Cover Letter For Assistant Teacher


Sample cover letter to apply for the post of assistant teacher in all kinds of educational institutes i,e college, school, or university.

Cover Letter Template for Assistant Teacher

House address

Designations to apply: Assistant Teacher

Respected HR manager,

I saw your advertisement for the vacant position of assistant teacher in your university. I have done my masters from Kinniard College in English literature. After that I was offered lectureship for bachelors in the same university which I did while completing my M.Phil. I have been associated with an Ngo as well in which I teach to less fortunate children in government schools over summer time. I have read your requirements for this position, and i think I fulfil all of them.

Hope you find an interest in my application,



Job Application for Assistant Teacher

Fahad sheikh

HR officer

University of Lahore

Position for assistant professor economics department

Respected sir, I am Fahad Sheikh, and I am in teaching industry from last 5 years. I have done my Mphill in economics from LUMS, and currently doing my Phd research in the field of applied economics. I have been at the post of lecturer at university of south Asia, and have received award for best teacher as well. I believe that with my communication skill, expertise in my field, and dedicated nature I can be a good asset for your institution. Teaching is my passion, and I believe on latest methods of teaching instead of traditional methods. I have done B.ed as well, and I have hand on experience of lasted technical devices being used at educational institutes these days.

I am much eager to introduce myself further if I get a chance to meet you in person. Thank you for taking out time for reading this cover letter, and I hope that you will consider me for the current position.



Application for Promotion to Assistant Professor


Request application letter for promotion by the lecturer in school, college, university, or academy to the senior position of assistant professor on the grounds of education, and teaching experience.

Application for Promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor

The dean,
(Enter University name here)

Respect sir,
It is stated that I have been a lecturer in this university since the past five years now , the subject that I teach is “Robotics”, and moreover I carry a specialization in my subject as well.

Sir, I have been on the lecturer post since five years now, and I feel like I’m not going to grow in my career if I stay on the same post. I want to achieve more in my career, and be more specialized in it. The only way I think is best for me to reach my goals is only if I get promoted to as an assistant professor.

That way I’ll be able to teach Masters Students, and grow much more in my field of specialization. I hope that you will be kind enough to approve my promotion request, and help me more in my future.

Yours Truly,

Application for Assistant Professor

Dear professor,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the promotion to assistant professor. I think that this promotion is best for me because I am good at teaching people, and I am also good at planning out lessons on a weekly basis. I have always wanted this job because teaching is something that makes me feel happy, and I enjoy it. I would love to make this my permanent career, and I am very determined to make this succeed. I am good at meeting deadlines.

I also think that this can give me the opportunity to learn new knowledge, and skills, and improve on existing ones. I hope that you can give me a chance. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Alex Dove

Cover Letters for Jobs for Wash Assist, and Officer


Sample cover letter, and job application to apply for the post of wash assistant in textile,  car wash, laundry, or any other place where wash jobs are available.

Cover Letter For Jobs for Wash Assist, and Officer

The Manager

Human Resources,

Pakistan WASH Project , UNO HQ ,



Respected Concern,

I, Wazir Ali, CNIC No. 12345-1234567-1, being a veteran wash specialist with a number of completed projects on credit. After MBBS, I have served in the number of NGOs with WASH expertise. I have worked on this project in remote areas for four years. I have completed the projects under my supervision in coordination with the projects managers. I recently heard about an opening at your organization in the same capacity. I want to join your organization as a Wash Officer. This opportunity shall give me chance to serve my country with international acquaintance. I have done several certifications, and trainings in the same to accomplish my tasks while on job so far. All the required documents, certifications, resume, and distinctions are attached with the application. Kindly consider my application for the requested post.

Thank You

Yahya Khan

WASH Professional.

Wash Officer Cover Letter Samples

Mr. John Smith

Manager Administration

ABC Company,

South Arizona, USA

I visited the new job openings at your website, and found myself suitable for the positions of wash assistant, and wash officer. I have read the job descriptions, and my nine years of experience with different large scale organizations covers all the aspects of your company requirements.

I started my career in the field of cleaning services by joining the famous DDD, and Co. in February (Date). My duties included the cleaning of floors, kitchen, and back yard that was used for official parties mostly. Being a huge company, meeting, and parties were a routine matter, and utmost importance was given to cleaning, and washing. After working there for 3 years, I joined NNN cleaning services, and served there for 5 years. This included all types of cleaning ranging from domestic to industrial cleaning. While working in this organization, I have worked at all levels, and types of cleanings. However, washing remained my key area of expertise. For some reasons, NNN cleaning services have now moved their office to London. I could not go with them, so, I resigned. From August (Date), I am working with a BBB Cleaners, local cleaning business, as a full time employee. Based on my expertise, I am looking for a better opportunity in a multi-national organization like ABC Company.

