Application for Change My ID card Photo

Sample application letter to change the photo on id card due to change in your look, personality, hairstyle etc. Application for Change My ID card Photo The Director Operations, National Database Record System. Dear Sir, It is submitted that I am a national of this country, and having national identity card by getting it from … Continue reading “Application for Change My ID card Photo”

Request Letter to add an Infant to my Ration Card

How to write application letter format for requesting to add infant on my ration card. Application for Adding Name in Card To Mr. Pollack Barkley, Secretary of Food, and Health Minister, Manchester, Great Britain Subject:¬† Request to add an Infant to my Ration Card Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to request you to … Continue reading “Request Letter to add an Infant to my Ration Card”

Application for Lost University ID card

Application for Lost of student card of University, College, or School somewhere, or snatched/theft. This is the request letter to report the misplaced student card to management, and application for re-issuance of the student card on priority basis. Application for Lost University Identity Card To Head clerk, University of Engineering & Technology. Subject: application for … Continue reading “Application for Lost University ID card”

Application of lost School ID card

Application to principal for lost of school id card with request of reissuing the school id card.¬†Complaint of School ID Card after losing it. Application for Lost School Identity Card Dear Sir, It is to inform you that I am your student of class 9th-A. The i.d card which the school has issued to every … Continue reading “Application of lost School ID card”