Request Letter for Photography Exhibition


Templates of proposal letter to send to principal, and telling them how beneficial it would be to arrange a photography exhibition will give students a chance to showcase their talent.

Application for Organizing a Photo Exhibition

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that (name of society) would like to organize an annual exhibition on photography in our school. This will enhance the student’s talent in photography as this is becoming the most powerful tool of communication in this digital era. There is much to say but you already have great knowledge about the interests, and creativeness of the students.

I request you to please grant approval for this most wanted, and interesting exhibition next month(date), so we can have all the necessary arrangements. All Covid 19 SOP’s will be followed strictly. Your participation will be an honor for us. Looking for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your name, or Name of the Organizers)

Letter Requesting for Photography Exhibition in School

Dear School Principal,

I am writing to you because I would like to organize a photography exhibition. This is because I would like this to count as half of my final grade at the end of the year. It will hold all of the photos that I have taken, and underneath each photo, I will explain briefly what it is, and how I see the photo in between the lines. This will also give the school a great opportunity for the other students to show their potential at seeing what they can do with a camera.

I would also like it if we can invite some photo critics to help the school get a good reputation. I hope you can grant me this request, and I look forward to hearing back your response.

Kind regards,

(Your Name)

Letter to Principal Requesting to Organize Photography Exhibition

Dear Sir,

The photography club has always been a pioneer in winning prizes for this college. Our team has achieved many titles on the national level. With your kind approval, the club is now planning to arrange a photography exhibition.

Our talented students have won the first prizes in two consecutive National Photography Exhibitions. This year the club wants to organize the exhibition on our own campus. It is our achievement that the National Committee of Fine Arts has already approved our request. However, society needs final approval from the principal.

Sir, this exhibition will be an achievement for our college. This will encourage our students, and make our society nationally renowned. Talented students from across the country will come to our college. It will be a lucrative exhibition as it will bring huge media coverage, and good repute to the college.

The students are very hopeful of getting a positive response from your side. Kindly approve our proposal.


(Your Name)

Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

To: The Official Boston Photography Exhibition Expo
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I am writing this about the annual Boston Photography Exhibition that will be taking place later this year. I am a professional photographer, and I believe my photos are worthy of being in the exhibition.

I am attaching a couple of samples in this letter, and I hope they are up to the standard. If I am approved, I will send more of my work.

Thank you,
Herbert Lepage
3781 Beech Street
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Letter to Your Friend about an Exhibition You Have Seen Recently


Write a letter to your friend describing the exhibition held in your school. Letter to your friend telling him about exhibition held in school. Study-mode a letter to friend telling him about the exhibition that recently held at school.

Letter to Your Friend about an Exhibition

Dear friend,

After a long time I am writing you a letter, hope you are fine, and everyone at your place are good too. I know you will be also worried about me as we haven’t talked for long but now here I am.

Actually I was so excited to tell you about many things, but firstly about the most recent event. As yesterday I went to books exhibition. There were many of many books; there were different types of novels, fictions, fantasy world stories etc. I started going through with their names, and a little bit of idea; you also know how much I like these types of exhibitions. I loved the poetry books there were many books of my favorite writers specially Iqbal.

I still remember those school time days when we sit together in break time, and instead of doing lunch we use to read some exciting books. I missed you so much I just hope that we will recall those memories together again soon. I brought some books for you too.

So this was what I wanted to share with you, and there is a lot more for that you’ll have to come soon.

My all good wishes are with you.


Hijab Wajid

Letter to Friend about an Exhibition That You Have Seen

Dear friend,

Hello. How are you doing?

I hope you are doing very well. You might be wondering why I decided to write you a letter out of the blue well the thing is that I have been missing you for quite a time now, and yesterday I went to an art exhibition which seemed pretty boring to me at first but then I remembered how much you love art, and your passion for it.

So I decided to take a stroll around the art gallery, and I started seeing every painting as you would have if you have been there. I know anything related to nature was your most favorite thing to paint so it was quite natural when I saw painting which depicted an ocean while sun setting.

