Letter to Embassy for speeding up the Partner Visa Process

This letter can be used to sent to an embassy to speed up the Visa Process of their partner. You can modify the below sample according to your needs and situation.

Letter to Embassy for speeding up the Partner Visa Process

The Australian Embassy

Address of embassy


I am writing this letter with due respect and bewilderment. My partner’s visa application is under process under the application number (mention the application number. We have been waiting for Visa since a while now. Her all the documentation are complete. We are married since two years now and I have a permanent job and residency in Australia, Sydney. We have submitted the application 3-4 times but the embassy keeps on delaying the Visa process.

Our all the documents are cleared and attested. All the blood tests are done and are clear. Even a friend of mine who applied the Visa on the same date with same documents and case got the Visa 2 months back where as embassy keeps on delaying my spouses’s Visa. We are facing a lot of financial as well as family issues due to the delayed Visa. Like this, we have to run two homes simultaneously. She does not have anyone to take care of her back in home country.

Therefore, it is requested to please speed up the Visa process as we are going through a lot of issues. I am anxiously waiting for your reply. I hope you will reconsider my application. Thank you!

Best regards,

applicant name


contact number