Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Diwali in English

Example of Letters to a Friend Enlightening her with the Cultural Festival of India and telling him/her how great the celebration was. Many people want to know that how Diwali is being celebrated. Some wants to join or some time wan to invite. For all the above purposes we need to explain that how a Diwali event is celebrated or How we celebrate Diwali. We try to explain best. But if you want to ad more please write in the comments. Further we also created some letters explaining the Diwali event.

Sample  Letter to Inform a Friend About Recent Diwali Experience


Dear Elisa Smith, NY

I hope you are doing well. I am also fine. As you know I am in India these days because of Diwali. I am writing this letter to tell you that how my first Diwali in India went. So, my arrival was wonderful, my all maternal cousins came to airport to receive us. We went to our grandmother’s house and my all aunts and uncles were staying with us. We all bought traditional Indian dresses and bought many fire crackers as well. As I was encountering fire crackers for the first time therefore I was afraid as well but later I enjoyed. We had grand Pooja at our place after that we all ate sweets and had delicious Indian food. After that we got money from the elders. We saved the money because we all cousins decided to go to fun land. At night we all played games and had so much fun with fire crackers. Next day my all cousins left as their schools were started but we really had a lot of fun. Now I have realized that celebrating your cultural events in your home country gives you a very special feel instead of celebrating it in another country. I really missed you because you are my only best friend and I could not resist writing you my experience over here. I am coming back to London next week and then I will show you all the pictures I have captured here. I am really going to miss this place. I want to stay more but because of school and my father’s job I have to come back.

Pay my regards to everyone at home. See you soon.


Your best friend Misha

Write a letter to friend to tell how you celebrate Diwali in English



Dear friend

Hello how are you.

Hope you find this letter in good health. I received your letter yesterday in which you repeatedly asked me about how I celebrated my Diwali in England. Well at first even I thought I might not be able to celebrate it here knowing fireworks are illegal to crack in here but then all the societies head from my university begged our vice chancellor to let us celebrate this occasion even for two to three hours. After a lot of begging and convincing she gave in and that’s how we started our preparation to celebrate diwali. First of all me and my girlfriends went out to shop for some traditional dresses and on the diwali eve we got ready in completely cultural attire with some heavy Indian jewelry. When we reached the venue we were welcomed with loud speakers bursting the top most Bollywood songs of the year. You know whenever I hear a Bollywood song staying still turns into a challenge for me. We danced for about an hour  on all the biggest hits of the year and soon after that the event manager asked us to join him in the main ground where all the stocks for fireworks was present. Although we were just allowed to play with small stuff still it was a lot of fun. At the end they started the biggest fireworks I have ever seen till yet it was so magnificent to see little colorful sparkles of fire bursting into the sky for merely a second but giving such a breath taking view. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I have sent you the pictures as well so that you can see what a fantastic event it was. I am sure you also had tons of fun celebrating it in India and I hope you missed me there because I definitely missed you here.




Leave Application for Holi Festival

Sample Leave Application for Holi Festival. One day leave application for festival. One day leave letter for festival. Leave application for festival of holi.

Leave Application for Holi

The manager, Nestle UK

Respected sir,

With due respect, I have been informed that the application I have submitted for the vacations of Holi has been approved but I have just got 2 holidays. I have clearly mentioned that I have to go to my home town to my parents and wife and for that I need a week off. I request you again to consider my concern and grant me leaves for a week. As I have already said that I will leave no work pending. I hope my request will be considered again. I shall be really thankful to you, thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Raj Singh

Leave for Holi Festival

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to submit a leave application. I would like to book three days off for a holi festival. This is a very holy time for me and my family and so I would really appreciate it if you could grant me this as I am a very good hard worker and I have never taken any sick days or any previous holidays before.  This holiday is to celebrate the Holi Festival of the year. I look forward to hearing beck from you see what you have to decide.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Francis

Request for Extra Leaves for Holi

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing great in health.  Sir as you know I have applied for the leaves for holi festival coming on this Saturday, and you have given me leaves for two days only that is Saturday and Sunday. But Sir I want two more leaves on Monday 21st August and Tuesday 22nd August as well as many of my relatives are coming from India to celebrate this festival with me and my family. So please grant me two more leaves I shall be very thankful to you for this kind act.

Hope you will allow me.


Pooja Sin.

Leave Application for Puja Festival

Leave application for durja Puja Festival and Chhath Puja Festival. This Leave application can also be used for Ganpati festival and Puja. Leave application for Puja or durga puja is written with various scenarios for all possible situations. Please write in the comment if you need a different one.

Leave For Puja At Home

Dear Sir,

I need a leave for Thursday, 26th September to 30th for the purpose of attending puja at home. I belong to a devout Hindu family and we organize a puja every year on these specific days. Being the eldest member of the family after my parents,

I need a leave for the mentioned dates so that I can organize everything at the family event. Just like every year, I hope you will grant me this little favor for the holy event of puja.


Leave Application for Puja Festival

To HR,

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that our huge festival of Puja is coming this week. In our culture it is celebrated with great anticipation. I will also be taking part in this festival. Due to which I won’t be able to come to job.

Kindly grant two days leave to be a part of this festival i.e. 27th and 28th October.

Thank You

Yours sincerely,

Anne Aaron

Request for Permission to Attend Festival in University

Sample permission letter to attend fun festival, bake sale, exhibition in the university, college or school for your friends, outsiders, family members like brother, sister etc.


The Head of Department,
University of Chongqing
Nanjing, PRC.

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that my son Hang is enrolled as a student in your department under reg. no. XCDS16. Our family has decided to attend a spring festival that is being arranged at your university. We want to see and enjoy the festival with our son at this festival.

My son has also arranged a gaming stall at this festival with my guidance. We will appreciate your kind permission for the whole family to attend the festival to cheer.

Thank You
Yours Sincerely,


Request for Permission to Attend Festival in University

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am an old student of this university XYZ. I have graduated in 20XX in LAW. I have recently heard that an amazing festival has been organized in this university, which I really wanted to attend. I have mentioned my name and my old id of this university, which I had when I was student here.

Kindly allow me to attend this festival. I will be so grateful of you.

Thank You

Yours Obediently

Laurence Jenifer

Leave Application for Diwali Festival to Manager

Asking for leave for Diwali festival Celebration 2019 in India  and other countries to get leaves from office, school, overseas employment etc. Diwali is also called Lakshmi Puja, Laxmi Puja and Diwali Puja.

India have gazetted holiday on Diwali but in other countries you may have to get leaves for celebrating Diwali festival or additional leaves in India. Leave for Diwali and Chhath Puja to HR manager also available.

Leave Email for Diwali Festival to Manager

Respected Sir,

As I informed you earlier that I will go on leave for Diwali Celebrations in October. Now I am writing to request that Diwali is approaching and only few days left. I am hereby requesting you to please grant me leave of one week from (Monday to Friday) so I can visit my family and enjoy the celebrations in Patna.

Looking for your kind approval.

Your Faithfully,

Sonal, Media Manager

Leave Email for Diwali Festival to School Principal

Respected Principal,

Happy Diwali

Through this email I request you to grant me some holidays in addition to gazetted holidays of Diwali. I belong to village near Pune and I want to visit my family members on this festival. My home town is far away from Mumbai and I want to stay there for some more days because I am visiting my family after long time.

I request you to please approve four days from Monday to Friday in addition to gazetted holidays. I am thankful to you.

Faithfully Yours,


Application for 1 day Leave for going Home for Diwali

Dear Sir,

I am requesting one day leave for going home on Diwali. I belong to Indore but working here in Patna. So I need one extra leave to travel for home town.

Looking for your approval.



Leave Application for Diwali Festival to Manager in Abroad

The Manager,
H.R Department,
Panasonic Electronics, Malaysia,

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I belong to the Rajasthan and I need vacations on Diwali which is going to start from date to date. I and my whole family lives there and that’s why I need vacations to join my family in Rajasthan to celebrate Diwali my religious ritual.

I will be very thankful to you for this favour.

Thanks and regards,

Singhania Roy

Application for Diwali Leave in Email to Boss in Abroad

Subject: Leave Application for Diwali Festival/Event

Respected Sir,

I am Vikram Shankar from India and I am working in your firm as Company Accountant in UAE. Our religious Diwali festival is approaching and it will start from (date). I request you to grant me 10 days leave to celebrate Diwali with my family members and friends in India.

Looking for your kind approval.

Vikram Shankar

Leave Application for Diwali to HR in India

Mr. Akash
Managing Director
Pepsi Co, India

Sir, I am Mr. Kumar and I am the employee at accounts department in your company. As you are aware that the prestigious event of Diwali, it is coming up and for that I request you to kindly grant me a leave for 6 days i.e (date to date).

Due to distance, I have not been able to meet my family much recently and I have been spending Diwali with my family since the time I remember and I would like to continue this tradition as much as I can. I shall be very thankful to you for this gratefulness.


Employee, Accounts

Leave Application Letter for Diwali Festival

Mr. Kevin Shephard
GAC Ltd.
Texas, USA

Sir, this is Mr. Robert Williams and I have been an employee at your firm for the last 2 years. I have completely devoted myself to the well-being of this company and have not looked back since then. I have not taken any such vacations since the beginning of my employment because of which I have had to listen to a lot of criticism from my family.

