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Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health

Sample job application for public health jobs in private or govt sector by university graduates to send resumes.

Health Job Application Sample

Respected sir,
I am a fresh university graduate from Lahore. I have done my majors in environmental engineering. I have heard a lot about public health throughout my graduation. I am also familiar with the ongoing projects of the public health like restoration of city sewer lines, detailed food inspection of all hotels etc. I also did my internship in a sector of public health last year. I have read an advertisement in newspaper regarding the opening of jobs for faculty of public health organization. I would like to serve in the faculty of public health. My semester projects were design of water supply system, design of sanitary system and food inspection along with some short study on pharmaceutical studies. Also I have been among top 5 position holders of my department.
I hope that keeping in view my academic background and my interest, you will consider on selecting me as a candidate for faculty of public health.

Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health
Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health

Cover Letter for University Graduate for Faculty of Public Health

I saw this opportunity in the XYZ newspaper on Wednesday September 12, 2018. I have recently completed my BS in Public Health from the University of AAA. My GPA has always been above 3.2 for each semester with the CGPA of 3.58. My education and final year project makes me a best fit for this job.

Earlier in 6th semester, I did an internship with the SS Welfare Organization, an NGO that works to develop new projects for implementation in countries where health conditions of people are not good. Projects of this NGO were mainly in Africa.

During my final year project, I was the team lead of my project team and we did practical work of providing health facilities with the donation of CC Group of Companies. As part of project, we also included government officials with us and suggestions provided by our project team were so much appreciated that we had been issued a letter for applause from ministry of health. Furthermore, our suggestions are under consideration for implementation by the government department.

As mentioned above, my experience, expertise and education make me a best suited candidate for this position. I would request a meeting at any time that you find appropriate so that we may discuss the requirements.


Thank you,

Best Regards,


Stacy Sutton


Cover Letter Mechanical Engineer for Free Download

Sample cover letter for mechanical engineer available for free download to send engineering resumes and to apply for engineering jobs advertised in newspapers, on websites, classifieds or on notice boards.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Entry Level

Respected Sir,

Hope this letter will find you good. In response you to engineering jobs advertisement for fresh engineers I am pleased to send my resume with educational documents. Recently I completed MSc Engineering from UET with 3.9 CGPA. As per job advertisement I assure you that you will find me most suitable candidate for the vacant positions.

I have three months of internship experience from NES which was a part of my degree. I am very talented, committed and rich with knowledge to start my career as mechanical engineer.

I request you to please allow me to appear in the interview and test. I will be thankful to you.



Application for the post of Fresh Mechanical Engineer

ABC Private Limited
Human Resource Department

Respected Human Resource Manager,

I would like to apply for the role of Fresh Mechanical Engineer as advertised on Jang Newspaper on 10th July, 2017. I have been graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore since June 2017. The four years degree program in this institute, provided me an opportunity to groom in an effective manner; the way how to set your goals and achieve your targets; a platform where you can change orthodox mindset into productive thinking and curricular as well as extra-curricular activities help me to enhance pragmatic knowledge and boast my confidence. Moreover, during the Engineering, I also get a chance to do internship in two industries, where I learn how theory applies into system for optimizing the output; the technique which is used to design a particular product; the interaction of higher hierarchy to middle and middle to lower level and a complete web of different departments which are aiding each other in order to improve the efficiency of company. In a nutshell, this type of experience is totally unique for me, and add color in my skills.

Furthermore, I am an optimist, Problem solver and able to apply statistical methods in order to ameliorate manufacturing processes and enhance production standards. My core subjects are Machining Processes, Production Tooling and Design, Quality Management System, Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. I have command on Solid Works, AutoCAD, Mat lab and Ansys. I would like to get an opportunity of interview in order to flex my muscles regarding skills and capabilities. In the end, I will expect a positive response from your side.

Yours Sincerely,
Applicant’s Name

Cover Letter for Mechanical Engineer
Cover Letter for Mechanical Engineer

Cover Letter Civil Engineer Free Download

Sample cover letter for civil engineer is available for civil engineering jobs, civil engineering internships, civil engineering vacant positions to apply and send resumes.

