Sample Letter Requesting Tuition Assistance from Employer


Sample letter to your employer, and explaining them your situation that how you are extremely competent at studies, and you have the potential to go further in it but your finance is proving to be ba big hurdle for you, and with just a little financial aid you can fulfill your dreams, and make the sponsor so proud.

Sample Letter Requesting Financial Aid for Studies

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter with a sincere request to please help me finance my education. I am a college student, and I have to pay my rent, tuition fee, and other expenses all by myself. My father’s business has not been doing very well for quite a long time, and so our family’s financial instability is at its peak. However, balancing my job, social life, extra curricular, and academics is very difficult. The tuition fee is very expensive, and it becomes very difficult to pay it off. I have to work online as a tutor as well in order to support my education I request you to please assist me in paying my tuition fee so some of the burden can be lifted off my shoulders, and I can focus on my academics, and work with much more concentration. You are already aware of how dedicated, and passionate I am about my field of study. I hope you will accept my request, and help me with my tuition fee.

I will anxiously be waiting for your response.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali


Sample Letter Asking for Financial Aid


Sample letter for financial help due to serious health crisis of an immediate family member, or yourself as medical treatments are getting huge day by day, and you do not have the capacity to pay for them.

Sample letter asking for Financial Help

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter with much hope that you might be able to help me. My mother has fallen very sick recently, and she has been admitted to the hospital. The doctors have diagnosed that she might have typhoid, and they will have to keep her at the hospital under observation for at least a week. The issue is that at the moment I am not financially stable, and I cannot afford the hospital bill which is beyond my affordability. My mother was worried about the expenses I would have to bear due to her health, but I told her not to worry since I have everything handled. I request you to please help me out, and pay my mother’s hospital bills so the hospital can begin her treatment.

I will anxiously be waiting for your reply. For further inquiries you may contact me the number given below. I will be very grateful if you help me out in my difficult time.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Thanks Letter for Financial Help for Medical Treatment


Sample Thank You Letter for Financial Help for Medical Treatment. Thank you letter for support, and help. Words of thanks, and appreciation for support. Thank you letter for appreciation.

Thank You Letter for Medical benefits

Dear medical company,

I am writing to you because I would like to thank you for providing me with the medical benefits during my treatment for cancer. During these dark days in my life, the cost of the treatment over the past three years adds up, and when my treatment finished, and I was given the all clear of cancer you helped me pay the medical bill.

I would like to give a special thanks to the person who was my liaison between me, and your company. All the hard work that she did, and the effort she did was amazing. So again thank you for all the help that you have given me over the years, and you help people all over the country so continue all the good effort the world needs more like you.

Kind regards,

Miss Taylor Swift

Thanks Letter for Providing Medical Help

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you that my operation has been done successfully. It is all due your kind help that you have provided me such medical facilities, and also helped me financially. Without this I cannot be able to afford this much money for my cancer treatment. Thank you very much I have no more words to say.

God bless you, and your family.


Ahmed Khan

Job Application for Financial Accountant


Sample job application letter to apply for the position of financial accountant in company, school, college, university.

Cover Letter for Financial Accountant

To whomever it may concern

My name is Lawrence, and I am a financial accountant. I do have the experience. I used to work at a bank firm called royal bank of Scotland. This was my first job as financial accountant for three years. I was then working at two hotels as I needed to downsize have a smaller job.

I am now looking for a bigger job. I do have the experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Mr. Chaplin

Job Application for Financial Accountant

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you because I saw that you are looking for someone to hire as a financial accountant. I have previously worked as a financial accountant for a law firm, and a small bank. I am good at math’s all my calculations I can do in my head I am very advanced in math’s I am good at working in teams. I would like this job because I would like to work in a bigger company so that I have a good chance to challenge myself.

I am determined, and motivated. I would like the chance to be very successful, and make new long term friends. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Charlie Farr

Email Job Application for Financial Accountant

Dear Mr. Smith,

I saw your post for Financial Accountant in MCB bank On Linked In.