As you know that the prestigious event of Diwali is around the corner. I was hoping to back to India to celebrate Diwali with my family and friends. For that purpose, kindly grant me leave for 3 weeks i.e. (dates). I will be available on phone if any emergency ascends. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Williams

Leave Application Letter for Diwali by a Servant

The Branch Manager,
Levis, Toronto, Canada

Dear Sir,

I beg to say that I am a sweeper in this branch and a  Hindu by religion. Our sacred event of Diwali is coming this week. Our community has made a plan to celebrate this function on a particular place with full of freedom.

As it is not a Government holiday here in Canada. I request you to allow me two days leave of Wednesday and Thursday so that I could have a great fun with my friends and family.

I am waiting for your kind response.

Your servant,

Gopal varma

Leave for Diwali or Deepwali Vocation in India

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

With due respect it is to state that the most awaited colorful event of Diwali is coming and you know it’s the most ceremonial festival. For this colorful event I am moving to my native area with my family for its celebration, for that reason wanted to have leaves of one week. I will be grateful for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,


Application of Diwali for University Student

Dear Sir,

I, Sandeep Kumar student of BS Computer Sciences requesting leave for additional 4 days on Diwali.

I belong to Chennai and visiting my parents and siblings almost after a year. So I want to spend some time at home because (my next visit may also be after next year)( I want to attend marriage)(I will be attending engagement ceremony) (you can add any reason). The gazetted leave is also not enough for my travel from Delhi to Chennai in this short time.

I request you to please approve at the minimum 4 days leave after Diwali gazetted leaves. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Sandeep Kumar

Diwali is approaching and going to be held in October or November like every year. You can use above leave application samples to submit in your office, company, school to get leaves for celebrations on Diwali.

Diwali is majorly celebrated in India but also being celebrated in many other countries where Hindu community is living. India have gazetted holiday on Diwali but in other countries you may have to get leaves for celebrating Diwali festival.

We at semioffice.com wish you happy Diwali.

Leave Application for Eid Celebration

10 Sample applications to get Eid Leave form office, school to celebrate Eid with family, friends and relative outside of city or foreign country/ abroad. How to write a leave letter to the teacher for my child for celebrating Eid with family. Sample leave of absence application letter to teacher for child on Eid festival.

Go Down for Eid ul Adha Leave Applications

Eid Leave Application for Overseas Employees and Workers

The Employer,
Baptist Memorial Hospital.
Subject: Request for 5 days leave to celebrate Eid

Dear Ma’am,
It is to humbly request you that I am a Muslim and wants to celebrate Eid with my family at home. Therefore, I request you to kindly sanction me 5 days leave i.e. from 17th July 2015 to 21st July 2015. I have checked with Dr. Kyle. She’s available and has volunteered to give a medical cover in my absence.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Muhammad Qasim.
Senior Pulmonologist

Simple Leave Application for Eid ul Adha

The Manager,
HR Department,

Respected Sir,

I am Mehtab Shah, Consultant Engineer from Procurement Department writing for 10 days leave to Celebrate Eid ul Adha with my family in India. This year I also need to buy sacrificial animal on Eid ul Adha because there is no one other who can buy animal for me. I request you to please issue my salary in advance because Eid in Last days of month and I don’t have sufficient amount for purchase of animal with approval of my Eid leave for 10 days starting from 18th on the month. I will be thankful to you.

Thanks and Regards

Mehtab Shah

Leave Application for Eid Celebration with Family

The Manager,
Admin Department,
Palmer and Harvey,

Dear Sir,
It is requested that I, Maria need six days leave from office for Eid Celebration with my family members in my home country. Sir, I need leave for at least 10 days starting from 3 days before Eid and 7 days after the Eid to spend enough time with my family members, relatives and grand-parents. I always avoid to take any leave but on this occasion my family is also asking to come for some extra days on this coming Eid. Please grant me leave for 10 days from 16 September to 26 September. I will be thankful to you.
Thanks and Regards,


Leave Request Mail to Manager for Eid Festival

The Director,

C&S Wholesale Grocers,

Respected Sir,
I am writing for leave on coming Eid Festival to spend Eid with my family and parents. I belong to Karachi and doing job here in USA so on upcoming Eid Festival I want to go home at-least two days before the Eid Day to make some arrangements for the guests and shopping for my children. I am requesting your approval for granting me leave on this most important festival of happiness to enjoy with my family. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely yours,

Manager Operations

Eid Holiday Leave Request to Manager

The General Manager

Subject: Leave Application for Eid Vacations

Dear Sir/ Madam,

As you know that Eid-ul-Fitar is coming and every one plan for this event especially those who fasten the whole month of Ramadan. My Family planed some trip of shopping and Eid celebrations. They forced me to be with them. I don’t want to miss out this great occasion and my younger brother is also joining us as he is coming back from abroad after several years. I am very excited to be among my family on this occasion. So please be kind to me and award me leave of just four days. Thanks.