Civil Engineer Cover Letter

Respected Manager HR,

It is a pleasure to send my resume for the vacant positions for your new project advertised in the newspaper on Sunday 12th April. I am MSc in Civil Engineering from the UET and three years of experience at Deskon Engineering and National Engineering Services.

I am very good in communication, coordination, presentations, reporting and hold excellent interpersonal skills with hard working attitude. I also have many achievement during the employment and I can face any all the challenges on the job. My document to support this job are attached with this letter.

I request you to please review my resume for my educational and life time achievement till today. I will be very thankful for an interview call. Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,


Yousaf Khan

Job Application Letter of an Engineer


Subject: For the post of civil engineer

Dear Sir,

With reference to subject cited job in your company and the advertisement posted in this Sundays’ newspaper. I would like to know that my services are available for the mentioned job in your company any time your company wants me to join.

I am a civil engineer graduated from a top university. I graduated in 2011 and working till now and having four years of field experience. Currently I am working as a junior engineer in structural design department in a construction consultancy company that provides both design and supervision services to the clients. It is a multinational company that requires great skill from their employees.

My work here is to design feasible structural elements so that it is economical and bears the imposed stresses on them without any kind of failure. I have been working here for two years and having a sufficient experience required by the mentioned job. working here I have mastered the structural designing software that are essential nowadays for effective structure designing. These software helps in quick performance and reliable outcomes.

I have worked at site for two years with the previous company as a site engineer and also having two years of execution experience. I consider myself perfect for the mentioned job as it includes design and site visits to check the execution at periodic basis. During this tenure I have been able to learn how to execute the plans that are drawn at designs without any mistake. I have learned to manage site and activities effectively. I have learned material testing and to achieve fast pace of work by managing resources effectively. I have the versatility for this job that makes me different and stronger than other applicants.

I hope that you find me sufficient for this job. find here enclosed my CV for further credentials.

Looking forward for an interview with you.

Thanking you and regards

Cover Letter for Civil Engineering
Cover Letter for Civil Engineering

Cover Letter for Electrical Engineer

Sample cover letter for electrical engineer is available for download. This cover letter can be used to apply for engineering jobs in govt sector as well as private sector.

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to send my resume for the advertised job in Newspaper and at company’s official website for consideration. I have done MSc Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology with 4 CGPA and earned 2nd position in the university.

Right after the studies I have completed one year of Internship in Railway and and three months of job experience in a local powerhouse.

I am very devoted and hardworking man with a pleasant personality and excellent communication skill in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. I request you to please provide me a chance to appear in the interview to prove myself a best candidate for the advertised engineering job.

Sincerely Yours,

Adnan Anwer

Encl: 1-Resume

Job Application for Electrical Engineer with Experience


The HR team, Nestle technical Department, UAE,

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to say that I have seen your ad for the post of an Electrical Engineer, I would like to tell you that I have done my BS in electrical engineering and masters in the same field. Sir I have 5 years of experience as assistant engineer tech department. I have attached my resume and transcript along with this application. I would like you to review my resume and give me a chance to serve your firm, looking forward for a positive response. Thanks.


Mr. Ali Kahn


Cover Letter Electrical Engineer For Free Download
Cover Letter Electrical Engineer For Free Download

Job Application for Employment at a Mall as Electrical Engineer

The Manager Operations,

Emaar Mall Group,

Satwa, Dubai.

Dear Sir,

I have come to know through a reliable source that you are in need of Electrical Engineers to be posted at the newly opened Mall in Lakes View, Jumeriah area.

I would like to present my services against this position as I have 6 years of working experience in the same capacity as Electrical Engineer at Abu Dhabi Mall and have been awarded the best technical staff for two consecutive years.

Please find a detailed CV and consider me for the aforementioned position.

If selected, I assure you of my complete dedication to satisfy the seniors.

Best Regards,

Satish Shukla

Electrical Engineer

Sample cover letter for electrical engineering fresh graduate. Electrical engineer cover letter doc. Cover letter for electrical engineer entry level. Cover letter for engineering fresh graduate.

