Leave Application for Self Engagement Ceremony

Sample leave application for self engagement for office, bank, a company with an invitation to the boss, manager, subordinates, and colleagues to attend the engagement ceremony. Applying Leave for My Engagement to School/Office Dear Sir, I am happily informing you that I can’t come to the office today dated (mention the date) due to my … Continue reading “Leave Application for Self Engagement Ceremony”

Leave Application For Engagement Ceremony

Leave Application For Engagement Ceremony of a friend, relative, or family friend from the office, school, college, university, or job. Email Leave Application for Engagement Ceremony Dear Sir, I want two days’ leave for (my/cousin’s/sister’s/brother’s) engagement ceremony from (office/school). The program is scheduled on (date and time). Please accept my leaves. I will be thankful … Continue reading “Leave Application For Engagement Ceremony”