Sample Letter to the Director of Health Service to Improve healthcare


Write a letter to the Director of Health Service in your district discussing three ways in which healthcare can be improved in your community.

Letter to the Director of Health Service to Improve Healthcare in Community

To the Director of Health Service

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter regarding a matter of great importance to me. Every strong community has a firm foundation in order for it to flourish. A community’s firm foundation consists of education, infra structure, health care, and of course the people. It is very important to pay attention to healthcare; it is not something that should be taken lightly. In the progressing world today where various diseases are spreading, it is important to have services which can fight against them.

It is important we have educated, and qualified doctors, appropriate, and adequate medical equipment, and good hospitals. It is high time that we should improve the health care services in our community, and cater to the needs of the people with good quality services that they deserve. It should be realized that good quality health care is a basic right, and not a privilege.

I hope you will pay attention to my letter, and work on the health care sector of our community.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Write a Letter to Your Mother Who is Worried About Your Health


Letter informing about your health to your mother, father, family, and other relatives like brothers, wife, husband, friends, or uncle etc.

Letter to Mother Who Is Worried About Your Health

Dear Mom,

How are you, and how is Dad? I hope all is good with you. I know you love me so much, and worried about me but my lovely Mom I am perfectly alright now. It was a normal fever because of change in weather. I am taking good care of myself Mom, and I do not want you to get stressed, or worried that much. I will send you my latest pictures so you can see I am really fine now. I am happy, and thank God that I have got a Mom like you.

I am planning to get time, and visit you next month; it would help to finish your worry about my health. Please Mom takes care of you, and prays for everything. Worry less, and pray more should be our faith. OK mom I have to go to bed as it is late now, and early morning I have to get ready for studies.

Here are some pictures you may see. I will be waiting for your reply. I love you mom.

Have a nice day, and keep praying for me as well.

Your son,


Letter to Mother about Health

96-C, (Address),

Dearest Mum,

I wanted to write to you earlier but due to excessive work load, and tiring job hours I wasn’t able to save even a few peaceful minutes to write to you in peace.  Before you ask me anything first write in detail to me about how are you feeling now after taking a proper diet plan, and workouts?

Please don’t be angry at me, as i was also not feeling well last week. I had some stomach issue along with fatigue, and temperature. But now I am perfectly fine, and physically fit. I did pay a visit to the doctor, and followed the prescription.  Sorry I did not want to stress you so I kept you uninformed. I know mummy you are 24/7 worried about my health especially after gastroenteritis.

I again ensure you about my health, and well-being now.

Love you loads! Last but not the least I will be paying a visit home soon.

With Deep love,

Your Chubby Baby

Letter to Mother About Your Health

Dear Mother,

First tell me how are you feeling now? Are you taking all the medicines that Uncle Ali has prescribed? I have received letters from you, and father who was telling me that you are very worrying about my health. Sorry for not writing you earlier as I was very busy with the assignments, and presentations because our semester is going to end soon.

Actually I was suffering from flu, and cough than with the high fever due to my own negligence. I ate ice cream twice in a day which causes me flu, and cough. You don’t need to worry about me as I am recovered now, and had my medicines on time. My roommates took good care of me, and helped me doing my assignments too.

Furthermore I am feeling grateful after writing this to you as I was feeling incomplete, and I hope it’ll find you hale, and hearty. Take good care of yourself, and say salaam to all at home. I miss you all.

Yours sincerely,


Letter to Your Mother About Your Health

Dear Mama,

Hope you, and all are doing well in health. I’m good too. I’ve received your letter yesterday, and find out that you are so much worried about my health, mama, I know you are worried that whether I’m eating properly, or not I’m fine here, and I’m taking my three meals of the day. The cook here cooks delicious food don’t worry. Take a good care of yourself, and please stop worrying about me.

Love you.

Yours sincerely,

Anna Paul

Letter to Mother About Your Health

Johar Town, Lahore.

Beloved Mother,

I couldn’t write to you earlier as I was busy in my 2nd term examination. Now that I have got relief, and finally the papers are over, I had back of mind to reply you at the earliest. I am now quiet better; yes I know brother informed you about my prevailing headache, and stomach disorder, though I requested him not to tell you as you become so worried about my health. I realize mother, you must be a bit angry over me for not informing you myself but you know that I can’t even see you in worry. Your B.P shoots up then.

