Application for Fever by Student in English

Want to write an application for fever leave? We are giving you sample email letter templates in English to get leave for fever in school. Please let us know if you need a new application in the comments. To request a fever leave from school, you can write a letter or email to your child’s … Continue reading “Application for Fever by Student in English”

Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter

Want to write a sick leave application for your daughter? We are giving you sample sick leave written by parents to school principal for daughter due to fever, sickness, illness, cough, flu, medical checkup, etc. Leave Application for Daughter Admitted in Hospital Dear Sir, My daughter (name of daughter), admitted to hospital due to (mention … Continue reading “Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter”

Typhoid Fever Leave for Office

Sample leave application due to typhoid fever from office, company, factory, production unit, etc., to take bed rest as per a doctor’s recommendation. Email/Whatsapp Leave Message to Office Due to Typhoid Fever Dear Sir, I have typhoid fever, which is why I can’t come to the office for few days. So I’d like to have … Continue reading “Typhoid Fever Leave for Office”

Leave Application Due to Vomiting

Sample Leave Application for School and Office due to Vomiting by food poisoning, temperature. This application can be sent from home or submitted to the office during working hours when you need half-day leave from the office or school. Leave Application Due to Vomiting for School by Parent The Principal Dear Sir, I am writing … Continue reading “Leave Application Due to Vomiting”

Sick Leave Application for Kid

Sick Leave application for Kid. Sample sick leave application letter for kid from school, preschool, nursery school, prep school, or play group etc. Leave application can be submitted by the mother, or father. Sick Leave Application for Child Respected Principal, My son is studying in the class of play group in your school. He isn’t … Continue reading “Sick Leave Application for Kid”

Application for Fever Leave in Office

Want to write an application for fever? We are giving you sample leave applications for fever. Sample application for leave due to fever, temperature, or weakness available for you. Various online medical consultants and physicians offer free consultations, and companies offer hospitalization with a small insurance amount. You can get such benefits during your sickness. … Continue reading “Application for Fever Leave in Office”

Half-Day Leave Application Due to Fever

Want half-day to leave due to temperature? Sample half-day leave application due to fever from office, company, factory, or any other place where you work or do your job. If you’re feeling fever or sick during your job hours, you should use this application to get half-day leave. Half-Day Leave for Fever to Office/Boss/Manager (Whatsapp/Email) … Continue reading “Half-Day Leave Application Due to Fever”

Leave Application for Dengue Fever for Office/School

Want to apply for leave due to dengue fever and weakness? Sample Leave application for dengue fever from school, college, university, or office for healing is available below. Leave for Dengue Fever to Myself Dear Sir, I have been diagnosed with dengue fever and the doctor prescribed bed rest for at least twenty days due … Continue reading “Leave Application for Dengue Fever for Office/School”