Application for Job Leaving Certificate


Sample application letter for leaving job certificate from the employer to present new employer, or need to submit with new job application as experience letter. Clearance letter for leaving job.

Application for Job Leaving Certificate

Mr Clinton
Managing Director

Sir, I am Fisher Keane, and I am an employee at your renowned company. I have been working here for the last 6 years, and I’m lucky to have had the pleasure of working alongside you. The colleagues here helped me a lot, and they treated me like I’m family.

However, due to some problems at home, with full regret I have to say that I have to quit this job. My father got very sick, and he’s unable to handle the business on his own so I would like to help him continue running his business. It is hard for me to leave your company but I have to do this for the sake of my own family. Kindly issue me a job leaving certificate. I hope you understand my situation, and I would be very glad to keep in touch.

Fisher Keane

Employee, Sales

Application Letter for Leaving Job

The Manager Human Resource
Elegant Technical Works
Raiwind Road,


With due respected it is hereby stated that I had submitted my resignation letter from the position of Regional Facilities Manager on 05.11, and I’m serving the mandatory notice period which is to end on 5.12.

I would like to request for the Job Leaving Certificate also along with my EOS dues as I need to submit it to my new employer.

Thanks for your usual support.

Best Regards,

Mohammad Aamir.
Employee ID: 1234

Application for Job Leaving Certificate

The HR manager,

Dear Sir,

With due respect it is to state that I had filed my resignation one month ago. According to company regulations my working days will be over soon.

Therefore, it is requested that a job leaving certificate be granted to me along with an experience letter. I need both documents to apply for next job. I hope you will be considerate of my position.

Thank you very much in advance.



Format of Experience Letter for Floor Manager in Supermarket


Sample of experience letter for floor manager in supermarket, retail stores, Target Store, Walmart etc.

Experience Certificate for Floor Manager

Canteen Stores Department

Regional Office


Letter No.: XC-03



It is duly certified that Mr. Kashif, CNIC No. 12345-9123456-1, has served CSD stores nationwide for ten years. He has worked efficiently, and dedicatedly in capacity of Floor Manager, and Warehouse In charge. He has been found well versed in timely completion of inventory. Following are some of core daily workings he has performed during his tenure at Canteen Stores Department

  • Managing Store Floors
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Store Staff Supervision.
  • Supervision of tagging, and placement of goods
  • other relevant tasks

We recommend him for job further as a floor manager in stores, supermarkets, or warehouses as per his relevant skills.


Senior Manager Placement

Maqsood A. Mayo

Sample Experience Letter for Nurses


I am a nurse. I want to experience letter. Below we are providing your required nursing experience letter, and staff nursing experience certificate sample format as per your requirements. Please feel free to ask for any changes, or improvements. In future we will also provide work experience certificate sample for staff nurses.

Sample Experience Certificate for Nurses

Letter Of Experience

Letter No.: XAD-01-(Date)

Date: 5-16-(Date)

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mrs. Linda, Passport no. XCSGF has been functioning in the Royal Hospital as a head nurse since 16-2-15. The main duties she is responsible under this position are:

  • Maintaining the medical, and diet record patients under medical supervision in duty wards.
  • Making sure the timely observations of patient’s biomedical readings.
  • Coordination with purchase staff, and scheduling of nursing staff in ICU/CCU wards.
  • Making urgent preparation to tackle with the emergency situations.
  • Coordination with the On Duty doctor, and shift staff for smooth routine operations in the hospital.
  • She has been witnessed completely compliant with her duties with positive attitude during her tenure.

Managing Director

Royal Hospital

Application for Experience Letter


The administration

(Hospital name)


Subject: Application for experience letter

Dear Sir,

With due respect, i am working here from last five years, now i want to move my work to other hospital, but before to leave i want reward on behalf of my services in form of experience letter.

I shall be very thankful for this act of kindness.

Yours obediently


Experience Letter for a Nurse

To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to verify that Miss Maria has been working for this hospital for three years, from 1st April ___ to 30th March ____ in the acute patient care department. Her duties included the maintenance of record of admission, and discharge of patients, assessment of patients’ medical data, and assisting senior doctors in surgical operations. During her tenure here, her conduct has been exceptional. She is a dedicated, hardworking, and self-motivated employee, and avid member of our team. She has in depth knowledge of her profession, and has proved that she can work under pressure in fast paced dynamic environment. She will surely prove an asset for the team which she joins. We wish her best of luck for her future appointments.