I know I was the first one to roll eyes when you used to keep on going about painting, and arts but yesterday I felt an amazing connection to all those paintings as if they were there as a reminder of you. You may not be close but you are definitely not far enough. Wish to see you soon.

Your friend

Invitation for School Science Exhibition


Invitation letter for school science exhibition. Formal invitation for science exhibition. Exhibition invitation letter format. Science exhibition letter to friend.

Letter to Invite for Science, and Craft Exhibition

Dear cousin,

Hope so you are fine, and bear good health. My purpose to write this letter is to inform you about upcoming science & craft exhibition arranged by our department next week dated 19th August (Date). In this exhibition students take part with different models of science, and craft. All of my friends are very excited, and preparing themselves for the upcoming event. It will be my pleasure if you visit this wonderful event we will enjoy, and learn through visiting different stalls

I will wait for your reply

Your beloved cousin xyz

Invitation for school Science Exhibition

To all parents,

I am writing to you all because the school is having a school science exhibition. All of the kids are being asked to contribute to make this an amazing event. We have prizes for the three winners, and even for everyone who participate. The school would much appreciate if all of the parents could make it to come it will help give your kids moral support, and help the school. As a school we always want to show to people what we are doing to help educate our kids so from this we will be taking photos of this event, and this we will do a photo collage, and underneath the photo write about it.

We would like to also get some small statements from you saying anything about the event. We hope that with this we can show to the public, and other parents what we can do as a whole school, and much more. We hope to see you at the science exhibition, and we look forward to seeing all the kind experiments.

Kind regards,

School Head Teacher

Invitation to Parents for School Exhibition

Respected Parents,

This is to inform you that PSS (school’s name) is arranging an exhibition in school on the 14th of this month. There will be food stalls, science model areas, and play areas, meeting of one hour for parents only so that we can discuss issues of your kid, and tell you about their performance in studies.

You’ve to bring your CNIC with you for security reasons, and children must have their school identity cards with them issued by school.

See you on 14th Dec.


Invitation to Parents for School Exhibition

Dear parents,

I am writing to you because i would like to invite you all to an Art school exhibition. All of our students have been given the time in their Art classes to create their very own master piece. When they had all completed their piece their teachers arranged for an exhibition. This gives the students the chance to show their Art potential, and there will be some Art scouts there.

It also gives you the parents the chance to come, and see how hard your kids have been working. I hope that you all come, and enjoy yourselves there is so much to see.

Kind regards,

Head teacher

Invitation to Parents for School Exhibition

Respected Parents,

This is to inform you about the “Science projects exhibition” in school in which students of grade 1 to 10 will present you their science projects. This exhibition is held on Monday in the school courtyard.

Your presence will make your children happy, and they will be motivated to participate in such activities.
Timings: 12 pm on wards till off time.

Your presence will be highly appreciated.

School administration office head, X Y Z

Chief Guest Invite for Science Exhibition

College name

Respected sir!

Hope you are doing fine. Sir our college is organizing its annual science fair on 28 June (Date), and we would like if you can bless us with your presence as chief guest. We are extremely proud of your contributions in bio technology, and the recognition you received in Forbes magazine. It is not a small achievement to be named in Forbes thirty under thirty; you were definitely worthy of the title.

We have assigned your books as a part of your curriculum to our students, and it would be an honor if you can come, and enlighten our students with your practical experience, and your vast knowledge. We hope to receive a positive response from you.


College name

Science Exhibition Invitation Letter to Friend


Dear Sara Stephen,

Sara, Hope you are doing well, I am also fine. I hope you are done with your exams, and now you are free at home. My exams have also been finished last week, and I was working on my yearly project. I have made a model of how ozone layer is hurting the earth surface, and what are the consequences. It is a very beautiful model, and everyone like it, and appreciating me as well. The exhibition is going to be held next week, and I am super excited about it. I really want you to come with me for the exhibition; I would love to go with you. Please take out some time for it. We will really enjoy there. Please ask your mother, and take permission.  I am waiting for your response eagerly. Pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours truly,

Sania Sam