Complaint Letter to Restaurant about Food Poisoning


This letter can be written by any customer who had a bad experience at the restaurants to the manager, or owner of the company. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances.

Complaint Letter to Restaurant about Food Poisoning

Name of Sender

Block 23B, Alexander Avenue, California. (mention address)

8th October (Date)

Mr. Peter Simpson (name of the manager)


Name of the restaurant

27 St. Hill Top Avenue, California. (mention address)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to address an appalling episode that happened as a result of the nourishment served at your café on (mention your date)

At 6:00 p.m., my wife, and I were situated at your foundation. We both arranged the flank steak, the tomato bisque, a glass of the house red, and the tiramisu. While delectable, the night’s supper had other, awful, impacts.

A few hours after the feast, my wife other, and I both fell seriously sick. We went to the Emergency Room at ABC Hospital, and were assessed by Dr. John Brown. He determined us both to have food contamination. The main nourishment we ate together that day was at your foundation. The specialist additionally referenced that we were not the main cases he’d seen that night with those side effects.

I have consistently made the most of your café, however the seriousness of the food contamination caused me, and my significant other awful affliction, and a high hospital expense. I have met with my legal advisor, and we will call examine a figure for pay in this issue.

I might likewise want to hear what you are doing to address the issue of contaminants, or undesirable cooking rehearses in your kitchen.

Complaint Letter Catering, and Restaurant Services


Sample complaint letter to restaurant, and catering services for poor food quality, poor services during the event.

Complaint Letter for Food Quality, and Bad Services


The Manager,

Taste Developers LLC.

Queens Road,


Subject: Complaint Letter

Dear Satish,

I’m writing this with great disappointment that you were failed to provide the quality food, and services even after several assurance from your team that everything will be of high standards. It was discussed in detail that this event is going to be of great value for our business as some of the VIPS were invited from the overseas also.

However, the management was extremely dissatisfied with the presentation, and poor quality of food. We will be escalating this to your higher management as we were not provided the services for which we paid quite decent amount in advance.

Kindly visit our office tomorrow with your Operations Supervisor to discuss further.





Alpha Facilities Management.

Complaint Letter Catering, and Restaurant Services

Complaint Letter Catering, and Restaurant Services

 Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter with much disappointment. Yesterday, my husband, and I visited one of your five star restaurants for our monthly dinner which is a small tradition of ours. We were happy with the ambiance, and environment of the restaurant. The lighting inside was perfect, and my husband was very happy with it as well. The waiter provided us with the menu, and we ordered three items. However, we were very disappointed by your catering services, and the food quality. The crispy spicy chicken was all soggy, the pasta was very chewy, and the cheese sauce steak barely had any cheese. The dessert we ordered was a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce, and the waiter dropped the chocolate sauce all over our table. My husband’s clothes were ruined, and he was very angry. The manager insisted that we do not pay for the dessert but it seemed unfair so we paid for it.

I hope you will look into this situation, and improve your services, because if such disorganized management, and food quality continues it will ruin your restaurant’s reputation.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali