Request Letters

Letter for Flight Delayed Compensation to Airline

Sample application letter to airline for delayed flight compensation and refund of your booking amount or ticket amount due to delays or missing flights. Claim Letter for flight delay and insurance to airline company is allowed in international regulations. Letter to Claim Rebate from Airline for Delayed Flight Dear Sir or Madam, I traveled from […]

Office Applications

Application for Compensation of Expenses

Sample application to request for sharing of expenses or compensation of expenses by company or employer. This letter can be customized for compensation of any expenses from office. Application for Compensation of Expenses Dear Manager, This application is to request compensation of expenses. Due to none availability of residence in the city to which I […]


Compensatory Leave Application Form Format (CPL Form)

Compensatory Leave Application Form Format Free Download (CPL form) in ms word for office, business or factories. CPL Form is used to pay for overtime/extra working hours attached in word format.  Compensatory Leave Application Form Logo Compensatory Paid Leave Claim Ref: Company Name Date:   Employee Code:______Name:________Designation:__________ Department:______CPL Claim From(Date):______To____ Total:______ CPL Claim From Time(Time):_________To:_________ Total […]