Application for Class Change in School


Sample application by teacher requesting class change because of education, experience, and qualification in other areas of education. Schools allow the teachers, and students to change the subjects, and class if they feel difficulty to teach/read particular subjects.

Class Change Application for Teacher

With due respect, I am Ms. Aaliya Amir, working in your school as grade 2 teacher. As I am new appointed at your school, and I had applied for primary level. I have attached the copy of my c.v along with experience letter to support my words that I don’t have experience to teach small kids.

Keeping in view the reason, I request you to change the class assigned to me so that I can perform up to the mark, and do my best. I hope that you will grant my request, and change the assigned grade level to me. Thanks for your consideration.

Warm Regards,

Aaliya Amir

Application for Class Change in School

Application for Class Change in School by Student

Mr. Nicholas Shawn
LSP High School
London, UK

Sir, I am Terry Kenton, and I am a student of 8th grade at your prestigious school. The reason behind writing this application is that I am not pleased with the schedule of lectures in my respective section. It is very difficult for me to study all the theory subjects in the second half of the school time as I am usually weary, and drained by that time. Therefore, I would request you to kindly allow me to change my class so that I can excel in my studies. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Kenton
Roll No. 112
8th grade

Request Letter for Changing Class Sections

The Principal,
Govt. Ibne Sina High School,
Airport Road, Sharjah.

Dear Sir,

With due respect It is stated that I have been studying under your kind control since last 5 months in class ICS-1 section B.
However, I’m finding it difficult to capture the teacher attention due to the class strength which is over 100 students at the moment.

Please transfer me to Section D where there are less number of students, and coordination with the teacher will be more convenient.

I will be highly thankful for this kindness.

Yours obediently,

Waseem Shaikh,
Class: ICS-1
Roll Number: 8987
Section: B

Request Letter for Change my Section

Respected Principal,

Sir, I am writing this letter to you so that I can share my problem those two weeks ago I had a flight with my class fellows that were unbearable they are now bullying, and teasing me after that. I want you to change my section because it is affecting my mental state. So please Sir it is a humble request to change it as soon as possible. It is affecting my studies too.

Hope you will discuss it with student council, and committee members too.

Hoping for quick response


Rehan Ahmed
Class 9th A