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Sample Business Proposal for Courier Services

Sample proposal format for courier services for clients, businesses, companies and firms to whom to want to offer your services. You can also use this letter for offering transportation services.

Proposal Letter for Courier Services

Subject: – Business Proposal for Courier & Logistic Service
Dear Sir,
This is with reference to discussion with Mr. Alex regarding courier/logistic services from OCS. I like to share company profile which would help us to increase our business relationship.
OCS (Pvt.) Ltd has been acquired by Muller & Phipps, serving in the sub-continent since, 1912 and contributing in the Distribution and Logistics business on the large scale with a yearly turnover of around 700 billion. Unilever, Samsung, Getz Pharma & Huawei are our major clients with the top Pharmaceutical Companies available in the Country. Having worked successfully in the courier and logistics industry for 27 years, OCS has amassed unrivaled operational experience and expertise. Following are some of the key strengths that make us such a viable partner for our diverse and valued corporate clients:
-  Worldwide direct network of 240 offices in over 100 countries
-  1500 locations served in Pakistan
-  250 Express Centers nationwide
-  10 major hubs in Pakistan
-  125,000+ pickups and deliveries per day
-  Dedicated team of over 1,800 employees
-  Extensive 1500 vehicle fleet
-  Over 1,145 couriers
-  Modern barcode and web tracking
-  Virtual private network
-  24-hour UAN 111-202-202
OCS takes pride in offering unique and customized solutions for any customer. Through a vast range of services that includes the efficient conveyance of express courier packages, secure transport of heavy freight, personalized gift delivery and many more, OCS offers its clients unrivaled diversity, reliability and expedience:
-  International Delivery Service
-  Domestic Delivery Service
-  OCS Road & Rail
-  Expressions – Premium Gift Delivery
-  Hand-Carry Service for Valuables
-  Overnight Express
-  Same Day Express
-  Sunday/Holiday/Time-Bound Service
-  Logistic Management Services

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for further queries.
Warm regards,
Ather Hafeez
Proposed Rates
Express Service
Weight Slabs Within City Same Zone Different Zone
0 to 0.5KG     14                 30                   45
0.5 to 1KG      30                50                   80
Each Additional KG 30    50                  80

Fixed Fuel Charges 15% in addition to above mentioned rates.
GST as per law.
Rs.100/- hand carry charges for flyer shipment
Rs.20/- per flyer.

Offering Of Automation Services to Esteemed Clients

Sample application format just to offer our candidature to client for automation services from our reputed engineering firm, IT Company, Industrial Services.

Letter for Offering Automation Services to Clients

The Manager Operations

Doctors Hospital,

35, Canal Road, Lahore

SUBJECT: Offering Of Automation Services to Esteemed Clients

Respected Client,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. Proudly we have included automation services in our company’s portfolio. So far, we went well in provision of security services to this hospital and surely we shall be offering these automation services with motto of total quality to our clients like this hospital. The detailed automation services brochure is attached with the letter. Kindly contact with our staff for any query and request of services. We shall be looking forward for your interest.

Best Regards,

The Services Department

Triple M Securities and Automations Pvt. Ltd.

Letter for Replacement of Products Found Defective

Sample Letter to Return the broken products, damaged products, dented products, Wrecked Products to supplier or store from where you ordered them. Request letter for replacement of damaged items.

Letter to Replace the Products

Dear Sales Manager,

I purchased a lawnmower last month from your company. When I started it and began mowing my garden I was surprised to see that the grass had no effect even after moving. The grass was as long as it was before. On inspection I was again surprised to see that the cutter was not rotating. So I request the company to replace such a product.


Saghir Ahmed

Rochdale, Uk

Letter Requesting Replacement Defective Product

Dear Sir,

Reference is made to my online request dated 23 mar regarding purchase of a cricket bat from your distribution point which was delivered on 26 mar at my residence through a courier service. Sir I want to bring in your kind notice that when I received the bat from courier agent it was fully and tightly packed and it was not possible at that time to inspect the product properly. Moreover I could not check it for further three days due to my business until the Sunday arrived and i unpacked it so that it could be used in the match. But as soon as I removed its packing I noticed a minute crevice just near the bottom part of the bat which shocked me a bit and it drove me to carry out a thorough inspection of the product and i found another very prominent crack just near its handle and which clearly reveals that a defective item was delivered to me. As per the warranty provisions of your company you are bound to replace such products with good one or refund my payment within one week. Hence it is requested to take appropriate action as per warranty rules.