I have been working in HBL bank as an Financial Accountant for last six years. I have worked in Other companies  As well. With such great experience I think I will be able to fulfill the requirements you require for this job.

I am very honest, and energetic person. I am a good learner, and have great experience. I have attached my Resume with this letter.

With all this knowledge, and skills hope you will find me fit for this position.

Thank you for your consideration.


Gary Hubert

Letter to Prime Minister for Grant, or Financial Help


Request letter to the prime minister for rural development grant for your area. You can also request financial help from a local company to develop your village, area, town, city, etc.

Application to PM Office for Grant for College or University

Dear Sir,

I want to request for issuing a grant for a local educational project (project name if any), which is the utmost need of time and can be a game-changer for our district. Around 2000 families of this area will have an immediate benefit from this project. People of this area are demanding a higher education institution (college or university) for a long time. Still, it is the best time to provide this relief and any delay may cause damage to the future of the youth of the area with unemployment, which could be a new challenge in near future. I reqeust you to please approve a gran of 50 million for early launching and timely completion of this project.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Prime Minister for Grant, or Financial Help

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you for an application for financial help for my town. I am the mayor of this town, and the civilians are struggling with just living and surviving on very little money.  We are asking for a loan, or a boost in wages, or lower taxes just so that the civilians can have more money for food and a roof over their heads. When you live in rural areas such as this, you don’t get much trade from travelers, and it isn’t easy to go into another town or city every day for work as they are both miles away and can not afford the travel.

I would appreciate it if you could help out this town and its civilization to feed its children better and care for the sick.

Yours sincerely

Your Name

An Application for Financial Help from Prime Minister for Rural Areas

The Prime Minister,

Dear Sir,
I don’t know if this letter will ever reach you, considering the workload you have had on your shoulders since the protests in the urban areas are on the rise. Sir, I am a common civilian and am writing this application requesting your financial aid. Since your tenure as a prime minister started, you have changed this nation’s face using your top-notch political and bargaining skills.
I want to take this moment and talk to you about the recent problems people have been having in the rural areas. As I come from rural areas myself, it’s hard for me to see them in poor conditions.
There is absolutely no school in most of the rural areas here. Children need an education; it’s just their right by birth. Some ministers just like taking the rights away from these children through corruption or any other mean they find.

Apart from schools, there is just an average of two to three hospitals in the rural areas, which creates many problems for the residents. The death rate in rural areas is rising, and almost 10% of the rural area population loses their lives every day just because of no or minimum hospital facilities.

Sir, I hope you will understand the situation and will aid the rural areas financially to overcome all of these issues and wake up to a better tomorrow.

Thanking you,
Your Name

Application for Financial Assistance for Organizing Cultural Show


Financial Assistance request to ministry of culture festival grant, performing arts, production grant etc.

Application for Financial Assistance for Organizing Cultural Show

The registrar
University of California

Our Cultural Awareness Club runs to raise awareness about cultural diversity in the university. For this purpose we are arranging a cultural show in which people from different cultures will dress up, and offer a theme to represent their identity. It will help people getting to know each other, and understand the values from all over the world. The show consists of visual representations, speeches, and short plays.

This show can be a great opportunity to enhance talents as well. However, we are running short on finances to arrange the show as it is immersive in detail, and hosts many guests. Please, provide us financial assistance so that we can continue our creative activity.

We shall be very thankful for the favor.

Cultural Awareness Club

Application for Financial Help for Cultural Show

Dear Sir/ Madam

We established the high school union in (Date), we have been conducting different sort of activities, and conferences. This year we have decided to bring the cultural spice back to the school because as you know that we have a multicultural environment in our school. So to bring a cultural harmony among our school we are organizing a cultural show on July 17, (Date).

We have a limited resource for finance, so it is kindly requested to help us in the finances, and help us in bringing the cultures back again. Proposal letter is attached, and the school community will be highly grateful to you.  Thanking you in anticipation



Thanks Letter for Financial Help


Sample Thanks Letter for Financial Help, financial support, financial aid, or sponsorship to the donor, bank, company, or financial institution. Sample thank you letter for financial support.

