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Correcting Name on a Death Certificate

Wrong cause of death on death certificate. False death certificate information. How to change name in death certificate.

Correcting Name on a Death Certificate

Dear certificate office

I am writing to you because I would like to correct a name on a death certificate. A week ago my father sadly passed away at the age of 66 and my sister was given the responsibility of taking care of the death certificate with given all the right details.

I don’t know whose fault it is that the name is wrong on my father’s death certificate but please sort this out and correct it as soon as you can. I would very much appreciate this. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards

Mr. Ben Hay

Correcting Name on a Death Certificate

I’m writing this application so that I can request you to please correct my father’s name on his death certificate. His name is Michael Bridge, and on certificate Micheal bragde is written. So kindly correct this mistake done by your staff. It would be a huge favor.


Nail Michael

Correcting Name on a Death Certificate


Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Ali Haider and my father was admitted in your hospital for more than a month. Unfortunately, on 14th April 2018 he passed away. I requested for issuing his death certificate from hospital and got it just last week.

I am sorry to say but I am quite disappointed that the name on that certificate is not correct even though I filled the form correctly and double checked it too. His full name was Arsalan Haider but on the certificate it is Hamza Haider. I have to send that letter to his work place and bank too but I cannot due to the mistake on it. I request to kindly get the mistake on the certificate corrected and mail the certificate to me as soon as possible.

I have attached the scanned copy of previous Death Certification along with the corrections. You can contact me for any further queries or confirmation. I hope I will not have to contact you again regarding this


Ali Haider,

Contact _______



Request for Marriage Certificate

Sample letter to request marriage certificate from govt authority/ union council, district administration etc.

Request for a Marriage Certificate

The Pastor in Charge,
United Presbyterian Church of USA

Dear Pastor David,

My name is John Cena S/O Samuel John, resident of St. Marry Road, Chicago. I have got married with Julia Roberts D/O Robertson on 22-11-20XX at the Church; you were the pastor who has bounded us in God’s name. Pastor because of relocated from the previous location/house, we have lost the marriage certificate during shifting to our new house. I did not noticed but yesterday I went to change the name and address on identity card of my wife, they asked me to bring marriage certificate. They cannot change it without marriage certificate as a proof.

I request you to make a new marriage certificate so we can have it for future process/need. I am writing our names, ages, date of birth, residence address below. Hope to get a quick response from you.

God bless you and all the Church members.

John Cena

Marriage Certificate Application

Respected Registrar sir,

Respectfully, it is my humble request that kindly issue my marriage certificate as soon as possible. I got married 2 month ago and still did not get my marriage certificate. Hope that soon you will act upon my request.



Request Letter for Change of Name in Share Certificate

Letter format for change of name in share certificate.
Change of name in share certificate after marriage.
Affidavit format for name change in share certificate.

Letter Format for Change of Name in Share Certificate

Director stock exchange,

Respected sir,

With due reverence it is requested that I want to correct my name in shares certificate. I have recently bought a share in Tincoil Exports. I have also received the shares certificate along with it. However, my name on the certificate is not correctly mentioned and it can cause problems in future.

Therefore, I request for a correction in my name along with renewed shares certificate. I shall be very thankful to you.


Wilson frisk

Request Letter for Change of Name in Shares Certificate

The International Shares Officer,

Respected Sir,
I applied for a shares certificate here in your firm a few weeks ago. Fortunately I received my shares certificate yesterday. However there is one main problem in my shares certificate which is that my name in the shares certificate is incorrect. My correct name is (XXXX) but my name on the certificate is printed as (XXXX).

As you know I cannot participate in any trade activities at all with an incorrect name in my shares certificate. I request you to kindly correct my name as soon as possible and grant me a new shares certificate on the same address.
Thanking you,

Letter to Please Collect your Certificate

Sample letter to inform employee or student for collection of their experience certificate, school leaving certificate or any other letter.

Letter to Please Collect Your Certificate

(Enter Students Name Here),
(Enter Address Here).

This letter is to notify you that your request transcript and your school leaving certificate have been approved and are in the Main office branch of the school. You are advised to kindly collect your concerned certificate as soon as you can. Your certificate number is (xxxx-xxxxx).
You may contact the school management in case of any problem, Thanks.

School HR Office.