Nick Golaza

Letter to Return Defective Product

Uzma food,Inc

AA road,Lahore

Dear Sir ,

We have placed an order of 100 furniture desk dated February 10, 2013 and shipment reached at 23rd march ,2013. As you know, it would spoil our reputation as shipment of 45 desks was found defective.

I hope you would take necessary steps to stop recurrence. We are keeping those desks at our store room.

We are waiting for your response soon as we believe it was in adventure mistake.

Yours Sincerely,


Sun Company


Letter for Replacement of Products Found Defective
Letter for Replacement of Products Found Defective

Product Replacement Letter to Customer


The ABC Company,

Respected Client,

We the management of your branch is actually hired few people for our organization which are really doing great job and giving great business to our company. This is for the first time that we have received a complaint and we highly regret for that and we assure you that we are not going to suffer with this kind of problem in future and we really apologize for our mistake. We are definitely going to replace that defected material and provide you with even better quality soon.

Hope you will remain our customer for life long.

Happy customer services.

Aysha Yasir

Office Closing Reason for Business Loss Letter Format

Sample letter of notification of office closing due to business losses to company employees, clients, customers and govt authorities.

Office Closing Reason for Business Loss Letter

It is to inform you that due to some heavy losses in the business we are about to close our office permanently. If there is any query regarding our organization then you can call on this no

Business Closing Letter Due to Losses

The Employees
Sobia Zahra Boutique

Subject: Closure of the DHA outlet of Sobia Zahra

Dear Employees,

I regret to inform you that our outlet of Sobia Zahra at commercial area DHA is permanently closing down as we have suffered great irrecoverable business losses over the past 2 years. All the taxes and bills against our outlet have been cleared and notices have been put up for the sale of this property. We are sorry to notify that your job here terminates in one month i.e. on 31st August, 2015. You are advised to hunt for new jobs or apply at our other outlets of our company.

We express our deepest gratitude to all our employees for their dedicated services at our outlet.


Mr. Zaeem Ullah Khan
Branch Manager
Sobia Zahra Boutique

Office Closing Due to Business Loss Letter Format
Office Closing Due to Business Loss Letter Format

Office Closing Reason for Business Loss

Respected Employees, we are unhappily informing you that we are going to close our office soon because of the huge loss; we have faced in last two months due to the mistakes of some of our employees. You will receive your pay of this month on 27th August. Sorry we have announced this on a very short period of time but we are helpless. Best of luck for the future


BYCO MINT (company’s name)

Warranty Letter Format in Word

Sample warranty letter format for selling electronics, construction material, mechanical items, electrical items and any other product that you want to issue with a warranty letter from your shop, company or issuer of the product.

Warranty Letter to Customers

This letter is to inform user about the warranty terms and conditions of our product. The product has a warranty of 2 years. Company is responsible any kind of problem in the product within two years of its purchase. Product would be replaced or repaired free of cost if there is any problem with its working, but under following conditions the warranty would not be provided

  1. The product was kept in a damp place.
  2. The product has being opened by any other person other than our companies technician.
  3. The product was exposed to extreme heat.
  4. Due to voltage of electricity the product system failed.
  5. The warranty card was lost or could not be presented to the company at the time of claiming the Warranty.

These were the terms and conditions of warranty.  We are sure that our product would provide you the comfort you wished. For any other information please call us or visit our website.