I am now taking complete rest from last 2 days, totally relaxing. I also went to campus doctor for medical checkup; he has prescribed some medicines, which I purchased from the near pharmacy.

After these assurances hopefully you will be satisfied. Very important to bring to your notice is that some network coverage issues in prevailing in this area so my mobile is not reachable. Please don’t be worried. I will during this duration keep on writing in mail to update you about my health, and wellbeing.

Ok mama, I will write to you again, and pay may salaam to all at home. I miss you all!

Your Loving Daughter,

Madeeha Yaseen

Job Application Letter for Nutritionist


Sample job application letter to apply for the school health nutrition supervisor, officer, educator, or assistant nutritionist in school, college, or university. We also added a cover letter to apply for jobs as nutritionists in companies, plants, supermarkets, etc.

Example of Job Application Letter for Nutritionist

Dear Sir,

I, (your name) applying for the advertised job position of a nutritionist. I have a college degree in health & nutrition science (degree name), and a perfect candidate for your required job specifications. 

I have two years of experience as a senior nutritionist in a food processing company named (company name). I can say I am very much skillful to perform any high-level job for nutrition.

I request you to please consider me for an interview to discuss more of my earned skills, and experiences that can benefit your company. Looking forward to a call.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name

Cover Letter for Nutrition Educator

Dear Principal,

My name is Sanchez, and I am a fresh graduate from a reputable university, and these days, I am searching for a job. I read the ad from your school yesterday, which clearly states that you need a Health Nutrition Supervisor for your school. Sir, I am totally up for this job, and I am a perfect candidate for this job due to my qualification in this field. I am very competent, punctual, and hard-working. I will do my work with great honesty, and comfort. I have a perfect grip on this, and I hope I will not let you down.

Waiting anxiously for your response,


Job Application for Nutrition Officer/Teacher


Institute Name


I did see your job on Sunday Jang Newspaper for the post of School Health Nutrition Supervisor. I have done MSC in Nutrition, and have relevant work experience in Health Nutrition in hospitals. Here I have attached my Resume, and all educational documents, and experience certificates as per your ad requirement. Hopefully, you will give me a quick response.

Thanking You

Your Name


Application Letter for Health Care Assistant Job


Sample application letter for health care assistant job, or vacant position in hospital, clinic, at home etc.

Cover Letter for Health Care Assistant


The management team, care foundation, UK

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I came to know about your hiring of new health care staff for the children department, sir I am working in a hospital as a nurse, and I have 3 years of experience in this field, I have performed well, I shall be really thankful if you ponder upon my request as I am eager to work with you. Thanks.


Mrs. James J, UK

Application Letter for Health Care Assistant Job


The Medical Superintendent,

CARE Hospital,

Naif Road,




I’m writing this with the reference to the advertisement published in a local newspaper where you are looking to fill some job positions of Health Care Assistants.

I would like to present myself as a candidate against one of these vacancies. I have over 5 years of experience in the same field, and I’m quite confident to serve at this position with efficiency. A detailed CV had been attached with this application.

Kindly consider me for the above mentioned position, and give me a chance to work for your prestigious organization.


Best Regards,

Waheed Khan

Deira Dubai

Application Letter for Health Care Assistant Job

Job Application for Health Care Assistant Position


Dr. Cheng Hu,

Head of Health Care Center/Professor,

Respected sir,

I hope you are doing fine. You have published an advertisement which stated that you are in looking for an assistant at your health care center. I think of me as a qualified candidate for this position as my work experience meets the required experience for this job. I am very struggling person, and know the core values of this job. I would be very happy to perform well as a health care assistant. I am asking for an opportunity to show my abilities, and positive behavior towards the job. I understand the nature of this job, and will never disappoint you.

I am waiting for your positive reply.

Thank you!


Joffery Lanister

Letter to Claim Health Insurance


Sample application letter to insurance company for claim of medical, and health insurance due to surgery, sickness, accident injuries etc.

Letter to Claim Medical Insurance


Mr. Kevin Presley

Director Claims

EFF Insurance Co.

