Sample Employee Recognition Letter for Hard Work

Sample of appreciation letter to employees who work hard day, and night to make their company as successful as it is. It is because of these hard working employees that the company stand tall, and a letter will make the feel valued, and will inspire them to work even harder.

Appreciation Letter to Employee

To: Barbara Springer
West Los Angeles, California, United States

Dear Mrs. Springer,

I have noticed your work over the past few months since you have started working at West L.A. General Motors, and I have noticed that it is absolutely exceptional.You have sold more vehicles than anyone else within the same time frame; even the older employees.

I want to say that you have been doing an amazing job. You have been passionately doing this work as something you want to do, and not something that you haveto do.
Keep up the great work, we could certainly use more people like you here!

You can expect an increase in your paycheck starting this week as a token of my appreciation, and I expect that you will continue the same quality of work in the future.


William Cabrera
Manager at West L.A. General Motors, Inc.
West Los Angeles, California, United States

Request Letter for Mobile Phone to Boss

Sample letter requesting mobile phone from office for official use. You can request the cell number from office, and with a smartphone for calling clients, receiving calls of clients etc.

Request Letter for Mobile Phone to Boss

Dear boss,

I am writing to you because I would like to request to have a company phone.  My job requires that I use my own phone so that I don’t miss out calls for future potential clients. It means that I have to have my personal number, and give it to strangers. I don’t feel happy with this, and neither does my husband.

I also don’t feel that it is my responsibility to buy a new phone with new number as I will only be using this for business reasons. I hope that you will listen to this, and grant me this request as I can keep using my personal phone.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Reyna Bird

Request Letter for Mobile Phone to Boss

Respected sir / Ma’am,

I beg to say that, it’s been five years of employment has completed so, I think this tiny favor can be given to me, as I have lost my mobile phone I request you to buy me a new one. My performance is going well, so please accept my request regarding this issue. I am suffering from many difficulties due to losing my mobile phone. I will be very thankful to you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

X Y Z.

Complaint Letter for Harassment, Misbehave, Abuse etc

Sample complaint letter for the misbehavior of supervisor, boss, manager, bank manager, teacher, colleagues. Sample workplace harassment complaint letter to the director or writing a complaint about the employee. Sample letter to employer for unfair treatment.

My Manager is Harassing Me in the Office

Dear Madam,

My boss bothers me a lot. But now, he is harassing me by calling his office under the pretext of work. Yesterday He grabbed me and kissed me and tried to take off my clothes. And threaten to fire me if I tell anyone. He also claimed no one could say anything to him. “If you want more work, have sex with me,” he said.

And it’s tempting me to go out with him for dating. So please take immediate action and at least end all of our contacts and work relationships immediately so that I can avoid its degradation. Thanks.


Your Name

Email to Complaint My Manager Harassing Me and Having Sex With Me

Dear Sir,

My boss has been harassing me in the office and has even had sex with me. And it’s all happening in the office. He also threatened to fire me if I told anyone, and he would kill me. After the first time, he promised that he would never do it again, but he has become accustomed to my silence. And every day, he has sex with me inside the office. Would you please change my department and remove all our contact? I hope you take immediate action. Thanks


Your Name

Sample Workplace Harassment Complaint Letter Against Boss

Dear Sir,
I have worked in the creative department of your firm and doing well since I was appointed. But, for some time I have problem with the boss, as his behavior is very insulting, and sometimes harassing. He disrespects women even upon small matters, although I am very punctual and work very well. His behavior is terrible with the entire department. I wanted to bring this issue to you to take necessary action about this serious matter.
Best Regards,

Your Name

Formal Complaint Letter Against Boss

Dear Sir,

This is to draw your attention to one of the serious matters of our department that is creating lots of problems for the staff. As you know, I am working under the supervision of Mr. Adam, who is the Quality control Officer. Unfortunately, Mr. Adam’s behavior has been intolerable for a few days. Almost all staff members don’t like working with him, he is rude and aggressive, and on top of that, he thinks that he is always right. Often he calls the names of his subordinates and mistreats them.

You are requested to please look into the matter with your keen interest, formulate a committee that inquires the case imprudent way, and submit its recommendations that are in the department’s best interest.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Yours Obediently,
Your Name

Complaint Letter against Manager

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in the best of your health, and in a good mood. Sir, I have been working in your company in the marketing department for the past two years. The subject of my letter is a complaint against the boss of our department. I am writing this letter on behalf of our whole department. We are facing several problems as his behavior with us is very rude and nasty. We can’t concentrate on our work with his presence around us. He treats us like his slave, and we have no self-respect in his opinion. So kindly just change our boss, or at least warn him for future. Our department staff shall be thankful to you for this act.

Sincerely Yours,

Marketing Department

Application on the topic of complaining against my boss whose behavior is very bad with our department.

Dear HR Manager,

My name is William, and I work in the marketing department of the company. I want to bring this to your notice that our Head who has been newly elected is not behaving well with the staff. He is very rude, and sometimes he uses very harsh language, and this behavior is not tolerable as we people work really hard, and in return, we do not want to hear such abusive language. I am writing this letter to you so that you may confront him and ask him to change his behavior; otherwise, it is getting challenging to work in such an environment, and it is affecting our performance. Therefore, I hope you will take immediate measures to change his attitude.

I am waiting for things to go back to normal.


Application against Bad Behavior of Boss

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a diary clerk of the dispatch branch. We are 15 members of this branch, and I am writing this application on behalf of others. We have been serving your firm for the last fifteen years, and we had a great time with all the staff members. But I am sorry to say that the new boss is disturbing our reputable firm’s good image with his bad behavior and policies. The Head of previous higher management was so kind, and cooperative with the lower staff but the new one feels insulted to be polite with us. He often abuses us for nothing.

He is a man of pride and does not respect anyone of us. We tried to bear his rude, but our patience came to an end when he hit one of our members in the morning. We request you to advise him to mend his ways against such kind of misbehave. I am hopeful that you will take a batter step for the office’s good and friendly environment.

Dispatch Branch,

Complaint Letter for Harassment, Misbehave, Abuse by Manager