Authority Letter for Degree Attestation Sample

Sample authority letter for degree attestation from HEC (Higher Education Commission) offices in Pakistan available for foreigners, other cities and due to sickness. This authorization letter is required when someone else is going for your degrees attestation on your behalf.

If your blood relation is going than this authorization letter can be printed on simple paper and duly attested by 18th grade govt officer. But if your blood relation is not going than you have to print this letter of a stamp paper duly attested by 18th grade govt officer.

HEC Degree Attestation Authority Letter Format

Authority For Degree Attestation

It is Stated that I am working in Karachi due to which I am unable to come to HEC office for my degree attestation due to some work. I authorize Ms. Samina Waqas, CNIC 12345-1234567-8, to attest my degrees on my behalf. Please consider my request I will be thankful to you.

Saqib Ali
S/O Abdul Haq
CNIC# 12345-1234567-8




Authority Letter Format for Degree Attestation

I am Muhammad Samiullah S/O Abdul Haq CNIC# 12345-234567-8 can’t appear personally for my degrees attestation because I am in London UK.

This is to authorize Ms. Saima Jillani CNIC# 12345-1234567-8 for my MSc and BSc degrees attestation from Higher Education Commission (HEC) on my behalf. All of my required educational documents and a copy of CNIC is enclosed with this letter. I request you to please consider my request for the attestation on my behalf.

Muhammad Samiullah
CNIC# 12345-234567-8


Muhammad Asif Ashiq
CNIC# 12345-234567-8

Authority Letter for Degree Attestation Sample
Authority Letter for Degree Attestation Sample

Letter Granting Permission to Use Property

Sample Stall Permission Granting Letter for activity of collection camp on upcoming event in your society, school, college or university. Letter Granting Permission to Use Property.

Letter Granting Permission to Use Property

Dear Sir,

Reference is made to your letter dated 12 Feb. Your request to seek our permission to use our property near river road has been considered at appropriate level. We are pleased to inform you that you are here by granted the requisite permission. In this regard you are therefore informed to visit our office the coming wed to carry out all the legal formalities to finalize the property usage agreement please.

Yours sincerely,

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Stall Permission Letter

No. _______________

Dr. Aysha Batool
AH Foundation
Faisal Town,

Subject: Stall Permission Letter for Establishment of Collection Camp

Reference: You letter dated _______

Permission is hereby conveyed to establish 01 No. Hide Collection Camp for 3 days on the great event of Eid-ul-Azha in Wapda Town, free of cost.

Please contact office of the AME for providing of suitable place in Wapda Town.

Asghar Ali
Admin Officer WECHS

Copy to

  1. Director Accounts
  2. Acting Security Officer
  3. AME
Granting stall permission letter for Activity
Granting stall permission letter for Activity

Letter Granting Permission to Use Property

The event manager

Dear Sir,

I had received your request letter for using property as venue for the event. It is a great pleasure for me to provide my property for use during the event. I have gone through the details of the event and it seems very productive and safe.

It is hereby permitted that you may use the mentioned property for the sports event for two days only. However, you will be responsible for any damage done to the property. Also, you will be accountable for any illegal activity.

As for everything else, feel free to enjoy the event on the property.


Bruce miles

Sample Authority Letter For Cheque Collection

Sample authorization letter for cheque and payment collection from clients, banks and business.

Authority Letter for Payment Collection

Bahria Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.              Dated:________

Lahore       .                                          Ref.____________

Attn: Finance Manager

Subject: Authority Letter for Cheque Collection

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject matter, we have authorized Mr. Alex NIC # 87456-5673391-1 to collect our payment cheque  from Bahria Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

Your Sincerely



Chief Executive


Authority Letter For Payment Collection free download
Authority Letter For Payment Collection free download


Cheque Collection Authority Letter Format

Director Finance
Marvel Hotels
Subject: Authority Letter for Cheque Payment Collection

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your call to collect our payment cheque of July. As per our conversation one of our representative Mr. Saqib visit you to collect the payment cheque. Furthermore he will provide you his copy of CNIC and Visiting Card. I request you to please give him the cheque and official invoice will be sent to you within 2 or 3 working days from our Head Office.


Muhammad Samiullah
Manager Marketing

Authorised Letter for Cash Payment Collection

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sending our accounts executive Mr. Kashif Naeem (CNIC = 358497-486784-3) for cash payment collection for your ordered items. He will provide you the bill and receiving of the payment. I will be thankful to you.



Authority Letter for Documents Collection

The Bank Manager
Allied Bank limited
Subjects: – Request for Collect Form – E
Dear Sir.
Please behalf of our company providing us to 1 set of blank –E –Form. Ms. Ayesha manager of export is authorized to collect the same form –E on our company behalf is N.I.C No 36546-874567-7 –for your Information.
Muhammad Awais
Managing partner


I (Leonardo S/o Angel) having National Identity Card No. 00000000 hereby authorize Miss. Komal Rizvi D/o Rizvi Iqbal to collect a cheque of amount 30,000 on my behalf.

Signature: ____________

Leonardo Angel

NIC No.00000000

Cell No.0000000