Thanks Letter for Financial Help

Mrs. Hudson, New York

Dear Mrs. Hudson

I hope you find this letter in best of your health. It’s been a long time we have not met but I will visit you soon. I am writing this letter to say thanks for the financial help. You have always been a good support to me. I give you all the credit for what I am today; it is all because of you. You always encouraged me, and supported me financially.

I will never be able to pay back what you have done for me. It is my good luck to have a person like you in my life. I always pray for you. God bless you abundantly, with lots of love, and prayers.

Yours truly,

Sharon John


Thanks Letter for Financial Help

Dear Mr. John,

I am delighted to write to you a letter to thank you for Financial Help. It’s so honored to have a friend like you. You help me at my worst hours. Nobody now a day helps someone without any return but I am very Thankful for your help. Everything is fine with me now, and I would like to return your money to you now.

Yours Friend,


Letter to Thank for Financial Help

The Director,
The Help Foundation,
Swapnil Road,
Calcutta, India.


I hope that you are reading this in good health. I am very pleased to write you that I have availed myself of the desired opportunity. I am completely satisfied with the decision of study abroad, and have reached safe, and sound. I will start my semester from the second of the next month. Currently, I am preparing myself for several documentations.

However, I would like to express my hearty gratitude to you. The dream would never have come true without the financial help of The Help Foundation. It is a great platform for the less privileged females to head towards the road of success. The NGO is truly working for the right purpose of helping in building the empowerment of the women. This would entirely be beneficial for the development not only of the women, but also of the country in the long run.

Thank You.

Kind Regards,
Aliya Rashid.


Application for Financial Help for Medical Treatment


Sample application for financial help for medical treatment. Financial help for medical treatment letter sample. Letter for medical assistance. Sample letter requesting financial assistance for medical. Sample letter for financial assistance for medical treatment. Request letter for medical treatment.

Dear Sir,

I want to request your kind support for my medical treatment (mention the medical problem or disease). During my last visit to the doctor/hospital (hospital name), they provided me with a minimum treatment estimate (mention the amount).

I cannot get this treatment within my available resources, so I am writing this request for your kind consideration and support. I have 0.5 million and the rest of the amount I wish you to contribute.

Application for Financial Help for Medical Treatment for Rural Areas

Respected Sir,

With all my due respect, this letter has been written to bring some serious issues of the rural areas under your knowledge. We are a small organization working for the betterment of rural areas. There are many areas where there are no proper medical facilities, and people are helpless to get any proper medical attention which is now life-threatening. Many people have died because of a lack of medicines and doctors.

We have started a small medical camp where our doctors provide them medical help, but we cannot do it all independently, so we need some financial assistance from you. We have put all our hopes in you, and we are expecting a positive response as soon as possible. I am sharing with you the supporting documents as well. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Helping hands foundation

Application for Financial Help for Medical Treatment

Dear Sir/Miss,

I want to state that I am a normal employee at your company ‘(company name).’ Recently I got into an accident due to which I’m facing serious injuries, and didn’t come to work. My leg is broken, and my head right side is damaged. Lately, I have been facing a financial crisis, as I didn’t go to work.

I was hoping that the company could help me financially with my medical treatment.

Hoping for positive response.

Thank you

Application for Financial Help to Your Office Manager

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, it is stated that I am working as an office boy in your office for the last 7 years. For the last 6 months, I was not feeling good as my kidneys were not working properly. I went to the doctor, and he examined me completely. The doctor declared that both of my kidneys are damaged.  The doctor has suggested a kidney transplant. He said that the only way to keep me alive is to transplant some healthy kidney in my body by replacing the damaged one. The total expenditure for this treatment is almost $50,000.