Your Sincerely,

Usman Ghani

Leave Application for my Child to Celebrate Eid Out of City

The Principal,
Adab Iranian School,

Dear Madam,

My daughter Sana Faisal is studying in your school as student of prep class. On the occasion of Eid we are going out of town to celebrate this festival at my parents home where almost all of our family members will be present. I request you to please allow her leave of 7 days (1 week holidays on Eid from 17th July to 24th July) from the school. I will be thankful to you.

Faiza Faisal
Mother of Sana Faisal

Class Prep, Reg# 23J

Leave Application on Eid to Attend Marriage After Eid

The Manager,
Sales Department,
AMS clothing Ltd.

Respected Sir,
I am writing this to inform you formally that I will remain on leave for one week after the Official Eid Holidays to attend marriage ceremony of my elder brother (younger brother, uncle, friend, cousin, family member, sister etc). I request you to please allow me and approve leave of one week in addition to Eid holidays. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely yours,

Sajid Bhatti
Sales Team Leader

Leave Letter to Celebrate Eid with Family Out of City

The Manager HR,
Aleem Corporation

Respected Sir,

It is stated that me Ayesha Khan have been working in HR department as Senior HR supervisor. It has been 8 months since I joined this company.

As you know that I belong from Layyah and it is about 10 hour drive from Lahore. Eid festival is coming after 5 days. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days on this Eid so that I can spend & enjoy the cheerful moments of Eid with my family.

It will be your great kindness if you allow me the leave on this eve.


Ayesha Khan

In some companies Leave applications are submitted to get holidays especially in foreign countries or in non muslim countries when every your want to spend Eid Holidays with siblings and family.

Leave Application for Eid Celebration with Family
Leave Application for Eid Celebration with Family
Eid Leave Application for Overseas Employees in UK, USA, Europe, Australia etc
Eid Leave Application for Overseas Employees
Leave Application for Eid ul Adha
Leave Application for Eid ul Adha

Eid Leave Application Samples

Sample Leave application for Eid Holidays to get extensions with official holidays. These samples can be used for to go abroad for celebrating Eid or similar events. This application can be used as leave template on Eid ul Fiter and Eid ul Azha and extra leaves for attending marriage etc.

For Eid Leave Application Click Here

Leave Application for 4 Days After Eid Festival

Respected Sir,
I won’t be able to come after Eid for four days. I have to attend engagement ceremony of my best friend on 7th day after eid most likely to be on 16th Aug.

I request you to grant me leave after eid till 16th Aug. I will be thankful to you.

Regards and Eid Mubarak

Leave Application for 7 Days to Celebrate Eid Abroad

Respected Sir,
I won’t be able to come to office after the Eid-ul-fitr for seven days. I am going abroad (Out of UAE) to celebrate this Eid with my family. I can’t confirm the dates but my leave wouldn’t exceeds the seven days.

Please do let me know if I need to join the office earlier after Eid at your earliest convenience.

Regards and Eid Mubarak

Leave Application for 2 Days Before Eid for Urgent Work

Respected Sir,
I won’t be able to come before Eid for two days. I tried contacting you yesterday on cell phone but I didn’t have any contact number. I found this email address in the file for the Ambassador Program so I am mailing you through this.

Please do let me know when should I join the office after Eid at your earliest convenience.

Regards and Eid Mubarak

Leave Application for Eid Festival to Boss

Dear Sir,

As you know I belong to remote areas of Baluchistan. Eid ul fitar is approaching and I have to go to celebrate this Eid with my family. This year I am going back after 10 months so I request you to please grant me leave for extra four days as extension to the official leaves by the government. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,


Application for Leave on Eid Holidays for Overseas Student

Dear Principal,

I am student of BSc Social Science in London College of Social Studies. I am Muslim and studying here as overseas student. The most famous Eid festival of Muslims is in next week and I want to go home for celebrate this festival with my family members. I request you to please accept my leave application for two weeks, so I would be able to celebrate this Eid with my parents and siblings. I will be thankful to you.

Misbah ur Rehman

BSc Social Sciences

Enr# 34E/BS

Eid Leave Application Samples
Eid Leave Application Samples