Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Diwali in English

Example of Letters to a Friend Enlightening her with the Cultural Festival of India, and telling him/her how grand the celebration was. Many people want to know that how Diwali is being celebrated. Some want to join, or sometimes want to invite. For all the above purposes, we need to explain how a Diwali event … Continue reading “Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Diwali in English”

Leave Application for Holi Festival

Want to write a leave application for Holi? We are giving you sample Leave Applications for Holi Festival. One-day leave application for the festival of Holi and Raksha Bandhan. One-day leave letter for the Holi festival. Leave application for Holi festival to boss for celebrations at home. Holi also known as the Festival of Colors, … Continue reading “Leave Application for Holi Festival”

Leave Application for Puja Festival

Want to apply for puja leave? Leave application for Durga Puja Festival, and Chhath Puja Festival. This Leave application can also be used for the Ganpati festival and Puja. Leave application for Puja, or Durga puja is written with various scenarios for all possible situations. Please write in the comment if you need a different one. Leave Letter for Puja … Continue reading “Leave Application for Puja Festival”

Request for Permission to Attend Festival in University

Sample permission letter to attend fun festival, bake sale, exhibition in the university, college, or school for your friends, outsiders, family members like brother, sister etc. REQUEST FOR PERMISSION FOR ATTENDING A FESTIVAL The Head of Department, Chemistry University of Chongqing Nanjing, PRC. Dear Sir, It is respectfully stated that my son Hang is enrolled … Continue reading “Request for Permission to Attend Festival in University”

Leave Application for Diwali Festival in Office, School

Want extra leaves on Deepavali? Asking for leave for Diwali festival Celebration in India and other countries to get leaves from office, school, overseas employment, etc. Diwali is also called Lakshmi Puja, Laxmi Puja, and Diwali Puja. India has a gazetted holiday on Diwali, but you may have to get leaves to celebrate the Diwali … Continue reading “Leave Application for Diwali Festival in Office, School”

Leave Application for Eid Celebration

Want to write a leave application for Eid Holidays? Best sample applications to get Eid Leaves from the office and school to celebrate Eid with family, friends, and relatives outside of the city or foreign country/ abroad. How to write a leave letter to the teacher for my child to celebrate Eid with family? Eid … Continue reading “Leave Application for Eid Celebration”

Eid Leave Application Samples

Sample Leave Application for Eid Holidays to get extensions with official holidays. You can use these samples to go abroad to celebrate Eid or similar events. This application can be used as a leave template on Eid ul Fitr, and Eid ul Azha, and extra leaves for attending the marriage, etc. Example Eid Leave (Eid … Continue reading “Eid Leave Application Samples”