I would be great if we can have a meeting setup at any time of your convenience so that you could have a better understanding of my skills, and experience. You can contact me at the details mentioned on my resume attached with this letter.I will be looking forward for your response.

Best Regards,

Stacy Dalton

South Arizona

September 12, (Date)

Cover Letter for Dental Assistant


Sample Cover letter for dental assistant with experience, and without experience for job, internship, externship, or instructor at hospital, college, or clinic.

Job Application Letter for Dental Assistant

Mr. Jack Wilshere
Dental Department
South Shore Hospital
Miami, USA

Sir, it was recently brought into my knowledge that there is a job vacancy for a dental assistant at your respectable hospital. I wish to apply for the respective job. I completed my degree of dentistry field, and I have recently finished my 3 years as a trainee. I have attached my CV with this cover letter. I wish to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Alpert

Job Application for Dental Assistant

The Senior Dentist,
XYZ Hospital.

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I have been working as an internee in XYZ Hospital’s Dental Department since six months now. My training has been very hard, and quite stressful. I have been taught to solve complicated dental issues, and remain calm under all situations. Moreover, I have passed papers related to Dental Surgery, and scored well in them.

Sir, I think that after all these months of training, and watching the experts perform the practical work, I am ready to a part of the field, and join the hospital staff. I know I have a lot more to learn that’s why I am applying for the post of “Dental Assistant” working under your supervision. You have been in the dental field for almost five years now, and I believe that I can learn a lot if I work for you.

I don’t think that there is a better chance for me to learn more, and more about the field other than this. Kindly consider my application, and I hope that my expertise, and past experiences will be enough to meet your requirements.

Thanking you,

Cover Letter for Dental Assistant with Experience

The HR team, M S dental hospital, NY

Respected sir,

With due respect I am writing this application to you to tell you that I have graduated last year from a well-known dental college, and recently I have finished my house job. I have seen your ad for hiring new team.  Sir I have applied for the dental assistant post. I have attached all my certificates, and degree along with this application. Please consider my request, looking forward for a positive response from your end. Thanks.


Rihanna J., NY

Cover Letter for Dental Assistant

Cover Letter for Dental Assistant

Dr. Zack,
Durand Dental Care,

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, it is stated that my previous experience as dental assistant Hearsay Clinic has made me capable of being a good choice for you to hire me as your assistant in your clinic. I have passed my 4 years bachelor degree in Dental surgery, and I am 100% sure that my knowledge as well as my experience will prove an asset for you.

I hope that you will provide me a chance to have a meeting with you to get myself interviewed. I will look forward for an email from your side regarding interview. Please feel free to contact me on my mailing address in case of any queries.

Yours Sincerely,


Application Letter for Health Care Assistant Job


Sample application letter for health care assistant job, or vacant position in hospital, clinic, at home etc.

Cover Letter for Health Care Assistant


The management team, care foundation, UK

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I came to know about your hiring of new health care staff for the children department, sir I am working in a hospital as a nurse, and I have 3 years of experience in this field, I have performed well, I shall be really thankful if you ponder upon my request as I am eager to work with you. Thanks.


Mrs. James J, UK

Application Letter for Health Care Assistant Job


The Medical Superintendent,

CARE Hospital,

Naif Road,




I’m writing this with the reference to the advertisement published in a local newspaper where you are looking to fill some job positions of Health Care Assistants.

I would like to present myself as a candidate against one of these vacancies. I have over 5 years of experience in the same field, and I’m quite confident to serve at this position with efficiency. A detailed CV had been attached with this application.

Kindly consider me for the above mentioned position, and give me a chance to work for your prestigious organization.


Best Regards,

Waheed Khan

Deira Dubai

Application Letter for Health Care Assistant Job

Job Application for Health Care Assistant Position


Dr. Cheng Hu,

Head of Health Care Center/Professor,

Respected sir,

I hope you are doing fine. You have published an advertisement which stated that you are in looking for an assistant at your health care center. I think of me as a qualified candidate for this position as my work experience meets the required experience for this job. I am very struggling person, and know the core values of this job. I would be very happy to perform well as a health care assistant. I am asking for an opportunity to show my abilities, and positive behavior towards the job. I understand the nature of this job, and will never disappoint you.

I am waiting for your positive reply.

Thank you!


Joffery Lanister