Sir, I am a poor man. I am leading a hand-to-mouth life. The only source of income for me is the job in your office. I cannot bear the cost of my medical treatment. I request you to help me financially to transplant my kidneys, and live a healthy life. I hope that you must do something to help me. I shall be grateful to you for your contribution. Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Hate Your Job? Start Business from Your Mobile Phone Today


Most of the job holders, and job seekers don’t know how to start their own earning from mobile phones. Because whenever we think about business, many questions come to mind like Heavy investment, planning, risk of failure, and losses, staff hiring, office place, and rent, tax, loans, heavy credits in business, the idea is not suitable, How I will survive if job losses, and many more questions always stop us thinking to start any business.

From this article, you will learn how to start earning from your smart mobile phone quickly. Smartphone business ideas can change your life without any investments.

Business Ideas with Mobile Phones

Below is the list of businesses you can start with your smartphone. We only discussed few selected mobile phone business opportunities.

YouTube Channel:

YouTube channel creation is the easiest to create, and start earning. Following are the main areas to start, and earn:

Informative Videos:

You can make informational videos as per your knowledge about a particular problem, or topic. Like you can make a video about your profession to guide others whether to enter your field, or not. Further, you can discuss the scope of your profession, problems, and difficulties, future, and who should join this profession, and who shall not.

This is just an example you are free to make videos on any topic but make sure all shall be interesting, and rich of knowledge, and the facts of the video must be real. If your video is good enough for others to learn about anything, or something, and it worth watching, and spending time to watch you can monetize it, and start earning from YouTube with an Adsense account.

Educational Videos:

If you are a teacher you can record lectures on particular subjects according to your specialized subjects, or you can criticize any teaching methods, or appreciate the educations system whatever you know, and can be valuable for others.

Record, and monetize your videos, and start earning from YouTube channels. You can create videos for your own students, for other school students, you can teach syllabus books, and enjoy earnings.

Entertainment Videos:

You can make entertaining videos like prank videos, or videos regarding any event to entertain people, and make them happy. You will be amazed by the results.

Video Tutorials:

If you are skillful you can make videos to teach the viewers how do certain tasks, can solve problems, making things, and much more can be added to this category like a tutorial to use computers, repair computers, using software etc.

Adventurous Videos:

If you love adventures you can make videos to show your adventures to others like racing on a car, touring a place, skydiving, writing memories, where people get involved emotionally. Give an attractive titles to your videos. Monetize, and start earning.


Review Writing:

You can write your expert advice about any product, or service you have been used, or you know well about the product, or your friend is using, and you know the whole story. This type of article is high in demand, and people always prefer to read about products/services before they buy. Monetize your blog with Adsense, and start earning.

Guides to Do(tutorials)

You can write guides/instructions to solve problems, make goods, procedures to perform tasks, and things related to people interests. Never imagine this thing not need tutorials. Every tutorial is valuable, and it depends on how beautiful, and easy way you create it.

Video Guides:

You can create video tutorials to perform the tasks, and you can choose to write first all the procedures, and then make a video to do the task. Many times people hesitate to read but love to watch video tutorials. So you should create both options. it doesn’t matter other bloggers offering the same tutorial/guide you should make it by yourself in your own way, and you can tell the better way to perform the task.


Sales of Affiliate Platform Products,
Selling your items on Sales Platforms
Selling your services

SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing

You can use your mobile for SMS marketing for clients. You can buy an SMS portal for bulk messaging, or use any mobile for bulk SMS sending, and offer your clients SMS marketing service. For this purpose, you can send promotional SMS to prospective clients, and offer them different packages, and rates.

WhatsApp Marketing:

This is the most demanding marketing tool nowadays. Everyone has no idea to send a bulk WhatsApp message to the clients. You can google for WhatsApp bulk messaging software, and after learning, and trial, you can offer Whatsapp marketing messages to your clients. Real estate is a major sector interested in WhatsApp marketing. This service is almost free for you, and you can charge your clients even more rates than SMS messages.

Mobile Apps:

Make a Mobile app related to your core competency, and offer the android, and ios users any kind of content/service, or support, and earn money from ads, or directly charging the users. You can also sell your app.

