Application for Cleaning Water Tank

Sample application of writing a request letter to dispenser service providing company, and telling them that your tank needs a cleaning Application for cleaning water tank To: Bertha M. Fehling General Electric Heating & Cooling Ltd. Lincoln, NE, United States As of late, I have noticed that the water tank in my home has gotten … Continue reading “Application for Cleaning Water Tank”

Complaint letter Against Irresponsible Roommate

Format of sending a complaint to your headmaster, warden, supervisor about your roommate who has been proving to be a real headache to you. He/She is not acting his/her age, and making a mess for you. Complaint Letter against roommate To the Accommodation Office Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter of complaint regarding my … Continue reading “Complaint letter Against Irresponsible Roommate”

Notice on Cleanliness in Your Office Compound

Sample Letter to Staff Informing to Maintain Cleanliness with keep office clean notice, email to staff about office cleanliness, office cleanliness policy, office cleanliness rules, sample memo letter for cleanliness, sample letter to staff informing to maintain cleanliness, office clean up day memo. Letter to Employees Informing About Cleanliness Dear Staff Members, It is to … Continue reading “Notice on Cleanliness in Your Office Compound”