Cover Letter for Electrical Engineer Fresher

Respected Sir,

I have done my electrical engineering from UET in 20XX and got 3.87 GPA. As I’m a fresh graduate and I know you won’t trust my skills and my education much but still I want to apply for this job to prove that fresher can do great as well . So please accept my application and call me for an interview. Trust me you won’t regret after that.



Job Application Letter for Electrical Engineer without Experience

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for an electrical engineer position. I am a fresher just out of college. I do have the qualification needed but I don’t have the experience. I just need someone to give me that chance to gain this. I am a very good hard worker I learn fast and I love to challenge myself. I am very motivated and determined to succeed as I enjoy this career and am something that I would like to do for years into the future. I hope that you would give me this opportunity and help me climb the ladder to succeed. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards

Mr. Jack

Job Application Letter for Electrical Engineer

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I’m a fresh graduate of electrical engineering. I’ve completed my degree with 3.9 GPA and topped the whole batch of 20XX. As I’ve no work experience before so I want this job. It will be a huge favor for me. I hope you will complete my request.



Nick Nail

Career Change Cover Letter Examples

Sample cover letter to change your profession within the same company but different department in companies, banks, factories, mills and production units etc.

Cover Letter for Career Change

Dear Madam,

I am Urooj working in Sales Department since one year on behalf of my graduation degree. I want to inform you that I have completed my Masters Degree in Business administration with specialization in marketing and now I am writing to request you to please change my department from sales to Advertising and Creativity. I chosen Advertising as my specialization subjects because of my keen interest in this field and specially advertising was most interesting for me.

My friend from Marketing Department told me yesterday about the vacant position and I believe that I am the most suitable candidate for the vacant position. I am also ready for interview for vacant position in the advertising department if the management will be agree. I also checked the company policy and there will be no hurdle by company laws for changing my job and department. Looking for your kind favor and approval. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Sales Associate

Application for Job Change

Dear Ms. Samreen Fatima,

I am Sana from Marketing Department working as Marketing Associate since four months. My educational specialization is in accounts because I have done M Com. I am writing to request you to please change my job from marketing to accounts department. I assure you that I will work very efficiently and effectively on the new designation of Accounts Associate.

Thanking you,

Sana Fatima

Cover Letter for Career Change for Download
Cover Letter for Career Change for Download

Job Application for Data Entry Operator

Sample job application for data entry operator in companies, offices and organizations. This job application can be used for any data entry position after customization with your personal details like education, experience and other information.

Cover Letter for Data Entry Operator Job

The HR team, Netflix office, LA

Respected sir,

With due respect I wanted to tell you that I have come to know that you are hiring data entry operators. Sir I have done computer course and I have 2 years of experience in the relevant field. I shall be really thankful to you if you will consider my request and give me a chance to serve your company. I have attached all the required documents along with this application. Thanks.


MR. John R, LA

Job Application for Data Entry Job with Experience

Ms. Rebekah Radice
Director Foreign Affairs
East London Editors,
Leads Office,
United Kingdom.

Dear Rebekah Ra-dice,

I came to know from a newspaper ad for job of data entry in your precious organization for experienced personals with multi-language expertise. After reading the detailed job description I am writing to apply for this data entry position vacant and sending my resume with this letter for review.

I have two years of data entry experience in a multinational company in four languages with A-Grade type speed. My multi-language data entry experience and graduate degree in linguistics from a well know university makes my profile unique as per your requirements.

My expertise are not just in data entry I am language specialist and can make editing, grammar corrections, sentence corrections and much more an editor can do.

I assure you that I am the most suitable candidate for this data entry job and looking forward for a chance of face to face interview to explain little bit more about myself and skills. Please find the attached resume for my other details like education, experiences, hobbies, interests and interpersonal skills.

Sincerely yours,

Petina Phelps

Data Entry Job Application with no Experience

Dear Madam,
With reference to the post of your official facebook page for the post of data entry operator I am sending my resume to consider for this data entry job. I have one year work experience of data entry operator as per your requirements.

Please check the attached resume for details about myself. Thanking you.