Mobile Games:

You can plan a mobile game, get it to build, and launch on android/ios for Entertainment, and Education of People.

Mobile phone-related business ideas to learn how to start a business on your phone. Businesses you can start with your smartphone are discussed.

Please mention your idea in the comments form below.

Post witten by M. Saghir

Financial Aid Request Letter Sample


Sample Financial Aid Request Letter for sports, education, financial aid appeal letter. Good appeal letters for financial aid. Financial aid appeal letter essays.

Application for Financial Help for Education

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dear Chairman,

I am studying in the final semester of the session (year). I have passed all seven semesters with distinction. Moreover, I have also obtained the highest GPA in one of the semester results among class students. Recently, the university has decided to abandon all Merit base students’ scholarships to meet up financial crunch. I belong to a low-income family, so; it would be hard for me to pursue my semester course without a scholarship. My passion for studies compels me to ask for financial aid from your end. I humbly request you to grant me a scholarship for the last semester as it would be a golden opportunity for me to complete my studies with distinction. At the end of the day, I will definitely materialize my dreams by paying my best services for the country after graduating from the University. I am looking forward to your kind support.

Yours sincerely,
Abbas Raza

Appeal Letter for Financial Aid from Government

To the Counselor,

I hope you in good health, and safety with the blessing of my beloved God. The last time when you came to our area, you were on your election campaign. You were looking for the voters that would vote for you, and make you a successful candidate in the preceding elections. You came to our village, and assured us that you would provide our village with basic health, education, and other necessities.

Thanks to God, we have fulfilled our promise of voting for you, and a way of victory for you. Since that time, we have been looking forward to some betterment of our village. But unfortunately, we have not yet got any help from your resources. Last it rained heavily, and water has accumulated in the streets, and looking like ponds. The people are very worried about this situation because this resulting in many fatal diseases.

Moreover, you promised the village’s young people to provide them a ground where they could play volleyball, which is their favorite game. You know well that games are essential for youngsters. They help them build their character, and get a sense of competition. But our village is totally deprived of any game facility.

All the above-mentioned things are not a complaint. Their purpose is to remind you. So please solve our problems, or provide us some funds to fulfill our needs on our own. We have an intention to buy a piece of land where we would make a ground of volleyball that will be a start to strengthen the field of sports in the country.

We hope to get some financial relief from you soon.

Your well-wisher,


Request Letter for Financial Help for School Fee

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you from Panch Gali (area’s name). I am writing this to you to tell you my problem that I am studying at Saint Mary Christian School for the last 5 years. Last month my father died in a road accident, and now I can’t afford my school fee. I want to continue my studies for my siblings, and my mother to earn their living.

Sir, pat my school fee it would be a great help, and act of kindness if you do this. Please, it is a request to help me.

Hoping for a positive response

Following are my details, if you agreed on paying my fees.

Saint Mary Christian School,

Ahmed Ali Khan,

Sample Letter Requesting Funding For Education From College

 To the government of Punjab

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is (Your Name), and I am currently a business student in my A-level last year. I plan to pursue Actuarial Sciences as my career, and this program is not offered in major universities in our country. Even if it is, the quality of education provided isn’t very high. Also, work experience is not provided during my course, which is an important part of this field. I want to do under graduation from abroad. After completing my studies, I will return to Pakistan, and contribute to my country, where professional actuaries are very few.

The university in which I have been selected is York University which is located in Toronto, Canada. As you know the difference in currency makes it very difficult for us to pay the international fee so I would like to ask for your assistance. I request you to grant me aid through the (name of the scheme) scheme to pay my fee, and complete my education. I will sign the bond which bounds me to return to Pakistan after the competition of my degree.

You can check my academic record that I have always been on the top of my class, and completed my A-level on a 100% scholarship. I am a very hard-working student, and won’t disappoint you at all.  I don’t want financial issues to become a hindrance to my education. My whole future depends on this. You can contact me for further details, or queries. I have attached the form, and a pdf file of my academic record. I am counting on you to help me through this kindly.

Best Regards;

(Your Name)