Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Employee, Teacher Etc

Letter to a recent employee offering him to rejoin the Company, or firm based on some new terms, and conditions, and increments in the salary, and other benefits. Sample of best Job rejoining offer letter to teacher, principal, director, or headmaster etc. Letter to Director for Rejoin the Job in College Dear Sir, Our college … Continue reading “Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Employee, Teacher Etc”

Leave Application for Recovering of Hepatitis

Sample leave application due to medical problems like hepatitis a, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and other similar diseases. Leave Application Due to Hepatitis Dear sir, It is stated that I am working in your good office as an Executive Officer for the last three years. Recently I have had coughing and stomach problems regularly. I … Continue reading “Leave Application for Recovering of Hepatitis”

Letter Before Action to Employer

Sample letter of action to employment tribunal for registering FIR against the employer due to non payment of salary, commission, dues, incentive, or monthly pay. Letter Before Action to Employer for Clearing Dues The Managing Director, Sobia Zahra, DHA, Lahore Subject: Release payment before a legal action is taken. Dear Sir, Please be notified that … Continue reading “Letter Before Action to Employer”

Clearance Letter Format for Employee

Sample clearance letters for employees, office staff, students of school, college, and university is available. Sample clearance letter for employee who is leaving  job, or already left the job from company, or office. Sample clearance letter for Resigned employee by the head of department as a clearance letter to join the new job, and show them as … Continue reading “Clearance Letter Format for Employee”