Complaint Letter for Food Quality

Sample of writing a complaint letter to a catering service\hotel\restaurant about the quality of food they serve  and how they should maintain a high quality of food as it is directly related to people’s health.

Complaint Letter for Deteriorating Food Quality

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter with much disappointment to inform you about your pathetic services. Yesterday, my husband and I visited your restaurant with much hope to have a nice and relaxing dinner. We were impressed by the set up and ambiance of the restaurant and decided to order our food. We ordered three items and a molten lava cake for dessert. When the food arrived I was very disappointed, the cheese pizza barely had any cheese. The spicy crispy chicken that my husband ordered was not crispy and was soggy instead. It had such a bland taste and had no spices or flavor in it.

The pasta was bland as well and the cheese in it was all sticky. Overall the quality of the food was not appetizing at all and our trip to your eatery was not worth it. The food items were very over priced too which made no sense.

I hope you will improve your food quality so that customers are pleased with your services.

Best Regards,

Amna Waqas

Complaint Letter for Food Quality

Respected Manager,

I sent this letter to file a complaint regarding the food quality of our company’s canteen. In the beginning when I joined the office, they food was very tasty and healthy; however, as the time passed by the quality started to worsen. It was not only felt by me but also the other employees. We all ignored it thinking that it was temporary but that was not the case. The food they are providing us now does not only taste bad but is also very unhealthy and causes us stomach ache. I really hope you look into the matter as it is very inconvenient to work with the stomach pain and many employees cannot even come to office due to sickness.

You may contact me in case of any queries.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor



Leave Application for Loose Motion

Sample application letter of leave  due to Motions for student, employee or teacher, coordinator or principal to inform about loose motions after food poisoning.

Leave Application for Loose Motion after Food Poisoning

Dear Principal

Adward School

Manchester, U.K

Dear Sir

Respectfully, I want to state that I am sick since yesterday, so I am unable to attend the school today. Yesterday, I went out for dinner with my family, and ate something that did not suit me. I have loose motion due to food poisoning and have to go to bathroom frequently. Kindly grant me leave for two days, so I can take rest. Looking at my condition you can understand why I need a leave.

Yours faithfully,

Sam, St.10, Manchester, U.K

Leave Application for School Due to Loose Motion


The Principal,

LGS School, Lahore

Subject: Sick Leave

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is stated that I have got loose motions since last night because of which I have to go to wash room several times. I am taking medicines but still it is not getting better and I am feeling much weakness so I am unable to attend school today.

Kindly grant me a leave for one day only. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Gulraiz Tahir,

Roll No. 34, Class-10

Leave Application for Loose Motion

Respected sir,

I am an employee of this company for the past two years and showed my loyalty to the company by giving my best. I have been punctual and never took a leave without any genuine reason. You might are familiar with the weather conditions and different harmful bacteria’s which are causing different disease out there. I was not feeling well for the last couple of days but I thought it might be due to work stress or likewise. Last night I had a foreign food which my stomach could not digest and it causes loose motion. I am not in a condition of coming to the office because of the reason I just mentioned. My doctor advised me to rest till fully recovered and not to travel though it might cause further illness. I am attaching the medical certificate along with the application so that you could have a look on doctor’s opinion. Please grant me leave for two days that would be enough to get rid of this illness hopefully.

It will be very thankful to you. J


Donald Trump

Leave Application for Loose Motion
Leave Application for Loose Motion

In Hindi it is written as एप्लीकेशन फॉर लूसे मोशन

Leave Application for Food Poisoning

Sample Leave Application for Food Poisoning to boss, manger, supervisor in the company or office. Sample Leave request for food poison with multiple reasons available below.

Leave Application for Food Poisoning for Employee


The Manager Operations,

ABC Engineering Company,

Dear sir,

With due respect it is stated that I have been suffering from stomach issues since last evening. The doctor has diagnosed that the ailment was caused due to food poisoning and it requires couple of days to recover completely.

Please grant me leave for two days starting from today 19th December to 20th December.

Find the attached medical certificate issued by the relevant clinic.


Best Regards,


Site Engineer

Sick Leave Application for Food Poisoning


Mr. Watmore

Managing Director

Glaxo Smith Klein

Alaska, US

Sir, summer is the time of colors and joy and it brings families closer if they enjoy vacations together. I did the same thing last weekend by taking my family to a family picnic and then at the funfair. However, I ended up eating something unhealthy and got sick. At first, I thought that it’s nothing severe but then I had vomiting and my stomach ached so after getting a checkup, I was diagnosed with food poisoning. They made me stay at the hospital last night and now they informed me that I would be staying here at least 3 more days. So kindly grant me leave for 3 days. I will make sure to catch up with most of the work on my laptop and send you the daily stats. Thank you.

Mike Clark

Security Head