Application for Canteen Contract


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Letter to Principal for Opening a Canteen

The Principal,
Punjab School,
Valencia Town, Lahore.


With all due respect it is humbly submitted, we (Atiq Brothers) came to know from the campus Coordinator Mr Shafeeq Ahmed Butt, about the vacancy of a Canteen Admin aiming for Canteen Contract (session (Date)-(Date)) in your Valencia Town, Campus.

Sir, it is to highlight that we (Atiq Brothers) are already providing canteen services to Punjab School, Township branch from last 3 years. By Allah’s grace we have maintained a good standard of providing canteen services to not only Township branch of Punjab school but we are also providing canteen services to a chain of Educator school’s in different vicinities in Lahore.

Sir, our specialties include hygienic food delivery, variety of food items, On-time delivery, cafeteria cleanliness, and well behaved staff. We have Punjab Food Authority permit letter (Sr-No 330123), and Appreciation letter (ISO-(Date)) for maintaining our hygienic standards.  We are also providing catering for all school held functions, and parties.

Sir, kindly fixes a meeting schedule for us to visit you, and show your food brochure, and detailed package.  Looking forward for a positive favor to us over other parties.

With Regards,

Atiq Brothers
(Canteen, and catering services)

Application for Canteen Contract

Dear Sir,

It is stated that we are working for your office’s mess from last two years, and staff have no complaints from us, and we are providing quality food for all of you. I want you to extend my canteen’s contract. This would be a great source of pleasure for me.


John Alan

Application for Canteen in the Club

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I’ve come to know that you are going to open a canteen in the club. I’m willing to do that as I have a good team of people including cooks. I have even started catering business recently so I have some experience as well. I will be very grate full to you if you will give me a chance to prove. Thank you, I will wait for your reply.

Yours sincerely,


Proposal letter for school canteen

Respected Principal,

I am writing this letter to propose to you the idea for a new canteen.  Since the academic year has started, and we have many new students in our batch our old canteen has become very crowded. Lunch time is the same for all of the classes, and due to the numerous students we have to wait in lines for a long time. At times many students have to go back to class without their lunch which is very bothering. By the time we do get our turn all the food has finished, and we have to stay hungry for the rest of the day. This affects our productivity in class, and has a negative impact. I request you that the school has another canteen built so that it can become easier for students during lunch time.

I hope you will accept my request, and have a new canteen built. Thank you for your time, and co operation.

Best Regards,

Fatima Waqas

Year 8 student

10th October (Date)

Proposal letter for school canteen

To: Principal Engle — Gamma High School
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am writing to request a facility that has been requested by both students, and teachers alike. We want our school to establish a school canteen. This would be very convenient for everyone, as right now both students, and teachers have to go outside the school grounds, and go on long walks to get food during their lunch break. With a canteen, we can have snacks between classes to keep us going for the whole day.

I believe it is about time that we keep up with other schools, and implement a canteen, and I hope you consider my suggestion.

Thank you,
Daniel Tolbert
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Request for Opening a Canteen


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Application Set Up a School Canteen

Dear Sir,

We have been working under your supervision for a period of 2 years now. Recently, due to relocation of office premises to a more distant area from downtown we are facing difficulties to get quality food. Places nearby offer unhygienic food in a rather dirty environment which is deteriorating our health, and is also very expensive, and unaffordable in our salary.

Kindly, provide us with a canteen in the office premises to enable us eat healthy. It would also contribute positively to the overall work environment of the organization because sound bodies have sound brains, and good brains are a key in the development of an organization.

We hope that you will consider our request seriously.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Your Employees.

Request letter for Opening a Canteen

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you because I would like to put in a request at the local council. I am a store owner of a clothes shop in a small village. I would like to request to open a canteen next door to my shop. This will give the villagers a nice local place to get together, and have tea, or coffee this includes the elderly. It gives them the chance to get out their homes, and have somewhere to go. There will also be a corner especially made for the children so they can play safely.

This would be a good addition to the village it will give people the chance to talk freely, and have lunch, or dinner. Also it will get the younger kids off the street so they have somewhere to hang out, and have a smaller chance of not getting into trouble. I hope that you can grant me permission to do this as it would mean a lot to this small community.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sysco Ramone