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Application for Issuance of Bank Statement

Sample letter to bank manager for issuance of business account statement for your company records, transaction checking, and account balance confirmation of your company. Request to Issue Bank Statement Dear Sir, This letter is to request an issue of the bank statement for last month. I have undergone from many bank transactions last month and these […]

Bank Letters Business Letters

Bank Balance Confirmation Letter Sample

Sample letter for bank account balance confirmation for matching the company accounts with bank statement. Use this letter to confirm your bank balance of business account or personal bank account. For balance confirmation from your clients/auditors or for auditors other than the bank you can visit sample balance confirmation letter. Balance confirmation letter To, The manager, […]

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Balance Confirmation Letter Format

Sample Balance confirmation letter format and Payment confirmation letter for auditors from creditors and debtors. These letters are to cross check of payments to verify the true amounts/figures during a year, certain time period or one payment only. Visit here for Bank balance confirmation letter. Balance Confirmation Letter Format 1 Date:__________ To_____________ Designation Company/Organization Address City […]