Job Application for the Post of Marketing Officer

Sample job application for marketing officer, executive, manager, agent, sales officer, sales agent, sales manager. Best Job Application including details of professional experience of previous jobs. Best Job Application for Marketing Executive Company Name Address Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to apply for the post of marketing officer in your company. My education and experiences are … Continue reading “Job Application for the Post of Marketing Officer”

Contract Work Experience Certificate for Employees/Workers/Staff

Sample Contract Work Experience Certificate for Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Letter for University graduates for working within the university or other institutions. Sample work experience letter for  Non Permanent employees of the company who worked for few days. Contractor Work Experience Certificate Format (Short) To Whom It May Concern Dear Sir/Madam, It is certified that (name … Continue reading “Contract Work Experience Certificate for Employees/Workers/Staff”

Job Experience Letter for Cashier

Sample Job Experience Letter for Cashier available for download. Cashiers of any level like cash manager, bank cashier,  chief cashier, junior cashier, and the senior cashier can use this letter as an experience letter by changing or updating your name, father name, NIC, and position in a particular company. Work Experience Letter for Cashier Dear concerned, … Continue reading “Job Experience Letter for Cashier”

Experience/Recommendation Letter For Teacher from School

Sample experience letter for teachers from the school, college, academy, etc. You can use this experience letter format for school teacher jobs like Computer Teacher, English Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Physics Teacher, Biology Teacher, Chemistry Teacher, Urdu Teacher, Islamic Studies Teacher, or for any other subject that you want to mention in experience certificate for teacher of your school. … Continue reading “Experience/Recommendation Letter For Teacher from School”

Summer Internship Experience Letter Format

Sample internship experience letter for students, volunteers, social workers, and internees. You need to change the letter as per your requirements. Summer Internship Experience Letter 1  To Whom It May Concern This is to certify that Mr.Usman Javed S/O Mr. Tariq Javed has been affiliated with the AH Foundation since November (Date) and did voluntary … Continue reading “Summer Internship Experience Letter Format”

Acknowledgment Letter for Receiving Payment Cheque

Email and a Sample letter to acknowledge the received payment or cheque from your clients, business partner, or customers. The first letter recognizes the payment and then pays gratitude and thanks to the sender of the cheque. Letter to Acknowledge Payment from a Client/Customer Dear Sir, it is to acknowledge that your payment cheque amounted ($0000) … Continue reading “Acknowledgment Letter for Receiving Payment Cheque”

Advance Payment Request Letter Format

Want to request an advance payment? Sample letter to request advance payment on an urgent basis from the company for miscellaneous expenses. We write an asking advance payment letter format for office, company, and for clients, customers, etc. You can customize this letter as per your requirements. Email to Request and Remind for Advance Payment … Continue reading “Advance Payment Request Letter Format”

Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft

Want to request a demand draft? Sample letter to request for issuance of demand draft for payment to vendors, suppliers, or other purchase bills. Request Letter for a Demand Draft to Bank Manager The Branch Manager Bank Name Dear Sir, You are requested to create a demand draft of Amounted (mention the amount), in the … Continue reading “Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft”

Resignation Letter With Notice for Employees

Want to write a resignation letter? We are giving you resignation letter samples with notice and reason for any job or position like a manager, executive, officer, department head, teacher, or marketing officer. The first paragraph explains your resignation and terms/notice to the company. The second paragraph explains the reasons for your resignation. Finally, the third … Continue reading “Resignation Letter With Notice for Employees”

Requesting Advance Payment Letter For Vehicle Maintenance

Sample of Advance Payment Letter from Company to Auto Maintenance Workshop. You can use this letter to request payment issuance in advance for vehicle, motorcycle, car, or bus maintenance from the company/employer. Application for Issuance of Advance Payment for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Dear Sir, I request you to please issue an advance payment of … Continue reading “Requesting Advance Payment Letter For Vehicle Maintenance”