Warranty Letter Sample in Word

Basic terms and conditions to avail WARRANTY

  • It is certified that the (Company) is guaranteed for free repairs up to 2 years from the date of purchase against assembly/manufacturing faults. This guarantee is in-valid under the following circumstances.
  1. If the appliances is not used in accordance with the operational manual supplied by the company or any misuse.
  2. If the unit is damage after a fall or a shock.
  3. If dismantled or tampered with any way.
  4. Any fault occurred due to incorrect power supply.
  5. Commercial use of Cambridge appliances will void the Guarantee.
  • Under no circumstances, does the guarantee cover consequential damages.
  • No charge will be made for parts or labor involved: Only transport charges shall be paid by the consumer/buyer.
  • The Cambridge products are guaranteed to be free of all workmanship and materials defects. The guarantee cover free replacement of parts ONCE only during guarantee period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • In case of guarantee claims, please contact our authorized service dealers on following address.

Customer Name:___________________________________



Model No: _______________________________________

Cash Memo:______________________________________

Date of Purchase:___________________________________

Authorized Dealer’s Stamp:____________________________

Warranty Letter Sample in Word Free Download
Warranty Letter Sample in Word Free Download

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Rates Revision Sample Letter Format

Sample letter for rates revision format for business clients, customers, companies, hospitals etc. This letter is issued from a courier company for revising rates because of increase in expanses.

Sample Rates Revision Letter Template

Dear Sir,

We at SO strive to provide with maximum value for money, and shall continue to do so in future. However, in the phase of continuously increasing inflationary pressures and escalating utilities, transportation and HR cost along with other operating cost. We are forced to seek your cooperation in terms of rate revision.

SO however has gone the extra mile for our valued clients like you by so far absorbing the huge cost impact by itself.

Although, we are taking all possible measures to contain our costs, the increase is beyond our control and we seek your cooperation to manager this economic challenge. Price increase would be applied to your billing effective 1st Janurry

  • Rate Revision will be applied 15%
  • All existing terms and conditions would remain same

We thank you for your valued account and hope that you will understand the obligation of this price increase.

Yours truly,


Sultana Sami
Manager Business Development

Notice to Clients for Price Increase


Project Director,


Dear Sir,

With reference to the telephonic discussion with you over the price escalation I hereby requesting you to approve the rates that are submitted to your kind office bearing our letter dated 5th August, 2015. With the increasing price of construction machinery and material it is necessary for us to work on the present condition of the market. As it is stated in the current contract agreement that the Client will be liable of paying the escalation cost to the contractor at yearly basis. So it is advised to look the matter immediately and release the escalation amount so that further work to be carried out in time.

Project Manager,


Rates Revision Sample Letter Format
Rates Revision Sample Letter Format

Letter to Cancel Business Partnership

Sample letter to cancel, dissolve or terminate the business partnership agreed on a signed document. Termination of partnership also require many formalities which are mentioned in the partnership dissolving letter. If you are ending your business partnership due to personal dispute, business growth or financial problems then this is a best letter for you.

Letter to Dissolve Business Partnership

Cape Industries Co.,
United Kingdom,

Respected Sir,

I want to say that I want to cancel the business partnership with you as I am shifting abroad and I want to shift my business there too. So I want to cancel this partnership as I intend to create my own company there.



Sample Letter Terminating a Business Partnership

Mr. Daniel
Managing Partner
Tax-with Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Letter to Cancel Business Partnership

Dear Daniel,

It is pleasure to have very long business partnership of “Tax-with Pvt. Ltd.” with you. We both enjoyed this agreed partnership in terms of profit, growth, goodwill and our friendship. Now we are in good positions and having capital to manage separate businesses as discussed in our last meeting. Our partnership goes long even more than our agreement. It was just because of your goodness and competency.

As for as our personal relationship is concerned we are having some issues because of our employees, which have been resolved in the last meeting. Before we get into any further misunderstandings as likely to be aroused we must get it dissolved and we keep enjoying our friendship.

We can proceed to terminate the partnership agreement as defined in our first agreement. Which clearly define the terms and conditions for termination of assets, capital, employees and goodwill.

I will request you to please review our first partnership agreement before our next meeting scheduled on Tuesday. We will also sign a stamp paper after successful termination of our partnership agreement.

Even after separating the businesses I hope we will be good competitors and beat in market as we did in last two years. It was very nice experience of partnership with you and I will ever miss a very nice partner like you.

Best wishes for your success.