Data Entry Job Application Letter for Odesk and Freelancer

Dear Alezbith,

Hope you are doing well. With reference to your Data Entry Job Ad at Odesk please review my profile page at Odesk  ……………. to consider me for this job.

In short I am experienced and competent Data Entry Expert in many languages including British and American English languages with a high profile rating/rank at Odesk.

My per hour working rate is already competitive and can be negotiated if your are interested after reviewing my profile ratings. Looking for your feedback and response to my email.

John Green
New Jersey, USA

Data Entry Operator Cover Letter for Job
Data Entry Operator Cover Letter for Job

Cover Letter for Supply Chain Manager

Sample cover letter for Supply Chain Manager, Executives and directors available for free download. This letter can be used for any post related to supply chain management with minor editing in the text body.

Cover Letter for Supply Chain Analyst

Dear Sir/Madam

It is being meager in consideration that I am eager violently for a reputed chore in a progressive FMCG, which can use my analytical, interpersonal, communication skills and obligation to perform quality works.

I enclose my resume, providing you with in-depth information on the time I have spent in acquiring these competencies. I can provide strong leadership in Supply Chain affairs because of getting a first class degree in the same discipline, by having an overall understanding of marketing sector & because of having a keen desire to work in the same organization.

I have strong communication and administrative skills. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for this position I would appreciate and request you to call me shortly so that you can experience my skills on first-hand basis.

Thank you for your time & consideration.


Adul Rehman

Cover Letter for Supply Chain Manager Job

To Whom It May Concern

With Reference to your advertisement in the “Roznama Jang” daily newspaper on Sunday Dated: –:–:–. My qualification is MSc in Supply Chain Management from Manchester University UK and I have 5 years of experience in this field with Unilever. My resume is attached and I request you to consider me for the interview.

Sincerely yours,

Safina Ghaffar

Job Application for Supply Chain Manager

Dear Manager HR,

I came to know from a direct email from your company about the job openings for Manager Supply Chain Management. As per job description I am perfect match for the said position. My resume and experience certificates are attached for your review. Looking for an interview call to meet you in person to show my skill and abilities for this post.


Beenish Sattar

Job Profile and Description for Supply Chain Manager

All the details for job profile and description of Supply chain manager will be available soon.

Job Application For Social Media Manager

Sample job application for social media officer and digital marketing manager with experience available for free download. You can customize your social media experience and ad networks where you have worked.

Cover Letter for Social Media Manager

The General Manager
Stream Media Pvt Ltd

Subject: Application for the Post of Social Media Manager

Dear Sir,

Having known through reliable resources, there are some vacancies of Social Media Manager under your kind control. I offer my services as one of the candidates. I assure you of my hard and devoted work at all times.

Hard copy of my resume is attached herewith for your kind consideration. In case you need any more information, I shall be glad to furnish you with.

Hoping for a favorable consideration of my application

Yours Truly,

Umair Basit

Applying for Social Media Job


Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am interested in the job of a Social Media Manager you have announced. I want to apply for the job as I have a degree in Mass Communication and I believe I will be able to handle it well. I request you to please provide me the job. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Social Media Manager Job Application Sample

Dear Ms. Saba Chaudhry,

Referring to your advertisement in Sunday Newspaper for the post of Social Media Manager and Officer vacancies. I have experience in social media for promotions, Facebook page management, postings, user engagement, twitter posting and followers and Google plus page promotions, followers and have worked with many other social media platforms.

Please find my educational and experience certificates with details of my achievements. I can do for your company more than your expectations.

Please give me a chance for interview and I assure that I will be the best person for this post.

Sincerely yours,


Cover Letter for Social Media and Digital Marketing Job

Dear Mr. Ahsan Ali,
Through some reliable sources I have come to know about the vacancy for the post of Social Media Manager in your organization is available. I am a capable person and my interest is in social media services as I did my Masters in Journalism and media as well in mass communication.

I have experience of working in social media services with various famous brands for their promotions. I have been in this field since last four years and did perform very well. Recently, I am working with stylo shoe brand I am seeking for better opportunities in future and I am eager to join your organization and want to show my capabilities and skills. I do work with devotion and responsibility and able to work under stress conditions.

