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Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill

Sample notice to customer or clients for disconnection of service due to short of bill payments from company, factory, shop, sales and service center, franchise or any other business.

Notice of Pending Bill Payment

Mr. Shahid,
176-B, Model Town,

Subject: Release of payment


Dear Client,

This is to remind you that your dues for the month of April-June 2017 are pending. Your account number 11236783666633 has an outstanding bill of 17,820/- Rupees. You are requested to make the required payment latest by 15th July 2017, failing which your connection will be dismissed. Kindly take prompt action in this regard to continue enjoying our quality services.


World Call Telecom Company

Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Pending Bill Payments

Manager Shipments
Falling Food Co.
Main Boulevard,
DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you regarding your outstanding payment towards RCS as per account details mention overleaf. Please note that these payments are besides your last month invoice and are well overdue with respect to the agreed timeline.

You are requested to please clear the above outstanding by 13th Oct 2017, failing which, would cause the mentioned accounts to be blocked temporarily and your pick-up and credit facilities would be put on hold. Your account will be restored after you have cleared your due payments.

We hope you will clear your dues at the earliest. Please contact your respective RCS Representative for and clarification. Please ignore this letter in case you have already cleared these payments.


Asif Sultani
Manager RCS

Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill
Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill

Sample Cash Memo Format In Excel Free Download

Sample Cash Memo Format can be used as Cash Memo,  cash memo bill in shop and office. You can download this Cash Memo Format in MS Excel and can customize it according to your needs.

Cash Memo Sample


Cash Memo/Sale Tax Invoice


 Ibrahim Traders

Distributor: Company Name




POP Name



Cash memo No.






Unit Price


Price for GST (Excl Sale Tax)



Net Amount












LBS Herb









Cashmemo Basis Sub Total

Gross Sales Value Before Discount

Trade Discount- Scheme

Trade Discount – Others

Gross Sales Value After Discount

GST Consolidated

POP Signature

DSR Signature

Net Amount





Sr._____________ Date:____________
Qty Particulars Rate Amount $
Goods Once Sold Are Not Returnable

Image Sample of Cash Memo Format in Excel

Cash Memo Format In Excel Free Download
Cash Memo Format In Excel Free Download

Cash Memo Format in Excel With Auto Calculations


Usage Instructions:

Cash memo format includes item names, description, unit, unit price, tax, discounts and net amount with tax and without tax. It also includes approval authority signatures, logo of distributor and manufacturer and other details of the company like address, telephone and city with NTN number.

Just download the format in Excel and fill all the sections with your company information. Cash memo is ready.

If you couldn’t found the attachment please copy the above format and paste it in Ms Excel file. Your format will be ready to be used.

Sample Cash Memo Format In Excel Free Download

Cash Memo Format in Word Free Download

Sample Cash Memo Format in Excel With Auto Calculation

Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download

Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download is available in the attachment. This Payment of sales invoice automatically makes the calculations. You just need to put the Quantity/Unit Price and Paid Amount etc. You can also make changes according to your needs in attached invoice for download. You can download it from link provided below.

Sample Sales Invoice in Excel

Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download
Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download

Please download the invoice and change the header with your business details and terms & conditions for sale of items by your store at the bottom of the sales receipt. It is a ready for printing sales invoice you just need to put the sales items with their prices and discounts.

Download Links:

Payment Voucher Format in Ms Excel Free Download

Sample Payment Voucher Format in excel available for free download.  Please download the free format from links at bottom. You can use this as cash payment voucher or cheque payment voucher form company. You can customize it as per your needs. Best voucher for companies, factories, production units, mills, schools, colleges, universities etc.

Payment Voucher Format


(A Printing Services Company)


Voucher No:
Company Name: [ABC Co] Saturday, March 17, 2017
Payment to: MR……..[Reciever] CASH
Serial No Payment Method Reference No Description Amount (Rs.)
CASH Cash Paid to Mr….. For ………… $5,600.00
Total:- $5,600.00
Memo: FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED US Dollars Only———————–
______________ ____________ ______________ ___________
Received by       (Name & sign) Accountant [Prepared By] Accounts Manager                                       [Approving Authority] CEO/Director [Approving Authority]

Sample image of attached Payment Voucher

Cash Payment Voucher in ms Excel
Cash Payment Voucher in ms Excel

Payment voucher used to keep record of all the payments issued to clients, suppliers, employees for all purposes in the accounts department. For more payment voucher formats please use our search box.

Download Links:

Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download

Sales Invoice In Word Format available for free download. This is the best sales invoice template for selling goods from business, shops, stores, online stores and electronic shops. This invoice taken from an IT Company. You can view the sample below and download attached file.

Sales Invoice in Ms. Word


 Your LOGO
AMCY5 Business ServicesGrow Online with Microsoft receipt #Date: December 16, 2017
Flat # 3, 50-C-1, Faisal Town, LahorePhone +92 300 8477388, 042-6114209Email: [email protected]


sold to Name CompanyAddress Customer ID


payment method check no. job


qty item # description unit price discount line total
1 3 Development of Website: www.semioffice.com 2000 2000
Total discount
Subtotal 2000
Sales Tax
Total 2000

This sales invoice include three sections. First section includes Seller information. Second section includes Buyer information. Third section includes payment methods, Quantity, Description of items, Unit Price, Discount, and Total with Sales Tax deduction options.

Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download
Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download

Download Links: