Leave Application for Guest Coming


Sample leave application due to arrival of guests at home like friend, uncle, aunt to ask about the health of your father, mother after sickness, surgery, operation etc.

Leave Application for Guest

The Managing Director,

Media Company


Subject: Request for leave due to sudden guest’s arrival

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that my cousin has arrived at my place to give me a surprise visit. He has been like a brother to me since childhood, and now after 7 years he has come to Pakistan. I request you to kindly grant me leave for today so that I can spend the day with him as he’ll be leaving for Islamabad in the afternoon. I shall be very grateful to you for this favor.

Looking forward to your kind approval.


Rehman Malik.

Sales Executive

Request for Leave Due to Sudden Guest’s Arrival

The Managing Director,

Media Company.


Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that my uncle, and his family has paid me a surprise visit at home. They have stopped by at my place on their journey from Bahawalpur to Islamabad. I request you to kindly grant me leave for the rest of the day so that I can spend some time with the guests, and look after them.

Looking forward to your kind approval.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Rehman Malik.

Sales Executive

Leave Application for Guest Coming


The Manager,

Dear Sir,

Mr. Phillip has been my friend since my graduate study abroad. He is coming to Pakistan tomorrow early in the morning for his one day stay at my home. We both have family terms with each other as well in addition to having been colleague of each other in my previous job. It has been long time since we met, and shared our mutual memories. Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to spend time with him, and discuss some important matters of our mutual interest for which he will be here in Pakistan. So, I shall be grateful to you for granting me leave for tomorrow. Besides, I am well aware of the deficiency caused by my leave from the office for which I am optimistic that I shall meet this deficiency with my overwork in the coming days.

Thank you for your time, and kind consideration.

Best Regards,

John Milli

Leave Application for Guest Coming


The Director,

Wilson Pharmaceuticals, Lahore

Subject: Casual Leave

Dear Sir,

It is duly submitted that my In-Laws are coming from Karachi today evening, and they have requested me to pick them from the Lahore Airport. Also I am the only one to move, and take them for outings, and wherever they want.

It is therefore requested to please grant me a leave for two days w.e.f 12.10.(Date) to 13.10.(Date). I shall be very grateful to you for giving me a favor.

Thanking you I remain

Amin Butt

Supervisor, Wilson Pharmaceuticals,


Leave Application Due to Guest Coming


United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,

With respect, I want to say that I have guests coming over my place. I cannot ignore them as they are close relatives. So, please grant me a leave for a day. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Leave Application for Guest Coming

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample


Sample invitation letter to invite guests, and donors in a fundraising event for welfare society, welfare organization, school, dispensary, and hospital etc etc.

Invitation Letter for Fundraising Event Sample

Mrs. Memoona Malik,

Managing Director,

The Fashion Company,

Model Town,

Subject:  Invitation for a fundraising event at Polo ground
Dear Ma’am,

The Cancer Memorial Hospital is one of the pioneer hospitals of Lahore successfully treating more than 500 patients every month. We have been providing the best treatment facilities to our clients in minimal cost. To cover our expenses, and keep giving our finest to the community, we have organized a fundraising polo event at Lahore Polo Club on Sunday, 8th August, (Date) at 11:00 am-2:00 pm.
This event will raise awareness about cancer, and will include fun activities like wall climbing, car racing, food stalls, kite flying, and a polo match. We have a special corner for kids where they’ll be monitored, and looked after by our team of young, enthusiastic, and very responsible volunteers who’ll accompany the kids throughout the magic show, puppet show, and other handicraft activities. Face painting, and coloring books will also be available.

We invite you, and your family to our fundraising event, and hope that you’ll celebrate this Sunday with us, spreading smiles.

Enclosed with this letter is the invitation card, please bring it along with you. It has the address, and all other details mentioned over it.

Looking forward to your graceful presence.


Maria Fawad

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter

Company name
Event venue:

Greetings everyone!

I hope you all find this letter in good health. On 23 May (Date) Monday we are arranging a fundraising event for clean food, and water for poor children of Africa. We all have been blessed greatly by the Almighty, and its time we spread this light to those who are less fortunate than us. We live a life everyday that is just so simple comparing to them we always wait for the unveiling of newest gadgets whereas they are desperate to fulfill their basic needs. I hope you all will join us with every ounce of compassion you have for the humanity, and together we will be able to make a difference in someone’s life.



Apology Letter to Guest Complaint in Hotel


Sample apologize letter to guests from the hotel manager, hotel management, or manager operations in hotel to regret all the inconvenience a customer, or client faced during the stay in hotel.

Apology Letter to Hotel Guest for Noise Complaint

Respected Guest,

We apologize for bad experience of Noise, and Poor Room Services you had encountered during the stay in our hotel. We are aware that when you pay for your stay at hotel you expect a nice stay with all the facilities. But due some unforeseen circumstances we were unable to provide you the complete facilities, and comforts.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Further with this apology we provide you a 50% off on all the expenses, and facilitates you request in your next stay at our hotel. We will assure that you would get the best services the next time you visit our hotel.

Your Faithfully,


Sample Apology Letter to Hotel Guest Complaint

Dear Guest,

It was a great pleasure for our hotel to have such valuable, and loyal customers like you. Thank you very much for your stay in our hotel for three days during your visit to Mumbai. Sir our hotel is well known for its quality of services for our valuable customers in the city. Unfortunately during your visit you faced some service deficiencies due to some technical problems in your booked room during your stay.

Sir I am the manage operations in the hotel, and I really regretful for all the service deficiencies that force you to complain again, and again during the stay. Actually there were some technical/electrical problems which disturb almost all the the rooms of our hotel. Our electrical engineers, and technicians were working hard to resolve them but unfortunately they took very long time, and your all stay was disturbed by our AC system, lights, and fans which were not working properly.

Sir once again I am extremely sorry for all the disturbance you faced but now all of the problems have been resolved, and our hotel once again working as per our standards.

Sir we will be happy to welcome you again any time with 50% discount rates on room booking, food, laundry, and playing area. All this is for you, and few of our very loyal customers only. I am sure this time you will praise our all the system that has been renewed almost, and working with its full efficiency. This is not all, if you face any such problem during the next visit your all bills would be free. For discounted bookings you are requested to contact at 009123456789, or email me directly at ms@ourhotel.com. Thanking you for your precious time to read this letter, and looking for your next visit soon.

Warm Regards,

Saima Basit

Manager Operations

Letter Hotel to Customer for Apology

Dear Customer,

Being the manager of this hotel

I am expressing my heart felt regret for the inconvenience you suffered due to air conditioning systems failure during your stay in our hotel room. Actually the air conditioning system failed due to frequent power outages.

Now our hotel management has decided to purchase an electric generator so that we should have an alternative to supply electricity to all the rooms of our hotel.

I assure you in the times to come our customers will not suffer any inconvenience caused by air conditioning systems failure.



Subject: apologized letter to a customer for suffering inconvenience due to electricity, and air conditioning system failure

Dear Customer,

We are extremely sorry that you suffered a lot of distress due air conditioning system’s failure whilst staying in our hotel room.

Actually the electrician employed in our hotel had tried his best to fix the fault of the electric generator. But unfortunately he could not fix it immediately.

Therefore we are expressing our heartfelt regret, and sorry for this inconvenience suffered by you. We are refunding you half of your daily rent to compensate you.

Yours Sincerely,

Manager Operations

Sample Apology Letter to Hotel Guest Complaint

Apology Letter to Guest Complaint in Hotel

Mr. Huber

Town Hall, Halifax


Respected Guest

Thanks for visiting, and enjoying the residence services at Albay Hotel. We regret that you left the hotel with a registered complain for the quality of room services. We have taken action against the negligence of room services team, and decided to apologize by writing to you. Hope you will not replace our services by others. We assure you the best of our services at your subsequent visits to us. You have been given a free gold card to enjoy free meals at Albay. See you soon.

Best Regards

Customer Relations & Services  Team

Albay Hotel

Letter of Invitation for Sports Event Template


Sample letter of invitation for sports day in school, college, university, or company to guests, teachers, students, representatives, teams, etc. You can change the letters as per your needs, and if need a new one just let us know in the comments.

Invitation Letter for Sports Day in School, College, or University

Dear Ms. Beenish,

Our school organizing Annual Sports Day in winter vocations this year. This event will involve almost all the students according to their interests. The event will include 20 different games, a Bake sale, Music Competition, and much more for entertainment.

I would like to invite you to this great Annual Sports Day event, and request you to please charm the event with your presence. I will be thankful to you.

Thanking you,

Manager Resource Development

Invitation for Sports Event

Dear Nick,

This letter is to invite you to our annual sports event. Our annual sports event had been scheduled for the 11th of the next month. It would be an honor for our institute to have such a great personality like you as our guest for this event. It would also increase the motivation of the students. This event would be held within the institute premises from 11 am to 5 pm. Please give us a chance to thank you for your presence at this event.

Best Wishes,


Sample Invitation Letter for Sports Event

Dear Madam,

We “a group of volunteers” organizing a sports event to raise funds for flood affectees in Pakistan. The sad news is minimum of five Million people seriously affected, and the poor from those lost almost everything. Now even they don’t have any support from the local, and national governments at all.

We “Group of Volunteers” planned to visit the affected area personally, and help the needy. Rather we go with our small contribution we decide to invite generous people to participate in this cause, and planned a fundraising sports event. The event will take place a John Stadium in London, and expected donor participants are more than thirty thousand. The would include Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Badminton in between sports clubs across the UK.

It would be an honor for us, and the flood affectees if you grace the event with your presence as a guest. All the details of the event, and speakers are attached. Our team will not only raise funds but keep auditing its spendings, and a final report of relief work will be sent to all the guests, and participants.

Looking for your response



London College of Business Administration

Letter of Invitation to Guest in Sports Day

Invitation letter for football competition

The principal, National grammar school, NY

Respected sir,

We would like to invite you to the annual football competition being held at our school to participate in it. We believe that your school football team is very good at the game, and it would be our pleasure if your team come, and have a match with our school team. Such activities are important as they build a healthy relationship between the institutes. We will be looking forward to your arrival. Please find attached the document having a date, time, and venue. Thanks


Principal, Lawrence College