My resume along with documents is attached with the application, which will further give details about me to you. My services will purely for organization’s benefit. I will be pleased to get a chance from your side and I will avail it and prove myself to be a diligent person for your organization.
Yours truly,
Basit Hussain.

Job Application For Social Media Manager
Job Application For Social Media Manager

Covering Letter for Fundraising Position

Covering Letter for Fundraising Position as Director, coordinator, manager and executive.

Covering Letter for Fundraising

Dear AHF Team,

I trust this e-mail shall find you in good health.

I am interested to join your team for marketing and fundraising.

I am a business graduate and have more than 12 years of professional experience in marketing and corporate relations. I also worked as Product Development Manager at the marketing and resource development department of SKMT.

I took executive education in marketing at renowned universities including University of Westminister London, LUMS Lahore, and IBA Karachi.

I believe I can add value to the organization as my qualification and experience is well aligned with the requirement to achieve the organizational objectives. Please find attached my resume.

I shall be looking forward to hear from you.

Yours truly,


Covering Letter for Fundraising Position
Covering Letter for Fundraising Position

Application For Fundraising Manager

Dear Madam,
I am writing to apply for the post of Fundraising Manager advertised in newspapers on sunday. I have four years of fundraising experience in hand with business studies from a leading university.

Please find my resume attached with more details of my experiences, achievements and skills. I also request you to please give me a chance to present myself in an interview for discussions that how i can add more from my experience to your fundraising department. Looking for your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Talha Razzaq

Cover Letter for Fundraising Position

Designation applying for: Fundraising committee chairperson assistant

Respected Hr Manager!

I have seen the advertisement that your company posted in the news paper about needing a new team to form a fundraising committee for the new clean water initiative. I have read the requirements that you mentioned and I think I am the man you are looking for. I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and I have been practicing in my field for more than three years now. I have also previously worked with a few Ngo’s on project basis contracts.

While I was working there I made contacts with some really important and influential names. I am sure if you will need funding for such an important issue they will be pretty generous to help. I have attached my certificates and reference letters with this cover letter. Hope you take a look at my application and find something of your interest in it.



Cover Letter for MBA Marketing with Experience

Covering Letter for MBA Marketing experienced graduate professionals from universities.

Job Application for MBA

Respected Sir,

With reference of our telephonic conversation today, I am sending you my CV for job MBA Marketing in your company.

I have MBA Majors in Marketing and having working experience of marketing, sales and management.

Considering my qualification and experience I am looking forward for an interview to further prove my potential for the said job.


Mujtaba Abbas

 Sample Cover Letter for MBA Marketing

To Whom It May Concern

I am Waseem from Lahore and I need a job. I can work in pressure situation and I am capable to handle any difficult challenge.
I am 32 years old and My qualification and fields of work are as under:

MBA (Marketing and finance) 20XX
• MA (English Literature) 20XX

Worked in Fields

• Marketing & Sale
• Subcontracting
• Store & Procurement
• Contract and Claim Management
• Construction and Project Management
• Bidding & Proposal
• Human Resource Management
• Accounts & Finance Management
• Management

Please reply me on my email.


Cover Letter for MBA Marketing with Experience
Cover Letter for MBA Marketing with Experience

Cover Letter for MBA Marketing

The Human Resource Manager,
Paradise Trading Company

Respected Sir,

I am pleased to know that you need a Marketing manager in your company. I want to join your company at this designation as I believe I am a suitable candidate for this job. I have a Master’s degree in business administration with major in marketing from Stanford University. I have been a high achiever in my academic career and was able to take a gold medal.

I started my professional career as a marketing executive in a well reputed public limited company and served there for two years. I have been a regular contributor to their marketing strategies. I was awarded with the high achievement award by my employers. I am a hardworking, self-motivated individual and I love to work in fast paced, multidimensional environment with difficult goals to achieve. I have adept knowledge of the market and I am familiar with innovative marketing techniques.

These are exactly the same traits you are looking for in a potential employee. Therefore, I request you to consider me for this position. My resume is enclosed with this letter for your review. I hope to meet you in person to discuss it further.