Addressing Youth Problems in Pakistan: The Role of Employers

Pakistan, like many other countries, grapples with significant challenges, especially for its youth population. Unemployment, a flawed education system, lack of effective leadership, political instability, bribery, international pressures, and unscrupulous politicians contribute to the plight of the youth. Amidst these factors, the business sector, as represented by employers, can play a crucial role in alleviating … Continue reading “Addressing Youth Problems in Pakistan: The Role of Employers”

How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?

The fact is Boss always wants those people who are not much more intelligent. Their performance should not be better than the boss’s. The boss always picks your weak points, and proves you an unintelligent worker. Boss will hide your performance from the senior management especially where the boss is answerable, and report-able. Boss will be … Continue reading “How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?”

Education System in Pakistan. Will We Succeed?

Today education has become necessary for everyone’s life; Survival without education is becoming difficult. A recent survey shows that in today’s environment labour level jobs also requiring education to work on machines, to drive machines, and to quantify the work, and calculate the earnings. But in developing countries education is challenge for low earners, especially … Continue reading “Education System in Pakistan. Will We Succeed?”

What Happen in Interviews? How to Win an Interview?

The complete story of a fresh graduate till hiring on the first job. Don’t forget to share after reading this story. Common Interview Questions, and Answers are discussed in this article. This can be life-changing for you. Interview questions, and answers tell me about yourself. Job interview questions with answers. Common interview questions, and answers for freshers. Interview questions, and answers strengths and weaknesses. Tough interview … Continue reading “What Happen in Interviews? How to Win an Interview?”

How to study, and understand the Books?

As technology has developed, and we enter to 21st-century study is simple, and most easy to read, and learn from the books. There are international standards of writing books available. Most of the books meeting the standards I find them very easy to understand, and memorize. Following are the points to read business books especially. Even … Continue reading “How to study, and understand the Books?”

Confidence Building Tips to be Impressive

Most important and unique confidence-building tips exercise at home for improving yourself for job, interviews, public speeches, managers, CEO, directors, and leaders. You can improve self-confidence at work with the tips given below: Well educated but not confident. What to do for Building Self Confidence? Hundreds of articles, books, and websites are available on improving … Continue reading “Confidence Building Tips to be Impressive”

How to Improve your Confidence in Office Free Tips

In this short article, I am giving confidence improvement tips like improving your confidence in the office. The easiest way to motivate yourself toward growth. How can I be confident in myself? Improving confidence level is key to job success for meetings/discussions with colleagues, managers, supervisors, CEO, directors, GM, etc. How to Build Confidence and … Continue reading “How to Improve your Confidence in Office Free Tips”