Letter to Please Collect your Certificate

Dear Mr. Smith,

We are so pleased to issue your experience Letter for Financial Accountant. It was so honoured working with you. It was delighted to have such energetic and competent accountant with us.

Kindly pick your letter from our office on Monday 28th.

Thank You

Letter to Collect Your Debating Certificates

Dear students,

We will be pleased to inform you that the certificates of debating championship have been dispatched today.  All of you who have participated in the debating competition and won the top three positions can now collect their certificates from student’s affair office from Madam Sylvia on Wednesday 22 April.

Student’s affairs manager,


Letter to Collect Matric Certificate

Respected Ma’am,

This letter is to inform you that, your matric certificate is printed, please come soon to collect it. Come in between 2 pm. To 6 pm and collect it from admission office, kindly bring your identity card and student card with you.


PSS (school’s name)

School Leaving Certificate Format

Editable SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE is required. School leaving certificate format english. School leaving certificate sample pdf. School leaving certificate format in word. School leaving certificate format free download.

School Leaving Certificate

Office of The Principal
The Response Public High School ,
New Street Market.

It is certified by this office that Mr./ Ms. Shaheen, S/D/O Shabbir Khan, Domicile No. 31X02-VSGG563-1 has been enrolled in this school  in Class 10th of 20XX, under registration no. XCSXE16. She has been found abiding by the all rules and regulations of the school and performed well in his academic and co-curricular activities at this school.

This school accepts her reason for leaving the school and recommends her for admission in any academic institution in the same grade.

Mr. Adeel Akhtar



Application for Permanent Residence Certificate

How to apply for permanent residence certificate. UK permanent residence card processing time. Permanent residence card uk 10 years. Sample cover letter for permanent residence application. Residential certificate format.

An application for Permanent resident certificate

The District Officer,

National Database System, New Delhi.

May 15,

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the subject request on account of eligibility of a job required by a government department in district New Delhi as I have been living here for last twenty year. Although, our native city is Madras but my whole family has been migrated to New Delhi, now.

It is therefore, requested that the permanent resident certificate my please be provided to the applicant.

Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Vijay Varma,

NIC No. 0000

House No. 12, Noor Street, New Delhi.

Application Letter to Submit Medical Certificate

Medical leave letter format for office. Sample letter for medical leave of absence. Sample letter for leave of absence from work due to illness. Medical leave letter from doctor. Excuse letter for absence due to illness. Medical leave letter for school.

Letter to Accept Medical Certificate

The principal, Oxford grammar high school, Florida

Respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I had a serious accident last week and I am not able to attend the college for 2 months as my leg is fractured. I have submitted leave application but according to the policy I have to submit a proper medical certificate for a long term leave.

I have attached a medical certificate by my doctor with the description. I request you to accept my medical certificate and grant my leaves. I assure you that I will keep my self-updated regarding course. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks


James David,
11th B

Application to Submit Medical Certificate

To principal,
James High School, USA

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to submit my medical certificate to you. From last one week I was absent due to accident which I had on last Sunday. That’s why I was unable to attend school.

Kindly accept my medical certificate and count my leaves as medical leaves.

Thank You for your time.

Yours obediently

Alyson Mark

Application for Character Certificate for School/College Student

Application for character certificate from college for job. Application for character certificate for class 11. Application for character certificate from police. Application for character certificate for class 10. Application for character certificate for class 6. How to write a character certificate of a student. Application for character certificate for class 5.

Application for Character Certificate for College student

The student Affairs department, Kingston College

Respected sir,

With due respect, I beg to say that I have applied to Oxford College and for applying process I have to submit certain documents including my character certificate from my previous institute. I have always been a good student with good academic background.

Please find attached documents needed for the processing. Kindly handover my character certificate as I am running out of the time. I shall be really thankful to you.

Yours obediently,

Salvy James

Application for Character Certificate for School

The Principal,
ABC School,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I have passed a-levels from your school in B grade this year under roll No. 12345. Now I want to get admission in university for which I need a character certificate from my previously attended school.

I request you please grant me a certificate of good character so that I may get admission in university. I shall be obliged.

Yours Sincerely,


Application for Character Certificate for School

To Principal,

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that I have been student in this school. I need my character certificate for collage, as it has been required with all other necessary documents.

Kindly grant me character certificate as soon as you can, so that I can apply in collage.

