Sample Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date


I want reply to interviewer that I am interested in your job, and ask about the interview date, and time. how to confirm an interview appointment by email.

Letter to Ask for Interview Time, and Date

Mr. Francis,
Recruitment Officer,
Group4 Securities LLC.


Please refer to the advertisement published in a local newspaper regarding the some vacant positions of Security Supervisors in your esteemed organization.

I received an email from your side last week, and I would like to apologize for a rather delayed response because I could not check the email due to my busy schedules.

However, I’m thankful for the interview invitation, and because of my keen interest in this job I would like to know the date, time, and venue of the interview as per your convenience.

Anticipating a positive response.

Best Regards,

Stephen Smith,
Contact No. 056…

Email Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date

Company name
Job designation

Respected sir/ madam!

Hope you are doing well. Few days ago I sent my resume to the email address mentioned on website to apply for the job vacancy. I recently got an email from your company telling me that I have been shortlisted for the interview but exact interview date time are not mentioned. I would be grateful if you can confirm the exact time, and date so I can come well prepared.



Sample Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date

Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date

With due respect, Miss Mahnoor Hassan, this letter is to inform you that your interview has been scheduled with our team head on the 25th of this month, kindly reach our office at 8 am. Please bring your CV, and national identity card with you.

For further details, and inquiries please contact our information head Bilal Jutt.
(Contact Number)


Masooma Sumro

Admission Confirmation Letter Format


Sample letter to students who submitted the admission form for informing them about the confirmation of their admission in school, college, or university, and academy etc.

Admission Confirmation Letter from College


Mr. James Peter

Birmingham, U.K

Dear Mr. James,

This is Jenny from Computer department Harvard University, I want to congratulate you that you have been qualified for BCS Admission, and you are requested to contact the administration department for further process. Your first semester classes will start on 1st of December. Kindly meet the concerned person for fee structure, and course details, etc. You are among those lucky people who have got the chance to study in such renowned university. Looking forward to your action against this letter, and hope that you will contact us as early as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Mathew

Senior admin manager

Harvard University


Admisssion Confirmation Letter Email


The concerned person, FC College Lahore,

Dear student,

We would like to inform you that you have successfully passed the entrance exam for BS in computing, and you have secured a seat in our department. You have all the rights to be happy for being a part of our institute. We would like to tell that the fee must be submitted by the given dates in order to reserve your seat. We wish you a good luck, looking forward for your arrival.


Academics office, Fc College Lahore

Admission Confirmation Letter Format

Admission Confirmation Letter Format


Mr. Alexander John,

Dear student,

I am very happy to break the news of your admission confirmation. You have scored well in the entrance exam, and have wonderful educational background. Many students have a desire of getting admission here but only those got admission which meets our criteria. Our institute will be pleased to have you, and students like you because the future of our country belongs to you.

I have attached all the other necessary details along with the application. Once again I must want to congratulate you, and your family.


Michael Jordan,

Admission Office Registrar

St. Louis College

Sample Letter for Booking Confirmation


Sample letter to inform the client that your booking is confirmed in hotel. Letter from hotel management to the client for the confirmation of the booking of hall for he has applied earlier. Sample Letter for Booking Confirmation from Hotel, Restaurant, Casino, Guest House.

Booking Confirmation Letter from Hotel

Dear customer,

This is Manager of Holiday Inn Hotel writing. You applied for the reservation of the large outdoor hall on 18th of June, (Date). It is to inform you that we have accepted your reservation for the large outdoor hall. Please confirm the following details. The hall will be booked under your name from 20th of June to 23rd of June. It has a capacity of 300 persons. Under reservation only dinner will be served. Also the refreshment will be served every four hours. Anytime apart from it ordered will bear extra charges apart from the booking charges. The hall opening time will be 9 am, and the closing time will be 9 pm. It is to inform you that the hotel management reserves the right to cancel this booking anytime required. Any loss that may occur during the event shall not be covered by the hotel management. The client will have to pay 50% of the payment in advance, and 2% of the payment will be submitted as security which will be returned when all the payment is made.

We look forward to welcome you on the upcoming day. We can assure you that the event will be carried out properly without having any issue, and you shall receive no complain from our side. We thank you for giving us such opportunity to serve you on a event.

Yours truly

Booking Manager

Sample Letter for Booking Confirmation

Letter for Booking Confirmation

The manager, Atlantic hotel, US

Respected sir

I am writing this letter to check the confirmation of my reservation for 3 days event taking place in your hotel. We have booked 8 rooms for our guests, and one conference hall for 2 days. As it is a big event so we are expecting perfect arrangements for the event. Please find the customized menu for the conference hi tea, and list of all the guests along with their relevant information. Kindly refrain from any sort of misunderstanding. You can directly contact our coordinator for further queries. Thanks


Team Management, Nestle

Letter From Hotel to Confirm Reservation


Mr. Sam Hood

Dear Mr. Sam, hope you are doing well. We have just confirmed your booking. Kindly reconfirm it to avoid any inconvenience.