Florida, USA

Sir, I am writing this letter to claim my health insurance as I am suffering from a heart disease. Doctors at Laxan Hospital have informed me about the surgery that I have to undergo next week which costs approximately $30,000 including medicine charges. The dues must be paid before Friday. My insurance number is HK-0912. I am willing to provide you with any documents that are required. I hope you would treat this matter at the earliest as it is very important. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Flanagan

Miami, USA

Letter to Claim Health Insurance


Mr. Randolph

Manager Claims, and Services

ICI Insurance Co.

Texas, USA.

Sir, I am Mr. Harrison Ford, and I am your client over the last 3 years. I have been depositing timely payments on me, and my family’s behalf. With full regret, I have to inform you that I have had a car accident last week. A truck crashed into my car from the back, and the case seemed to be of drunk driving. Thanks to Almighty God that I survived but I suffered a broken right leg, and severe shoulder injury. After a surgery, and weeks rest, I am finally at home, and able to walk with crutches. Therefore, I would like to make a health insurance claim. I have attached all my medical reports, and bills with hope that they will be reimbursed by your company. I would surely visit you once I will able to drive on my own. Thank you for your cooperation.

Harrison Ford

Gilbert Street

Texas, USA

Letter to Claim Health Insurance

Application for Issuance of Health Certificate


Sample application  for issuance of health certificate from a hospital, doctor, medical, approved, or on panel labs for admission, jobs, foreign jobs etc.

Application for Issuance of Health Certificate


Dr. Niazi

General physician,

Services Hospital, LHR.

Subject: issuance of health certificate.

It is to inform you that I was your patient at about a week ago, as I was suffering with cough, and cold. Through your recommended prescription I got cure. As I am an ordinary servant in a multinational company, during the days of my bad health I took off from the job but now the company is demanding for the health certificate for their documentation work to keep the record.

In this scenario, kindly issue me the health certificate. I will be very thankful to you for this kind act.

Truly your’s

Mr. Ahsan Khan,

Officer sales,

Uniliver Pakistan ltd

Application Letter for Issuance of Health Certificate


Medical Superintendent,

Allied Services Hospital, London

Dear Sir,

I have qualified the written examination for Combined Competitive Examination for Federal Services, popularly known as CCES. The Federal Commission for recruitment of Federal Services, FCFS, has instructed to all successful candidates in the written examination to submit their health certificates in the regional offices for further processing of their recruitment. So, it is requested to issue my health certificate after my comprehensive medical examination as prescribed by the Federal Commission.

Sir, September 20, 2105 is the deadline for me to submit my health certificate. Therefore, I shall be very grateful to you for early issuance of my health certificate.

Thank you in anticipation.


Best Regards,

Mr. Watson Hook

Application for Issuance of Health Certificate

Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health


Sample job application for public health jobs in private, or govt sector by university graduates to send resumes.

Health Job Application Sample

Respected sir,
I am a fresh university graduate from Lahore. I have done my majors in environmental engineering. I have heard a lot about public health throughout my graduation. I am also familiar with the ongoing projects of the public health like restoration of city sewer lines, detailed food inspection of all hotels etc. I also did my internship in a sector of public health last year. I have read an advertisement in newspaper regarding the opening of jobs for faculty of public health organization. I would like to serve in the faculty of public health. My semester projects were design of water supply system, design of sanitary system, and food inspection along with some short study on pharmaceutical studies. Also I have been among top 5 position holders of my department.
I hope that keeping in view my academic background, and my interest, you will consider on selecting me as a candidate for faculty of public health.

Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health

Cover Letter for University Graduate for Faculty of Public Health

I saw this opportunity in the XYZ newspaper on Wednesday September 12, (Date). I have recently completed my BS in Public Health from the University of AAA. My GPA has always been above 3.2 for each semester with the CGPA of 3.58. My education, and final year project makes me a best fit for this job.

Earlier in 6th semester, I did an internship with the SS Welfare Organization, an NGO that works to develop new projects for implementation in countries where health conditions of people are not good. Projects of this NGO were mainly in Africa.

During my final year project, I was the team lead of my project team, and we did practical work of providing health facilities with the donation of CC Group of Companies. As part of project, we also included government officials with us, and suggestions provided by our project team were so much appreciated that we had been issued a letter for applause from ministry of health. Furthermore, our suggestions are under consideration for implementation by the government department.

As mentioned above, my experience, expertise, and education make me a best suited candidate for this position. I would request a meeting at any time that you find appropriate so that we may discuss the requirements.


Thank you,

Best Regards,


Stacy Sutton