Thank You
Yours obediently

Bertha Paul

Application for Character Certificate from School

The Principal
Government College

Respected sir:

It is respectfully stated that I need character certificate for admission for undergraduate program.

I have been selected in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore, for which character certificate is required. I have to attach it with my documents. It is important document because from this, my character in college will be judged by admission office.

Kindly grant me character certificate. I shall be very thankful for this act of kindness

You’re truly

M.Fakhar Hayat

Application for Character Certificate for School Student

The Principle,
Allied School, Lahore

Dear Sir,

I wish to state that I am leaving for Saudi Arabia for the renewal of my Visa. As per the requirement, I request you to kindly grant me the character certificate in order to accomplish my visa process. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,


Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents

Sample letter or application to police for loss of documents/ certificates. Police complaint letter format by lost certificate. Complaint letter for lost wallet. Complaint letter format to police station. Application for fir in police station.

Application to police for missing documents

The sheriff, Station no. 12, Miami

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that my bag has been stolen from the metro station. I have lost my laptop, some cash and some very important documents. This happened yesterday evening when I was waiting for the train. 2 men with covered faces came and snatched my bag. I ran after them but failed to catch them.

I request you to take a quick action as those documents are really important to me.  I shall be really grateful if you take a serious action and help me find my documents and other things. I have also filed a complaint. Please take a quick action against my report. I shall be thankful to you.


Mr. Jack Jackson

Application to police for missing important documents

The In-charge,
Model Town Police Station, Melbourne.
May 11,

Respected Sir,

It is submitted that applicant is the resident of model town under your domain and needs your help in searching for my lost documents including ID card, passport and academic papers.

In fact, I had lost the papers in the event of job fair arranged by various companies at model Town Park, last Friday. These documents have a vital importance in my life and career as well.

It is requested that necessary directions may please be passed to the concerned officers so that I could find my lost documents as soon as possible.

Your help in this regard shall be highly praised.


Letter to Police for Missing an Important Letter

Dear police sergeant smithy,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss about my documents. The last few days have been very difficult for me as I have my case coming up and I have to stand up in front of everyone and tell them what happened to me. This alone is making me very nervous and the fact that you the police have lost some documents and most importantly a very important letter is making me even more stressful.

I want you to find these documents in the next few days meaning two days because in three days I am going into court and without that letter I can’t stand up and that means no case because I am the main witness. And that guy will walk free to commit the crime again. What that guy did was horrendous and he can’t be allowed to go free and do it again without punishment.

I hope that you do as I say and   find that letter. I would say that I look forward to seeing you next but I don’t so just see you in court.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Rita Ore

Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate

Sample application letter for requesting birth certificate from the union council or other issuing authority.

Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate

Mr. James
Municipality Officer

Dear Mr. James,

This is Anna from Birmingham and with due respect I am here to request you to issue my birth certificate. The reason behind this request is that I have got a job in the U.S Company which has asked me to submit my birth certificate along with other documents. Since I have to join them in coming month, so kindly consider my request as an urgent task. You can send my birth certificate through courier or can call me so I can collect it.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Anna Smith

Application for Birth Certificate Format

In charge
Birth Registration Authority

Respected Concern.

It is respectfully stated that I have got my child delivered at the ST. Porter Hospital tomorrow. This letter is to kindly register the child and issue the official birth certificate. Hospital documentation in this regard is attached with this application. Kindly process this document request urgently as I need the respective document to complete my family insurance document. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

NIC: XC342365

Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate
Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate

Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate

The Administrator,
Town Municipal Committee,
George Town, East Ayrshire.

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is stated that I am a permanent citizen of George Town and my family has been settled here since the last 35 years. I have decided to join the army after finishing my school but the army selection center is demanding my birth certificate to assure my citizenship. They have given me one week to bring the document to the selection center.

You are requested to issue my birth certificate to me within four days so that I might be able to present it in the selection center and secure my admission in the army. I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Thank you so much for your time.

Yours Sincerely,


Application for British Birth Certificate

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

I’m writing this application for my British birth certificate. I have already applied for the certificate for this purpose but didn’t get any response regarding this. I need my birth certificate, because I am applying for a visa for UK. I would be very thankful to you sir/ma’am if you make it possible as soon as possible.


X Y Z.