Thanks in Anticipation,


Letter to Cancel Business Partnership
Letter to Cancel Business Partnership

Letter For Stop Payment of Cheque to Bank

Sample letter to bank manager for stop payment of cheque issued to vendor, client or customers, company, business partner and likewise. Cheque payment can be stopped by sending a signed or stamped letter to bank or filling the form of stop payment provided by the bank. You can use this letter for lost cheque or cheque book to stop the payment of single cheque or cheque book or multiple chques.

Request to Stop Payment of Cheque

Branch Manager
Barklays Bank
College Road,

Subject: Stop Payment of Cheque No. 34563728

Dear Sir,
It is an urgent request from Slice Foods Pvt Ltd to stop the payment of cheque no. 34563728 against Slice Food’s Business Plus Account No. 4567392. We issued this post dated cheque two months back to Ericsson Pvt Ltd as payment of Food Packaging plant. But they do not deliver this plant within given date as per purchase terms of our company. We will inform you if we need to release the payment.

Thank You Very Much

Zahid Ch.
Director Finance and Bank Signatory

Letter For Stop Payment of Cheque to Bank
Letter For Stop Payment of Cheque to Bank

Write A Letter to Stop Payment of Cheque

Dear Branch Manager,

On behalf of “Semi Foods” I am writing to request for stop payment of our cheque number 657587484 issued against our company Bank Account Number 347-5748, SCB Model Town, Branch. This cheque was issued to our vendor “Hussain Printers” amounted $2000 and it was snatched on the road last evening from our employee. Meanwhile I am also reporting to police station for this incident. We will issue a new cheque after your response. I will be thankful for your cooperation.

Warm Regards,
Manager Accounts,
Semi Foods Ltd

Letter to Cancel Payment of Cheque

Dear Branch Manager,

We are maintaining our company accounts in your esteemed SCB bank DHA Branch since 20 years and very thankful for your great and timely services for See Foods Ltd. On Friday 5th September we issued a payment cheque to our supplier and they lost it somewhere. I request you to please cancel the payment of cheque# 657464746 titled “Rida Corporation” under our company account and write back for our record.


Sumbal Ashraf,

Director Accounts,
See Foods Ltd.

Request Letter for Business Partnership

Sample letter asking for school business partnership or education business partnership for multi purposes. This letter cab be treated as invitation for coordination in similer schools.

Education Business Partnership Letter


Subject: Request Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Sir,

AH Foundation is in a process to establish Independent Living Center for students with disabilities. We are in a process to establish links with organizations serving the special persons in education and welfare. For this purpose, we look forward to get connected for further link development.

Best regards

Name and Signatures

Request Letter for Business Partnership
Request Letter for Business Partnership

Invitation Letter for Business Partnership for fundraising of hospital or other events.

Business Partnership Invitation Letter


Subject: Invitation Letter for Visit

Dear Sir,

Hope you will be fine and doing best. We are really grateful for your time to visit us on a very short notice and thank you very much for inviting us to visit of BIT Hospital.

As per our discussion I am sending you this email. We are interested to Work Part Time with BIT Hospital to establish its fundraising department for more betterment in the Hospital. As per my discussion with my colleague the results would be more beneficial if we start it before Ramazan of this year. For a better fundraising campaign during Ramadan, preparations should be started as soon as possible. Because Ramazan is approaching.

Mr. Qadir today discussed with me to visit the BIT Hospital during this week. Surely we will visit it as soon as possible with the coordination of Mr. Qadir.

Looking for further discussions

Best Regards,

Name and Signature

Invitation Letter for Partnership of Business

To the General manager Cube pharmaceuticals

Dear sir , I am writing you this letter in response of the meeting dated 4/12/16 at your Perth office.

As per agenda the following points were discussed:

1). Merger of the brand name

2). Operations of the merger

3). Responsibilities and liabilities of both parties

Our board of governors discussed the three above mentioned points  during our general meeting this month chaired by our chairman Miss Rachel Green.

The Board of governors has decided that we should proceed with the merger taking your  proposals under consideration.  The board has demanded your financial as well technical bid along with list of your current assets so that we can further process your company’s value.I will be waiting to hear from you soon .

Yours truly

Chandler Bing
General manager
Highzed pharmaceuticals and instruments co