Dr. Smith

Managing Director

Care Hospital

Experience Letter for Special Volunteer


Sample experience letter for special person, special child, special volunteer, special trainee, special trainer, or with any other special needs. Experience Letter for Disabled Person is available for download.

Experience Letter for Volunteer Work

To Whom It May Concern
Mr. Shazad Ali has been volunteering at our agency for three months. He enjoys organizing bookshelves, and can do so by color, shape, and binding style. He has also helped with mass mailings, and can fold, stuff, and tape envelopes/staple envelopes. He can follow multi-step directions. Further, he is also able to use a paper shredder, but may require some supervision to prevent paper jams.
Mr. Shazad Ali takes pride in his work, and enjoys helping others. I am confident that he will make a personable volunteer wherever he chooses.
Erin Earp, LCSW
Social Worker
Holly Center

Experience Letter for Medical Representative


Sample job experience letter for medical representative in a pharmaceutical company, medicine company, laboratory, medical sales agents ete working in your company.

Experience Certificate for Medical Representative


Mr. Sehel Khan

Medical Representative

The Pharmaceutical Company


To Whom it May Concern

It is to certify that Mr. Sehel Khan, S/O Abdullah Khan has worked as a medical representative from 5th September, (Date) to 25th July, (Date) at The Pharmaceutical Company, Lahore. During these 4 years, he has worked tremendously well. His pleasant personality, good communication skills, and sharp intellect help him win clients. He remains continually updated with the competitive products available in the market, and takes deep interest in developing strategic marketing plans to provide the best services to both the company, and the clients. He can prove to be an asset to any organization.

We wish him good luck for his continued success.



Fahad Kamran

HR Manager

The Pharmaceutical Company

Experience Letter for Medical Representative

Experience Letter For Estate Agents


Sample of Work experience certificate, and Experience letter for real estate company, agency for verifying the work experience, and good conduct of the estate agent, estate adviser, real estate manager from estate agency, or employer.

Sample Experience Letter for Estate Agent

To Whom It May Concern

It is to inform you that John Smith has worked as estate adviser at William Estate Advisers from August (Date) to June 2014. Throughout his entire service his conduct has been found good. He has been found to be keenly devoted towards his work. His passion for estate advisory has been found extraordinary. In regard of attendance he has been found regular, and punctual. We wish him everlasting success, and best of luck in his future.

Best Regards

Human Resource Manager,

William Estate Advisers

Experience Letter For Real Estate

Damac Real Estate Service



Letter No.: X-3-(Date)


It is certified that Mr. Junaid, Residence No. 1287X, has served M/S Damac Real Estate Services as Marketing Manager for our Damac Villas project. He has been found efficient in marketing, and sales. His business development techniques has boosted the development of project. He has primarily accomplished the following tasks during the job

  • Supervision of business, and development of Damac Villas
  • Marketing, and Sales activities
  • Allotment, and resale
  • Client Visits, and other relevant tasks

We recommend him for job further in real estate department as he owns the real estate projects at work, and finishes the task timely with full dedication.

Project Director

Hazan Ali

Experience Letter From Estate Agency

Work, and Job Experience Letter For Driver


Sample experience letter for driver of car, taxi, loader, truck, bus, heavy vehicle, or rail with LTV, or HTV licences. Just change the necessary details, and get printed on letter head of the company you are working for.

Experience Certificate For HTV Driver

To whom it may concerned

Dear concerned,

It is hereby written to certify that holder of this document has experience as HTV Driver for five years in this company. He is very proficient, and professional in his work.

The driver has an updated license. He has experience of driving heavy loaders, and light commuter vehicles. He drives very safe, and follows the regulations on the road. He is also very well-mannered. He is reliable, and trust worthy. During his stay at our company he had never given us a chance to complain about him.

He is recommended to anyone who is looking for safe, reliable, and well-mannered driver.


The manger

Driving Experience Letter for Truck Driver

To Whom It May Concern
It is to inform you that Mr. James Franco has worked at AKS Chemicals from 1 – 5 – (Date) to 1 – 5 – 2014 as a truck driver. During his stay at this firm, his conduct has been found good. He has been punctual, and regular. He was on work agreement of 12 hours a day. He has served AKS Chemicals well throughout his stay. We wish him luck in best in his upcoming future.
Best regards
Human Resource Manager
AKS Chemicals

Experience Letter for LTV Car Driver

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mr. Naseer LTV Licence # 575493-h5 was employed as car driver at RS School. He was responsible to provide pick, and drop service to our executive staff members of the school. He worked for two years, and we found him excellent, and responsible driver. We wish him best in future career.