1 x Double king size room

Breakfast included

1 x extra mattress

3 days, and 2 nights

We hope that you will have a great time with us.  We are looking forward to your arrival.

Best wishes

Manager, Sun lagoon hotel

Letter from Hotel to Confirm Reservation

To: Chase Irving
Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada

Dear Mr. Irving,

We wish to inform you that your payment has been received, and your reservation to book a room, and conference hall at Labrador Inn on November 1st, (Date) has been confirmed.

Have a pleasant stay,

Labrador Inn
Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada

Bank Balance Confirmation Letter Sample


Sample letter for bank account balance confirmation for matching the company accounts with bank statement. Use this letter to confirm your bank balance of business account, or personal bank account. For balance confirmation from your clients/auditors, or for auditors other than the bank you can visit sample balance confirmation letter.

Balance confirmation letter


The manager, HBL Lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect I am writing this letter to you to request you to check, and inform me the balance in my account as I have to apply for the visit visa for UAE, and for the visa process I need this information, your quick response will be highly appreciated, looking for a quick response from your end. Thanks.


Mr. Raza Khan

Sample Balance Confirmation Letter

The Branch Manager

Standard Chartered Bank

Shoukat Ali Road,


Subject: Request letter for bank balance confirmation, and Statement

Dear Sir, or Madam,

I, Mr. Shafqat Director Accounts Department at “SemiOffice.Com” writing to request you to issue our bank statement for the period of June (Date) to date against Bank Account No. 01-2060299-01, and title: SemiOffice.Com. We require the bank statement of this account on urgent basis for our Internal Auditors.

Our Account Executive Mr. Atif S/O Mr. Ahmad, CNIC 33302-4893478-9 will collect the statement before closing of the bank hours today (Date: )


Mr. Shafqat

Director Accounts


Account Balance Letter to Bank Manager

Barclays Bank,


Respected Bank,

Most respectfully, I want to say that I am not sure about my account balance. My account number is 456827480348. I want to request to get my account balance checked. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Customer,


Bank Balance Confirmation Letter to Clients by Branch Manager

Dated : 22-05-(Date)
It is certified that Mr. Muhammad Rehan is operating his Allied Business Account no. 0010006406400020 in our branch since 01-12-(Date). His Current bank account balance is Rs. 1000/- as on 22-04-(Date) at 05:20 PM. It is confirmed that there is no any outstanding balance in this account.

Muhammad Imran
Branch Manager

Letter for Balance in Bank Account

The Manager

Standard Chartered Bank,

Wales, United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,


I wish to apply for the confirmation of balance in my account, as I am the account holder in your bank, and have been using this account for seven years. As I have neither used a debit card nor internet banking therefor no able to find the details about my own bank account except to request you.

Moreover, the day before yesterday my brother had transferred an amount of four million to my account. I need confirmation of this transaction.

In the light of above, you are requested to provide me the details of my account in your bank.

Thanking you.

Bob Jakin

Bank Account Balance Confirmation Letter Format

Balance Confirmation Letter Format


Sample Balance confirmation letter format, and Payment confirmation letter for auditors from creditors, and debtors. These letters are to cross check of payments to verify the true amounts/figures during a year, certain time period, or one payment only. Visit here for Bank balance confirmation letter.

Balance Confirmation Letter Format 1


Subject: Balance Confirmation Letter

Dear Sir,

We confirm that Payment amounting to Rs. _________________ has been given by us to the [company name]. ( Use separate sheet for details in case of any differences.)

Yours Faithfully,

(Signature & Stamp)

Balance Confirmation Letter Format

Balance Confirmation Letter Format 2


Subject: Balance Confirmation Letter to Creditors

Dear Sir,

Our record shows that the [company] has received $36000/- as being donation from you during the year ended 30 June (Date). Please return the attached slip to our auditors [company]. Chartered Accountants, indicating whether, or not you agree with the amount shown above. In the event of disagreement please record the amount shown by your records, and provide our auditors with details of the difference.

Yours Faithfully,

(Signature & Stamp)

Balance Confirmation Letter Format


The Branch Manager,

XYZ Area Branch,

ABC Bank,

Manchester, UK


Subject: Confirmation of balance against my bank account


Dear Sir,

I am holding a bank account no. xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxx in your branch, and want to confirm my balance as on September 13, (Date). As I also use internet banking, and transactions are made during late hours as well, you are requested to issue this letter on September 14, (Date) so that the accurate figure may be mentioned. You are further requested to issue this information on bank’s letter head. I need this as document because it will be attached with a business document as a proof to save time later on.

Please issue instructions to dispatch this letter on my business address. It has always been pleasure to do business with ABC bank.

Best Regards,


Adam Smith

Business Owner

Balance Confirmation Letter to creditors