only standing when the ragging was taking place, and were not the part of it. I am well aware that according to the rules, and regulations of the school, it is every student’s responsibility to report any unaccepted event occurring in the campus. But as far as I know them, I am sure that they would never do such thing, and would have reported the incident later on.

I request to kindly reconsider their names as it will not be right to punish them for what the rest of the guilty ones did.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

A level Head Girl

Request Letter to Principal To Reconsider Names Of Students Who Were Caught While Ragging

Respected Principal,

With all due respect I am writing this letter with a sincere request from my side to please reconsider the names of the students who were caught while ragging. As the fresh academic year has begun, and freshmen have arrived, the seniors thought it would be fun to play some pranks on them.  This has now become a tradition around schools worldwide that both seniors, and freshmen enjoy. I saw that on the first school day seniors were caught ragging by some teachers although many innocent people were caught as well. There are many seniors who ran away unnoticed, and many footballers that the football coach caught but did not take to the office since their reputations would be damaged. One of my friends has been given a warning as well although he was not involved in this event.

I hope you will take out some time, and reconsider the names of the students that were caught while ragging, and do justice to the student body.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Apology Letter to Principle for Ragging on Campus

To: Principal Brenham – Davey Public School
Long Beach, California, United States

Dear Principal, I know that there has recently been an unfortunate incident where some unruly students were caught ragging the juniors behind the school. The names of everyone present were written, and we are awaiting your judgment. However, I respectfully ask you to reconsider this. My name is on the list, but I was not in involved in any sort of ragging. I saw the crowd of students, and arrived to try, and stop them, and many others tried to stop them as well. Some of us were trying to make this stop, and yet we may be punished for it.

I respectfully ask you to reconsider the list, and only include names of the students who were actually caught ragging, and not just at the scene.

Thank you,
Marianne Thomas
Long Beach, California, United States