Application for New Electricity Meter Connection


Sample application letter to apply for a new electricity connection for your home, company, office, factory, production unit etc.

Application for New Electricity Meter

Dear electric company,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a new electric meter. I need this because the connection to my current meter is very bad, and is costing me more money than it normally does. I go to the shop, and put money on the key, and insert it but it always say nothing is on it, and when it does it uses the money faster than before. The date on the meter box is (Date), and now it is ten years later this connection is quite old, and needs to be changed.

This is your company, and so it makes it your responsibility to automatically come out, and change it. I shouldn’t have to wait for me to tell you to come out, and change it. I hope that you will take action, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ed Sheeran

Application for New Electricity Meter Connection

The manager, Miami electric supply, US

Respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to tell you that I have bought a new apartment in downtown, and I want an electric meter there as it is not provided yet. I want you to process my request on urgent basis as I have to shift there by the end of this month along with my family. I have attached the details along with this application, and I have also submitted the fee for new meter, the receipt is attached as well. I shall be really thankful for a quick response considering my problem. Thanks.


Mr. Alex Mart, Miami

Application for New Electricity Connection

The Division officer
KY electric company

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to state that I have just moved the area 2 days ago. My new home has been constructed recently, and has no electricity connection yet.

It is requested that a new electricity meter connection be granted to me so that I can enjoy my day to day routine.

Thank you very much in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Kamath

Sample Request Letter Upgrade Internet Connection


Sample application letter to Internet Service Provider for up-gradation of internet connection in your office, home, company, or factory.

Email Letter to Upgrade Internet Connection

Mr. Sam

Wateen Communications


Dear Mr. Sam

This is Anna from New York, and I am writing to request you for an up gradation in the internet connection. I was happy with old package as it did well. But, now I have to do my thesis work which requires extensive research on internet. So, I want to revise the old package, and want you to change it from 20 MB to 60 MB, Kindly consider it an urgent task, and proceed further to provide me my desired service. Hoping for a quick response from your side,


Anna Michel


Request Letter Upgrade Internet Connection



Respected Internet Operator,

It is to request you that the internet connection we have in our office has expired due to the launch of an upgraded version in the market, and due to that the internet signals are also coming very low. I want you to upgrade the internet service in our office so that we can have better quality signals.

Your Customer,

David Hume

Email Letter to Upgrade Internet Connection

Request Letter Upgrade Internet Connection


Mr. Peter,


Respected sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am using your internet services for a while, and been satisfied with your services. My work on internet is frequent, and users are also more for that I have to use it fast. I am currently using your basic internet package which includes a limited bandwidth, and the speed does not meet my requirement. I would like to upgrade my internet connection from basic package to advance package, and willing to pay the extra charges as per your package charges. The change of package should be implemented from the first day of next month. My customer ID number 12345, and ID is 12345.

I hope to enjoy your services in future as I have been enjoying till now. I would be very thankful to you.



Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill


Sample notice to customer, or clients for disconnection of service due to short of bill payments from company, factory, shop, sales, and service center, franchise, or any other business.

Notice of Pending Bill Payment

Mr. Shahid,
176-B, Model Town,

Subject: Release of payment


Dear Client,

This is to remind you that your dues for the month of April-June (Date) are pending. Your account number 11236783666633 has an outstanding bill of 17,820/- Rupees. You are requested to make the required payment latest by 15th July (Date), failing which your connection will be dismissed. Kindly take prompt action in this regard to continue enjoying our quality services.


World Call Telecom Company

Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Pending Bill Payments

Manager Shipments
Falling Food Co.
Main Boulevard,
DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you regarding your outstanding payment towards RCS as per account details mention overleaf. Please note that these payments are besides your last month invoice, and are well overdue with respect to the agreed timeline.

You are requested to please clear the above outstanding by 13th Oct (Date), failing which, would cause the mentioned accounts to be blocked temporarily, and your pick-up, and credit facilities would be put on hold. Your account will be restored after you have cleared your due payments.

We hope you will clear your dues at the earliest. Please contact your respective RCS Representative for, and clarification. Please ignore this letter in case you have already cleared these payments.


Asif Sultani
Manager RCS

Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill