Farewell Speech for College Students by Teachers

Sample farewell speech for college, and university students by the teacher, professor, or lecturer. An advice, and farewell message to students of your college is available below. Farewell Speech for Outgoing College Students by Teacher Dear Students We are here together to celebrate the farewell ceremony of your graduation.  I want to congratulate all the … Continue reading “Farewell Speech for College Students by Teachers”

Leave Application for Admission

Sample leave application for admission in the college for further education, or admission of your brother in college, school, university. Leave Application for Admission in College Dear Sir, As per your advice, I am looking forward to improving my qualification. Luckily, Punjab University is offering weekend classes for MBA. Therefore, to take admission in this … Continue reading “Leave Application for Admission”

Letter for Rejoining School/College as a Student

Want to rejoin the school? Sample application letter to the principal, headmaster, or director for rejoining the school or college after you have been expelled from the college due to a shortage of monthly fees by the college administration. A sample letter to the principal for readmission is available below after your admission was canceled. … Continue reading “Letter for Rejoining School/College as a Student”

Application for Fee Waiver After Father’s Death

Want to write an application for a fee waiver due to the death of my father? Sample application for requesting full fee waiver from school, college, academy, or institute because of the death of your father or any guardian who was paying your educational fees. You can write this application for full fee remission or … Continue reading “Application for Fee Waiver After Father’s Death”

Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School

Sample application for issuance of duplicate school leaving certificate to the headmaster of the school in the private sector, or government sector. A school leaving certificate is a compulsory document to provide for admission when you change your school or college. This certificate verifies that you were the student at your previous school of a … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School”

Leave Application for an Accident By Student or Family Members

Want to write for leave after an accident? We are providing you a sample leave application letter for school, college, or university due to road accidents, and injuries on legs, arms, etc., with the request of bed rest. Accidental Leave by Student in School/College Dear Sir, I want to request one week’s leave (date to … Continue reading “Leave Application for an Accident By Student or Family Members”

Write A Letter To Principal Requesting For Admission

Sample application letter to principal, or head master for requesting admission in school, college after the admission date. Application Letter to School Principal for Admission The Principal,London Grammar School, Respected Madam, This letter is to request an admission in your institute. I have completed my secondary education from National Secondary School. I have attained six As, … Continue reading “Write A Letter To Principal Requesting For Admission”

Leave Application for Yesterday for Office/School

Sample leave application formats to submit after remaining absent from the office or school yesterday. You submit this application on the next day of your leave or after your leave from the office or school. Leave Application to Submit on Next Day for Approval of Yesterday Dear Sir, I could not come to the office … Continue reading “Leave Application for Yesterday for Office/School”

Sick Leave Application for Students

Want to write a sick leave for school? We are giving you sample applications for sick leave for students in school due to sickness, flu, temperature, cough, throat infection, headache due to injury, or any other sickness issues, etc. Sick Leave Application for School Dear Teacher, I want to inform you that I cannot come … Continue reading “Sick Leave Application for Students”

Farewell Speech by Teacher to Students

Sample farewell speech for students by class teacher, principal, coordinator, section head, in-charge etc for outgoing college students in English. Farewell Speech for Students by Teacher Good Evening, Dear Students, Two years back, you came to this prestigious institute as young enthusiastic girls, and today, you leave as mature women ready to face the real … Continue reading “Farewell Speech by Teacher to Students”