Example of a Farewell Speech for a Retiring Teacher colleague


Sample farewell speech for a retiring teacher by student, principal, teacher colleagues by students to teacher, colleague, co worker who is bidding farewell to their colleagues in a school, university, college, or office.

Farewell Speech for Teacher Retiring in English

Good morning my dear colleagues,

Today, we have gathered here to bid farewell to our exceptional teacher, and a mentor who retired from active service. Today, I realized how time flies.

It gives me immense pleasure to say that Miss abc has taught us a lot not only about teacher but also about how to live our lives as responsible, and kind individuals. Our dear teacher has imparted not only skills but also valuable ethics into us . There is no doubt in saying that she was our favourite hello, and is our hardest goodbye. There are no words to express our feelings for her but however, it is our responsibility to express our sincerest gratitude to her. It feels like yesterday when she just started off with her teaching career. Thirty five years is an easy number to say but once pondered upon it, its a lifetime that we have spent together as a family.

She is much more than a teacher, she is a mother. She is one women we could trust blindly, and discuss whatsoever we want with her. There is no doubt in saying that she is an epitome of perfect human being. A human with a beautiful inside out. A free soul. I still remember how we could see her roaming around with a cup of tea, and helping anyone she saw on her way. It gives us immense grief to let her go. She has set amazing examples for the young generations to follow. I still remember her one advice which was ” Live to learn, Learn to live”. Having someone like her was no less than a blessing. Our sessions of wisdom in break time were so soulful, and relaxing. She always provided us with the most comfortable environment to work in.

I wish there was a way to make her stay a bit longer, and to let us enjoy her beautiful company. It wrenches my heart to say Good bye to his mesmerizing human being. Lots of Love. I wish you stay happy wherever you go. May All the odds be in your favor. Stay Safe. Goodbye!