Admin, and Transport Manager

Driving Experience Letter

Experience Letter for Driver of Car

To whom it may concern,

This is being written to verify on behalf of Aerobic Construction Company that Mr. Smith has worked for this organization for six years as a car driver. His duties here included driving staff cars, and he has worked with top management official. He has got a certified type driving license, and is equally comfortable in driving automatic, and manual transmission personal as well as commercial vehicles. He has shown exceptional driving skills, and his accident record is very clean. He has proved himself a careful, vigilant, and law abiding individual, and professional. He had to resign due to his relocation. Our best wishes are with him for his future.

Samantha Lauren

Administration Manager

Experience Letter for HR Manager


Sample experience letter format for hr manager in company, factory, office, or anywhere. HR manager is also know as Human Resource Manager, or Human Resource Development Manager in many companies, and systems. HR manager are normally responsible for hiring new staff, conducting interviews with the help of other departments, giving incentives, and benefits to the employees, record performance of the employee, attendance of the employees etc etc.

Experience Letter Format for HR Manager

Mr. Mack Burry,

Director Human Resource

EY Ford Rhodes,


Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your letter no. xxxx dated xx-xx-xxxx, and your requirement to obtain experience letter for the post of HR Manager.

We confirm that Mr. Mack Burry worked as a Human Resource Manager with our Company over the period of more than 10 professional years. He gained professional exposure in the field of succession planning, conducting interviews, employees’ enrollment, payroll processing. We considered him an asset of our Company, and provided us with a healthy cultural environment by introducing experts of their fields.

We wish him best of luck for his future endeavor.

Thanking you, and with best regards,

Very truly yours,

Alex Stewart.

Manager Human Resource

Experience Certificate for HR Manager

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Ayesh D/O Manzoor Ahmed has served the OBTC as HR Manager from July 2014 to April (Date). She helped the company for grooming our employees, hiring competitive staff, and scaling incentives for the hardworking, and devoted employees. She developed HR System of the company, and now we believe her inputs toward the growth of company are unforgettable. We never let the good employee to go but we also not stop anyone’s growth. This job experience letter is issued on the request of Ms. Rosey our former employee, and we wish her success in the future.



Work Experience Letter for HR Manager

Experience Letter for Chemical Engineer


Sample experience letter for chemical companies for their employees. This is also known as experience  certificate for chemical engineers working with chemicals. From the sample you can learn how to write experience letter for engineers by explaining thier duties, and accomplishments during the job tenure.

Experience Letter Format for Chemical Engineer

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. George is employee of the Diamond Group of Companies, and worked as chemical engineer in our research, and development labs in Pakistan, and UK. He was dedicated, motivated, and research enthusiast employee of the company during his tenure. He has a very innovative personality, and his inputs were highly appreciated in the company. We hoping best wishes for his future career.

Signatory Authority

Chemical Engineer Experience Letter


It may concern,

It is to certify that M. ALI RAZA had been working as a Chemical Engineer for Axis Chemicals since (Date). We had a great time with this man as he was very committed to his work. He was a man of discipline. He had also won a lot of international awards in different projects. Due to his brilliant working he had been promoted to the designation of senior chemical engineer as well. We wish him a bright, and successive future.

CEO Axis Chemical

Experience Letter for Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer Experience Certificate

Civil Engineer Experience Certificate Format


Sample Civil Engineer Experience Certificate Format for engineers, engineering companies, and engineering firms, construction companies, and civil engineers working at any position in the industry. You can print the below letter on the company letter head because experience letter are always be issued on official company letter heads.

Experience Letter for Civil Engineer

                              To Whom It May Concern

This is certified that Mr. Rahul Sudeep has worked as Civil Engineer at Geskon Pvt Ltd for 5 years starting from April (Date). His role at Geskon  and Civil Engineer was vital, and he always found excellent in the assigned tasks.

We at Geskon Pvt Ltd congratulate him for his achievements during the job tenure at Geskon Pvt Ltd, and Wish him success in the future endeavor.

Sincerely yours,

Ammara Sami
Manager Human Resource

Experience Certificate for Civil Engineer

                                  To Whom It May Concern

We are pleased to certify that Ms. Rosey Naeem was working at Harix Construction Company Pvt. Ltd., since three years starting from 15th November (Date). She was hired as trainee civil engineer, and due to her excellent performance, and efficient working style she was promoted as General Manager Civil Engineering. She was very committed to her job, and very good in coordination across the engineering departments. We wish best in her future career.

Qaisar Ahmed
Manager HR

Civil Engineer Experience Certificate Format